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    On the Saturday evening after dinner there were two competitions held for attendees to get involved in, as we are a competitive bunch we of course got involved in both.

    First up was a speed run of Stormtalon’s Lair, a PvE five-man dungeon available to players at level 22, this was the first time that the dungeon had been playable and was only actually revealed a few days prior to the ArkShip weekend.

    Our group consisted of a Stalker (yours truly) Kephir healing on an Esper, Fallanx tanking on a Warrior, Tvar dpsing on a Warrior and Merketh supporting on a hybrid build Spellslinger.

    Due to this being a competition we rushed through the instance and sadly did not pay much attention to the smaller details like loot and scenery. But to compare it to any recent games I have to say that WildStar PvE is a mix of WoW’s smoothness and combat combined with Gw2 style play and a tiny bit of TERA aiming thrown in to it. Hope that makes sense.


    As we zoned in to the dungeon, we started to pull instantly. The combat felt fast paced and you had to be on your toes to avoid the telegraphs of doom and a potential one shot. The combat reminds you a lot of the GW2 instances, just done better. I felt like the tank had more control of the mobs and the whole party had the traditional tank/healer/dps feel to it. This does not mean you are just free to dps standing still as a damage dealer though. I was dodging in and out of combat all the time with my stalker to avoid damage. The combat was kept interesting by the fact that all my attacks were telegraphed and AoE. I had to make sure I was positioned perfectly for a AoE disarm or stun for example, or if I dodged away from combat and decided to throw my shuriken I wanted to make sure the enemy was perfectly placed for me to do the most damage possible.

    Another interesting mechanic we discovered was to do with interrupts, the trash and bosses could be interrupted when casting but not by one player alone! For example some of the trash mobs had to be interrupted 3 times to stop an attack, this meant that all of our dps/tanks or even healers had to be on their toes and interrupt when the chance arose.


    We worked our way up to the first boss, there were lots of avoid “fire on the ground” and then a fairly commonly used “go immune to all damage until you kill my adds” troll mode as seen in many other MMO’s. I still found the fight interesting though fairly easy.

    We didn’t get to see much of the second boss, we only had time to pull him and then our time ended but from what I could see it looked insane. There was whirlwinds spawning everywhere and I reckon this is a boss that is going to keep you on your toes as you run gauntlets around hazards while trying your best to dps/heal/tank. My overall experience was very positive when it came to the PvE and also we heard lots of good stuff from the panels as well but these are sadly under NDA.

    Watch out for my write up on PvP, coming soon :)
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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Doodle, May 8, 2013.

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