Five Years in Tyria

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    By James Phinney April 28th, 2010

    The last day dawns on the Kingdom of Ascalon. Five years ago, with those words, the world of Tyria came alive. For many of us, that was the beginning of an epic journey that included warring kingdoms, an unexpected change in scenery, a mysterious doppelganger, a crystal dragon, and a treacherous lich.

    In the years since, we’ve fought the Iron Forgeman, saved an empire, battled a god, befriended new races, and single-handedly defeated Palawa Joko, the Scourge of Vabbi, at the Battle of Jahai. We’ve watched guilds compete for international championships, gained and lost the Favor of the Gods, unlocked elites at a Priest of Balthazar, and witnessed the corruption of the Tombs of Primeval Kings. We’ve started and broken win streaks, run relics and captured altars, reconnected with friends, observed ATs, and invented builds and tactics no one else had tried before.

    We’ve opened birthday presents, used a Signet of Capture after killing a boss, coveted Koss’ hair, groaned at the Mad King’s jokes, applied inscriptions and insignias to make exactly the gear we wanted, collected holiday hats, put crafting materials into storage, visited an anatomical engineer, chugged transmogrifier tonics, tracked down the Traveler, and yelled “This is Hard Mode!” We’ve formed guilds, helped out strangers, argued politics in Lion’s Arch, and made real-life friends who we’ve never actually met. In short, Tyria has been not just a place for our characters to adventure, but a home for all of us who have spent much time in these lands.

    For those of us here at ArenaNet, the years we’ve put into Guild Wars have been a labor of love. For a game developer, there’s no greater joy than watching people enjoy your game, and all the words of appreciation and support we’ve received over the years have meant the world to us. We continue to strive to make Tyria worthy of the time and attention you give it and to make Guild Wars a better and better game. Five years and counting, and we’re not done yet. Thank you for playing and happy anniversary, everyone!

    James Phinney

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