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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Ironhide, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Ironhide Veteran BOON

    Taken from Darth Hater:

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    adagio Moderator

    All I got from that is no pvp pre mades at launch and in a raid if you stand in the fire the boss will helpfully elbow you out of it.
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    Merketh The MerkBot

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    Xom Veteran BOON

    Hrm, can't say I'm overly impressed with this information.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Can't say I expected more.

    However, by now we should all know the focus of TOR is the casual wrathbaby so just enjoy the ride and don't expect anything more than a fun casual game in a SW universe. I've accepted that and am just looking forward to face rolling some scrub nubs until GW2 and WvWvW

    Enjoy the ride
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    i dont know what you read but guild vs guild and the posibillity of massive faction vs faction combat on the pvp planets was interesting to me anyway... and new to me.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!



    And there wont be any free rides =)
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    Fucking sucks. Bring it.

    Obi Wan...Darth Doodle, you're my only hope.
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    Kephir Veteran BOON

    my back hurts
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    adagio Moderator

    I remember the old wow days of counting down so you could all join a bg at the same time. hey swtor.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    You moderate a game that is based on 8bit pixels

    really, dont take the argument to that lvl =) because it's not about small things like this. But i know its cool to hate on a game your not even going to play.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    no pvp premades? seriously? that's just silly
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    Felby Community Member

    since they are only doing warzones pr server as for now it makes sense
    I'd rather not play vs randoms when we are a full premade and if the pop balance is out of whack we'll never get a team to play against
    It's not like they are ignorant or anything but its for sure not a feature that is needed for a release
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    adagio Moderator

    You moderate a game that is based on 16 bit pixels. pow

    take that
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    About the warzones, I think it stinks you can't queue with a full premade. It does not make sense. Felby here is going on like no other game has ever had the option of joining with a full premade unless it was across all servers, I don't know what that's about. I guess some people just go with whatever Bioware throw out and would love and praise any fail mechanic they implemented. I am not one of those. :)

    I'd rather play with friends and without pugs, that's the bottom line, I don't see what warzone queues or pop balance has got to do with any of this. This layout of the PvP is exactly what RIFT did wrong. :( Maybe this aint needed for release because the average player, ie the masses will be busy leveling for a month or two, but it is needed (ask the PvPers) - and Bioware then even said "we might implement the option of going 8v8 but by then we will probably use crossrealm warzones" - thus destroying whatever (pvp) community on the servers. WTS ignorance. We'll see how it works out.

    Keeping it sceptical. Peace
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    All of this, +1

    Very eloquently phrased.
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    adagio Moderator

    I know people think I'm a hater of this game but its just I'm a gamer and I want the best. Star wars is probably the most iconic film of my generation. Although in gaming terms its treated badly with shameless cash ins and half arsed attempts.

    When bioware first said they had the mmo contract I thought great. They have a proven record in sp let's hope they can take that over to mp. Over time its the little things that become the bugbear of the game. Things we considered essential in mmos 5 years gone are missing. Hopefully bioware will pull a rabbit from they're ass and release a good game. As gamers though we should always demand more.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Nice posts! In impressed for once to read constructive feedback lol

    All your concerns are valid. I hope they never add cross realm bs and I want 8vs8 too though I'm fairly sure 4 boon will dominate any map.

    The game has gone from a vey singleplayer oriented game to a nice mix as of the lates build, mostly directed to you adagio, give it another shot its not the same game you played back when we ha 30 day acess. Me an kephir actually had a hard time finishing a flashpoint and had to call it a night even thoug our group contained good players.

    The multiplayer is there. And concidering we gave rift a shot if you have cash to put out for the box and the 30 days free It's worth your money and I'm sure many will stick to it after that as well.

    I'm taking this game seriously. Boon will dominate the gvg aspect and when we land on ilum the republic runs for the first shuttle to get the fuck out!

    Raiding pve content will also be a major factor as i want us to have at least server first kills on everything.

    What om geting at is the game has à strong developer an insane amount of money behind it. And we have to also put in a effort to make the experience enjoyable

    Wrote all this with my iPhone so forgive the spelling
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    adagio Moderator

    Problem is its still a wow clone. No matter bioware have added a great storyline, great voice acting and whatever else they add.

    I will still get to max lvl and idle in a town because all that's left is a night raid and bgs. Rift had the same problem. It left people asking the question "why should I play this when wow has done it before and has 7 years experience on us?"

    Bioware should have been asking questions like. Would players like to work hard and set up theyre own town on out of the way planets? Would guilds like to create they're own user generated dungeons based on rep the guild earned? Give the guilds resources from the planet they can use to trade. If the town was to come under attack warning would be given due to the length of time space travel took.

    Bioware should be letting players make theyre own star wars history. Imagine boon starting out a small town and working hard to turn it into a death planet. Only those with mighty enough ships get through the defences to try and attack. Then we would have been saying what wow clone?
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    What if moon was cheese? I would never be hungry. :smug:

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