Elementalist specter/dagger earth/air sPvP build

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Jame, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Jame Community Member

    I need some help with this. I've found the earth/air combination to be rather neat to play. Quite happy with the traits and utility skills I have in it currently, but not sure about the sigils/runes/jewels. If anyone has an opinion which ones to choose, please help me out...

    This is the build currently.
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    Earth/air is not a good combination, so I have to recommend against.

    Earth is condition damage and the +condition damage you get from it won't benefit your Air direct damage spells, just like the +condition damage jewelry won't.

    Your points should be distributed between 1 of 3 (fire/air/earth) and then some water and some arcane.

    Also with earth you should be playing with a focus, not a dagger. Dagger is good for burst damage, without power you won't be doing much damage. And with power you'll have to neglect the condition damage.

    Either drop earth or drop air. Earth is meant to be played as a tanky dotter, air is meant to go with some fire for bigger numbers and frequent crits. Figure out which suits you better and then I can provide some more help.

    Also, you really need 20 points in arcane, no matter the build. High element swap times make the elementalist a very non-viable class for spvp. Not to mention, you -need- -need- to fit Elemental Attunement as a trait.
    10 points in water is important as well, for Cleansing wave. Most people are running condition heavy builds. Which again, highly benefits from lower attunement times. Personally I recommend 30 arcane for spvp in ANY build.
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    Jame Community Member

    Well, I disagree with lots of things you just said. I'll make a proper answer a bit later, no time now. The only problem I have with my current build is the proper "misc" to go with it. I'm sure to take account what you said, but I'm trying to work on a build that suits my playstyle, not some cookie cutter one. ^^
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    This is not about finding the cookie cutter, this is about maximizing your efficiency. Power does not affect your conditions, which is the main earth damage, and Condition damage does not affect any direct damage spell, which is all Air has. You'll be a jack of all trades. You won't be tanky, you won't have high damage DD spells, your dots will tick for little and your survivability will overall be lower than a focused build.

    Good luck with it though.
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    spell Community Member

    Imo its very weird build. You picked very very weird Neck + Runes + Sigils combination and even trying to make condition damage elementalist is in my opinion quite bonkers. I'm just not sure how well can Ele stack up bleeds / burn and keep them on target and how efficient it will be against enemies with high cond removal like warrior or necros.
    It seems for me you tried to make hybrid damage but quite in wrong way, but I cant judge build without testing it and seeing it in action. Still I think there are (probably) more efficient builds for Ele.

    First things I would change is to go for build like this one (still not sure if that would work but imo it would look much better)
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    Jame Community Member

    Spell, the neck/runes/sigils were mostly randoms. Those are exactly the ones I wanted help with, since I had no idea what to pick on those. :)

    The thing is, I've killed ppl successfully with this, but it's apparent now they haven't had any idea what they're doing, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to kill them. The idea being first getting them low on health and then finishing them on air. While playing more today, it's quite clear my damage on this is pretty nonexistent without any good group support (and can't put all that to wrong runes etc), so I admit defeat. I miss my staff, but I guess I have to keep searching for a decent scepter build... (with dagger if possible).

    I'll check out the one you linked spell and will try it later. :)
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    Spud Community Member

    Im considering a dagger/dagger combo at them moment, more for open field than spvp but i can see some situational uses especially if more than one ele does this at the same time...

    Ride the lightning which will bomb, then updraft which will clear the area, for places like throne/boss rooms or if someone is getting ganked etc or even just for getting out of trouble.
    I will work on a G key macro later, where weapon switch from staff to D/D, jump, bomb, clear, earth armour/mist then escape :)

    Now i am getting more used to the class i can see how the support role of this class is far more effective than just damage botting, i am more interested in an arcane/water with some air at the mo. but then again i always was better as a support class than a dps so its looking like a condition, buff, removal and heal class for me.

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