EU ArkShip: An Introduction to WildStar

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    So a few weeks ago as most of you will know by now, a few of us were invited to the WildStar Fan event ArkShip in Brighton, UK. The event was held in the Hilton hotel on the beach and oddly enough it was a sunny weekend in Brighton (apparently it rains a lot there)!

    The event was manned by staff from Carbine and NCSOFT. Leading the charge was the charismatic Troy “Aether” Hewitt, Community Director and Producer, his right hand man Global Community Manager Loic “Atreid” Claveau and European Community Manager Aidan “Faelan” Taylor compered the day and evening activities and introduced the rest of the team that was there:

    Chad Moore - Lead Narrative Designer
    Jon Jelinek - Lead 3D Artist
    Stephen Frost - Game Design Producer and voice of the “DevSpeak” videos
    Jen Gordy - Lead PvP Designer
    Chris Behrens - Game Systems Lead Designer
    Tiffany Chu - Feature Team Lead
    Alan Primm - Multimedia Specialist
    Chris Gray - The IT Guy

    Melanie “Elkina” Corolleur - EU Community Team Lead
    David “Kroniksan” Ortiz - Spanish Community Manager
    Ramon “Debussy” Domke - German Community Manager
    Kathy Hong - Events Manager

    Introduction Presentation

    This was actually all under NDA so we have “borrowed” several lovely pictures from Aether’s twitter feed :) Here we all are listening intently to Chad Moore chat about WildStar’s core philosophies:


    All of us paying attention:


    Studio Tour

    Unlike the ArkShip event held earlier in the year over in California we were unable to take a tour of the Carbine Studio :( but they went one better. Content Director Mike Donatelli:


    took us on a virtual tour of the studio - this video had lots of hush hush bits that were pretty cool and gave a pretty good insight into the inner workings of the game studio, there were some terribad tongue in cheek jokes, but also some funny moments as well that had the room in fits of laughter.

    The Panels

    We were then split into two groups and led off to panels to learn about several different aspects of the game, as these are all under NDA we aren’t able to talk to you about these but there was some very interesting information gathered and we loved it :)

    We can of course “borrow” pictures form Aether’s twitter stream again (and their descriptions) to give you a few ideas:

    Chad and Frost discuss “Elder Gameplay”

    Tiff and Jon talk "Housing"

    Jen and Chris talking about "Combat and PvP"


    At several points throughout the afternoon we were allowed to play the game and experience the WildStar in all it’s glory as we were obviously busy playing we will have to “borrow” pictures from Aether’s twitter feed again:

    The Setup

    Jen helping someone get set

    The 1st ever EU take down of Metal Maw

    Metal Maw

    While we weren't involved in the downing of Metal Maw (it took place on the Friday evening), it is refreshing to know that at level 7 there is content that requires 20+ people to take down. Metal Maw was actually designed live on stage at gamescom 2011:

    Art Director Matt Mocarski and Lead Creative Writer Chad Moore summarise the live drawing event held at gamescom. They took suggestions from the audience and Senior Concept Artist Andy Cotnam put them on the creature!

    The Final Product

    That's it for part one, check back over the weekend for our thoughts on WildStar's first major PvE encounter "Stormtalon's Lair" and of course feedback from our winning PvP teams.
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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Katiechops, May 3, 2013.

  1. Killa
    not so juicy :(
  2. Acina
    More to come :)
  3. Fizzee
    What did he compare then with?! This needs an answer!!!
  4. Allstar
    That awkward moment when one person turns up in furry cosplay.
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  5. Doodle
    the event was great and we made sure to win both pvp and pve tournaments ;)
  6. Tvar
    The feeling of having Frost commentate on the pvp finals "Oh here comes the warrior jumping on that spellslinger's face"! Oh yes we did. Happy to rectify some warrior spirit since the age of the hotstepper <3
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  7. Aspira
    To be fair, if you came in last place but didn't stand in any fire you would have improved.
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  8. Acina
    Fizzee yeh I miss spelt that should have said "compered" rather than "compared", cheers for pointing it out :)
  9. Doodle
    we should have asked carbine to fraps the final and release it as promotional footage. Not only would it have looked amazing, since nobody spent time jumping in to walls or standing in fire, it would also have gone down in history as the first ever arena battle! Looked good as well
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  10. Fizzee
    TIL it's not spelt the same way.... I was trying to be funny, not even realising it was a typo... Considering I put "then" instead of "them" *oops*

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