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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by srENGINEER, Mar 4, 2013.

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    srENGINEER Community Member

    1. Very popular sPvP build which is VERY strong in 1vx situations, it depends mostly on the "Explosived V Trait", which burns on critical, with the Grenade kit, its possible to keep burning up constantly as u can crit 3 times (3 grenades thrown each time). Also, each elixir u drink/throw gives u might and removes conditions.;TIAAzCpA

    Pros. Really high dmg through conditions and permanent might and ltos of condi removal, also pretty easy to play
    Cons. Lack of vigor/permanent swiftness

    2. This is a little change from the first build, it is almost the same, as it depends on "Explosives V Trait" and does dmg in the same manner, the only difference is that u dont depend on stacking might, and u are weaker to conditions. (only condi removal u have is Med Kit 4 skill). The good thing about it is u have the Tool Kit which is very strong due to the pull, confusion 5 stacks, and 3second block, and AoE cripple.
    A good combo would be: Toolkit--> Pull --> Pry Bar (3 skill) --> Switch to pistol and snare --> Spam grenade kit 95BblWQIA;TIAAzCpA

    Pros. Perm swiftness and vigor + tookit
    Cons. Condi removal / might stacks

    3. This build is a litle different, since it has a little more depth and more CC and control, the flamethrower is added instead of grenade kit, it makes it much easier to kit thanks to the knockback from flamethrower, and flamethrower toolbelt skill is VERY good at putting burn and dealing condi dmg. This is one of my fav builds running solo since u have a lot of kiting/survivability.

    The IV Alchemy trait synchronizes well with the Toolkit "15" minor trait, since when u reach 25% hp, ur "heal" (Medkit toolbelt) is recharged, and in the same time, u get 3 sec Invulnrable, so it gets u out of sticky situations.

    It is somewhat weak to conditions, since u only have the "elixir S" and "throw elixir s" and Med kit 4 to remove conditions such as cofusion/lots of bleed stacks. But it is definetly one of the stronger builds vs Melees.
    A good combo is : Toolkit Pull --> Confusion with toolkit 3 --> Switch to flamethrower and knockback quickly --> pistol snare then stack all ur other condis.;TIAAzCpA

    Pros. Lots of survivability and control, destroys melees :D
    Cons. Weak to condis a bit, damage maybe lacking vs super tanky guardians and Bunker eles, but they'll have a very hard time killing u as well.

    4. This is a really fun build, and also really strong in teamfights and 1v1, it provides a lot of condition dmg through the bomb kit (AoE 5 stacks confusion !), and AoE blind/Burn too. I dunno how to explain playing this one, but u can combo ur Bombs in lots of ways, such as: Pistol snare and confusion bomb. Or Supply crate --> Confusion bomb. Elixir S -> spam bombs while you're invulnrable.

    The trait in Tools "IV" removes condition when u swap to flamethrower zgKkXRFy/nHsVupF;TIAAzCpA

    In all these builds, i use "6x Superior rune of the Nightmare", 1x Sigil of Geomancy, 1x Sigil of Smoldering.

    And all Rabid stats (Preci/Toughn/CondDmg)
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    srENGINEER Community Member

    These builds are mostly made for solo roaming and small scale fights btw - haven't tested them in Raid environments!
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    In my personal perspective these seem a waste, why did you went with these?
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    srENGINEER Community Member

    They're the best runes for condi duration, and i need them to get the 10% so the Explosives "V" trait to tick twice with burning, might as well go 5xNightmare and 1x Jewel or something if the 6th one is a waste ^^
    I also thought theyre a waste, and I talked a lot to the Engineer who plays for sPvP team paradigm, he convinced me about them xD
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    Jinx Community Member

    I kinda liked the first,going for it!
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Well, due to the lack of food buffs Nightmare makes sense in sPVP, but isn't there other valid options?
    I mean, if Burning is the condition you're aiming to increase duration, 2x Sup Baelfire + 2x Sup Flame Legion + 2x Sup Forge + Food gives you a net gain of 85% Burn duration...
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    srENGINEER Community Member

    yeh but u don't really want that much burn duration, u just need the 10% on pistol and 10% on armor, only other runes i would use are Superior Rune of the Undead
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    That's what i meant, you seem to have better options than Nightmare runes no matter which direction you wanna go, but that's only my perspective.

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