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    So we’re a week in to the 4th CBT for ArcheAge, we’ve had chance to settle in and start gathering extensive information to blast out to the Western audiences. As two of the staple pillars of ArcheAge are exploration and creation, we thought it apt that our first guide would be about the most basic of elements in an MMO, Guild Creation.

    Firstly I’ll start by saying that guilds aren’t called guilds in ArcheAge, they are called Expeditions and rightly so. You’re charted to explore as a group and so we shall…

    So you have a new character, you’ve just hit level 5 and you have you sexy new mount (unless of course you picked Hariharan, awwww “Little Donkey”), what’s the first thing you plan on doing? Well in my case it was to run off and find out how to create an Expedition and invite all my chums, no matter which of the two islands you started on there are 3 NPC’s that will happily accept your hard earned gold and form an Expedition for you.

    The NPC’s can be found in the two major cities and the port town of each island, as I’m currently playing through as a Ferres, you’ll only see images for the process in the Hariharan Empire, but for all intent and purpose it is the same for those that are playing for the Nuian Empire.

    So here goes, below is the map of Oscuterra Free Port:


    Circled in pink is the NPC: D’Ishida [Expedition Manager -원정대관리인] speaking to him will bring up the following dialog box:


    This dialog explains that “The master must be level 5 or above to form an expedition, be in a full party of 5 other players and have 1 gold piece, which will be used as payment.”

    So it’s that simple, the player forming the guild must be at least level 5, be the leader of a party of 4 others and have 1 gold piece in their inventory. If of course you don’t meet the requirements, you will be greeted with a red error message to let you know that one or more have not been met.

    After pressing the left button on the above image, you will be greeted with the Expedition Formation dialog box:


    The circled text explains that your expedition must be sponsored by one of five forces in order to be formed.


    Eastern Front


    Western Front

    Southern Front
    [IMG]Northern Front
    [IMG]Imperial Movement

    After picking your sponsoring force enter your desired name in the text box at the bottom of the window. As with all roman names at present, you’re not able to use capital lettering and you may not use spaces within the name, once you have put the name in press the button and “hey presto” you have formed your very first expeditionary force.

    Currently most of the customisation features for your expedition are accessed via the ArcheAge website (within the first two tabs of the expedition force window), but we aren’t currently able to do so. You can however promote, demote, invite, kick and fiddle with ranks within the game UI:


    Above you can see you have columns for player name, level, class, rank and location. At the bottom of the window you have a button (on the left) to invite all members that you select (tick boxes) and on the right is the text box used to invite new members to your expedition.

    As with most MMO’s your able to right-click individuals and select from the usual responses, whisper, invite to group and depending on your rank within the expedition you can promote/demote or kick said individual. There is also a fancy looking rank selection window if you right-click within the rank column.

    Expedition right-click menu

    Rank change menu

    So this is just a basic guide on creating an ArcheAge Expeditionary Force (guild), there are lots of extra tools available as you would expect from any sandbox game, your able to upload custom logos and biographies’ via the in-game web interface (and obviously via the website as well). I’m sure once we have explored more we will revisit Expeditions and add any new information we have gathered.

    Website Expeditionary Force Windows:


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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Thanks folks, loads more to come, we have 6 or 7 in the works at present and plenty more planned for the next 2 months :)
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