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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Danny, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Ok so here is my gear and trait lines.

    All my armor (minus the head, which typically i took a screenshot of) is the most condition dmg i could find from TP. Food I use Rare Veggie Pizza (gives + %40 condition duration and +70 condition dmg) & Master Tuning Crstal (+ 6% condition dmg equal to toughness +4% condition dmg equal to vitality).

    Raiding: when our raid comes up on enemy zerg the first thing i try to do is get into their center before sh*t hits the fan, either by stealing and then using cloak and dagger( so i dont get nailed) or just shadow stepping. Then i look to drop caltrops in their center or just behind where i feel they will retreat (so tight gaps or what ever) then instantly hit dagger storm.
    So right now im getting around +130 HP for every1 standing on my caltrops but also for the hundreds of daggers bouncing around the enemy from my dagger storm. Trust me u CANNOT die while both r up! Not only that but every1 is getting +1 bleed on them every time they move on top of caltrops or get hit by daggers. this normally stacks up to like 15 PP ( but can get full 25) since i have longer bleeds with food, traits, dagger + pistol sigils. Every tick hits for around 135-145 so screen pritty much lights up with numbers, more enemy the better! Another added bonus is both dagger storm and caltrops are crippling the enemy massively.
    While these skills r on CD i use short bow to support using auto + exploding my cluster bombs in large grps of enemy and get blast finishers on fields.
    It's slow kills but ppl do die, but more importantly im attacking 20+ ppl at once rather than heartseeking 1 person!
    This is by no means a BIG crit build but it is amazing 1v1 or even 1-3 if they r tards cos u spend most ur time at pistol range stacking bleeds whilst on the move and in stealth by just rotating claok and dagger and the number 1 skill. Simple! Ur shadow step is also a great stun breaker.

    Thought I would post this since i have LOADS of fun playing it and the survive ability is awesome. Also just to think if maybe a full grp of thiefs ran this build and used same tactics those hundreds of bleeds and cripples would be multiplied by 5. Would drop grps of ppl in seconds and cripple the rest for our guild's ball to chew over.

    Plz feel free to let me know wt u think. thts wt its here for :)

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