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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Tendo, Dec 23, 2011.

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    So thought it would be handy that the people who play assassin list their spec (s) here with a little information as to why they went that spec and how it turned out to be.

    I went tankassin first, from 1 - 30. Used the follow spec : http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#200rsrokrskbsZZf0cM.1

    I got upto Force Pull and 0 in madness. If I go for darkness again after I tried Madness spec , I will go for Wither first before spending points into the other tree's. Wither just seems to be an important skill for later on.

    One thing I might change in the future depending if I see the need on more Endurance or not, is to to put the full 3/3 in Shroud of Darkness and leave 1 out of Torment and Disjunction. Disj seems nice for pvp purposes and might be handy for certain pve moments, but till now I didnt have too much trouble in flashpoints with getting out of CC.

    I didn't have the feeling yet that I was a tank honestly, though I think that is more to blame on my gear than the spec or talent tree itself. Focus on Willpower with Endurance gear (Willpower primary). After I focused on Absorption, Shield Rating and Defense. One thing I noticed is that we have a fair deal of ranged threat. Didn't have any problems in groups keeping aggro with the right charge on (Dark Charge) and dont forget to use Guard on highest threat DPS.

    For me it was fairly hard to find a group, considering I started a bit later than the rest and was/am behind in leveling. LFG system still isn't what I hope it will be in the future and spamming general is so what the only way for me to find a group. As result I ended up more solo leveling than spamming heroics or flashpoints.

    Leveling as darkness has it's moment, but I felt that I put no almost no damage. My companion (Revel) outdamages me by far and not sure if thats intended really! I can survive a fair deal on the other hand.

    All in all I had fun with the spec, but testing out madness now to see the difference in both damage and survivability.

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