Crafting Final Rest farm

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Jinx, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Jinx Community Member

    Okay... boyz and gals,I just want to see if anyone wants to try this out. Final Rest staff skin is damn awesome. Rumours say it's most likely to drop in the Catas south of Balthazar's temple following the events there (more than 1 event chain exists) and looting the chest in the end. Tho,the event chains are hard and will need at least a full group (some people even say to get a full legion there lol )... So Im curious how many people are up to farm this skin regularly,at least once per day... Leave a comment if you are up for this and at what time you are willing to do so...

    Oh,for those wondering... whoever gets this staff skin is going to be:
    - World's first.
    - VERY rich - if you cant use it you can either sell the skin for shit lots of gold or... trade it to me :)
    - Unique looking character owner.
    - Final rest >> Bifrost. O:)


    The ultimate necro's staff...:omg:
    (The exact location of the Catas,Catas entrance and the event chains are not familiar to me but Im willing to do the search!... with a group at least :D)
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    Alphasword SinBinned

    Looking good, im up for it :)
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    The theory discussion on Reddit so you all know what this is about.
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    Jame Community Member

    It does look cool! I can come help if not doing www/instances at that moment.

    Btw wasn't there a scythe looking staff in the Halloween skins?
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    Jinx Community Member

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