Got your Early Access e-mail? Post here!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Selenus, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    2.12.11 in!
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    omg to add insult to injury I haven't got my invite and I was Nov, guess locked accounts do get invited.... mofoers are taking the piss now
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    Trixeh Veteran BOON

    Got my email.

    Too bad I'm stuck in fucking Scotland. Christ!
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    Dorokusai Community Member

    mine came in this afternoon, around 3pm
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    Orpheus Community Member

    Got my code yesterday afternoon. I'm on holiday in Florida until the 27th, so will be on at odd times of the day - compared to the rest of you. Level 11 at the moment :nerd:
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    Fokkie Veteran BOON

    How are the queues and Empire/Republic ratio on Hex Droid?
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    no queues to get in to server, server is smooth and lag free.

    Pvp queue have been close to instant. Hex droid is a server balanced by bioware. No server initiatives or anything. its great imo
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    By next year it will be "the server balanced by bioware, broken by boon control" :d
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    Flapke Classic Guild Member

    I got the e-mail, but I don't have time to play :/
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    The queues on the initiate server, however....
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Is fail.

    going there is fail too =P
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    dont be hatin on ARRPEEEte
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    gir Veteran BOON

    i got mail thanking me i preordered the game from origin yesterday, tho i ordered it like a month ago, so probably im put in line now and will get in same day as launch :p

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