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    Feidan Community Member

    Just putting in some sources for information I stumble by. More stuff is more than welcome.


    Arenanet Main Blog:
    Official web site:
    Open Beta and Release:
    Skill tool:
    Huge mass of game info and discussion (these are quite similar): ; ; ; ; ;
    Frequently asked questions:
    New news and forums: ; ; ; ; ;
    Dungeons: ; ; ; Catacombs Cinematic (not much is known about them yet):; Action:
    Combat: ; ; ;
    Cross profession skill combinations: ;
    Pie Charts!!!:
    Art: ; ; ; The Art of Guild Wars 2 Artbook dowlnoad link :
    World Boss fights: Gamescom 2011, Tequatl the Sunless: ; Gamescom 2010, The Shatterer:
    Basic Lore: ;
    Underwater Combat (Necromancer):
    Character creation video (Gamescom 2011):
    Character creation tool (very basic): ;
    Dynamic Event Creation (Pax 2010 part 1):
    Sidekicks: ; ;
    PvP: World vs World vs World PvP: ;;; PvP Roundtable:
    Personal Story:
    Cinematic conversation mimic:
    Gamescom 2011 Press demo with developer commentary:
    Music (Jeremy Soul): Norn Theme: ; Human Theme: ; Charr Theme: ;
    --Asura theme: ; Silvari Theme:
    Status effects: ;
    Race names:
    Interviews: Colin Johanson on farming, armor sets and dancing in underwear and other stuff(gamescom 2011): ; GDC 11: ; Q&A ; Interview with Ree 11.01.2012: ; Interview with Angel Leigh McCoy (12.01.2012):
    Sylvari design: ;
    PvP vs PvE interview:
    World Map:
    Guild Wars 1 30/50 points Hall of Monuments guide:
    Role of the Community:

    Youtube channels:

    Arenanets official channel:
    Manifesto trailer:
    Short videos on certain topics. New videos every week. Good starter:
    Same as above: ;
    GW2 as well GW:
    TotalBiscuit Gamescom Video #1 (more GW2 coverage promised in the future):
    Introductory play list from above users:
    Fan music videos: ;
    Why the developers love it?:

    Profession specific:


    Warrior: ;
    Elementalist: ;


    Thief: ;
    Update on mechanics (21.12.2011 released): also covered in
    G-Star gameplay (Part 1):

    G-Star gameplay (bit melee oriented):

    Guardian: ;

    Arenanet Mesmer link roundup:

    Press beta:

    GWOnline weekly news roundup:

    (Edited last: 20.02.2012 press beta coverage added)
    Edit: I am not sure if anyone finds these weekly updates useful right now so pm me to continue if you think otherwise
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    Feidan Community Member

    Should I sort the whole thing above alphabetically? Or by relevance? Both?
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    skill tools are super useless at this point, imo
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    Feidan Community Member

    Of course right now they can't be used to create an efficient build, more like this is the closest we have to check how the skills work and which combinations are possible, for interest sake. (with the information currently available)
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    Feidan Community Member

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    Scarface Community Member

    At last some good news for everyone :)

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