FFXIV: ARR F.A.T.E Farming Guide

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    Fate Farming Guide

    Regions for FATEs

    Please consider the follow list as a reference for which zone you should be farming FATEs in, depending on your level.

    1-12: Horizon in Western Thanalan (Thanalan)
    13-20: Aleport in Western La Noscea (La Noscea)
    21-30: Quarrymill in South Shroud (Black Shroud)
    28-34: Wineport / Costa Del Sol in Eastern La Noscea (La Noscea)
    30-38: Dragonhead in Coerthas Central Highlands (Coerthas)
    38-42: Revenant’s Toll in Mor Dhona
    42-50: Ceruleum Processing Plant in Northern Thanalan (Thanalan)

    Rule of thumb: If more than 50% of the FATEs spawning in your zone require you to sync your level down, you should move on to a higher level zone.

    Source: http://accomp.me/ffxiv/fate-farming-guide/

    This guide isn't by me, just would like to share one of the best methods for leveling in game, All credit goes to Accomp.

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