Dumb questions and insightfull answers. or the other way around?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Domain, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Domain Veteran BOON

    hey, to much study gets me into this, so lets see.

    there are a couple of questions which are said to have no answer, well i say that if we are dumb and imaginative enough, we can handle them.

    So make some, and we will try to answer, as a sample:

    S1: Some1 once said that if god is omniscient (knows everything) he cant be omnipotent (can do anything). lets see, if he has the power to build the tallest building ever, then he cant know how to build one higher. So he can either build and not to know, or he knows but cant build because he allways knows something taller.

    Well the idiot answer is: that guy was wrong! One being (god or w/e) being omnipotent can also be omniscient or vice-versa. why? the answer is by building something that can allways grow. So at any given time he knows how to build something bigger, but his first "gadget" can still surpass anything he might come of after. So he is allways right.

    S2: who came first? the egg or the chicken?

    this one is simple: it depends. if you believe that god made the world, then the chicken came first, because god made the animals, not how they reproduce. But if you believe that somehow life evolved from an explosion then the answer is simple, the egg came first. If things evolve, then they start something, and slowly change. well then at some point, that something became closer to a chicken, and placed an egg. since the egg is the first step to a chicken to be born, the egg is allways first, because the previous thing was not a chicken according to the conventional idea that chickens come from eggs, and reproduce "via" eggs. when these change, it becomes something else and not a chicken ;).

    S3: when does a man start being bald? when he has no hair in the head? but if he has 1 hair string (or a few more like homer simpson), isnt he bald? so is it possible to exactly know when 1 starts being bald or not?
    (this is a very well-known paradox pointed out by the Sorites, although formulated in a diferent way.)

    Supposedly, theres no answer because its impossible to get a concept where after one more/less hair string one becames bald or not (thats why it is a paradox).

    the answer however can be another, the fact we dont know one barrier between that, doesnt mean theres isnt one. the problem comes from what you consider the term bald meaning. so if being bald is having from few to none, then create a range where a guy is defenetly bald by your concept, and a range where he surely isnt. now in the gap between those 2 groups one can be or cannot be bald. you can either call them shit/stupids/the middle/pussy/dicks/anything, so you go from bald to shit and from shit to not bald, then now you can decide exactly when 1 guy is bald or not :p, by the 1 hair string diference you want, couldnt be any better!
    there are other type of answers, i like this one the most ^^.

    ok, so now give your best shot and get your answer xD.
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    Miha Community Member

    hahahaha these 3 questions of yours are 3 paradoxes... what is funny that me, my husband and some friends ware chating about those last night :)

    my answer to the first question would be " there is no omnipotent and omniscient god " this is my opinion... if you ask a priest... that you would get another answer...

    to the second part .. i will always remember what my grandmother used to say when i was trying to smart ass with her... ( by smart ass i mean.. i had more school and i may know that and that better... and in my grandparents opinion not school is the one who teach you things but life experience... which in my opinion is rubbish...) " The chicken makes the egg... so I was supposed never to say different than what they say... cos they ware always right...
    so here is another paradox used the way every person wants...

    and regarding bald ppl : we here in romania have a word for that: " The stupid hair leaves the smart head... or is that the other way around? the smart hair leaves the stupid hair?" hahahahaaa

    i guess this paradoxes are used like ppl want to use them... to be in advantage like my grandparents used the first one with me... just to cover their luck of knowledge... and using the life experience as being the best.. better than school... but also school is a life experience ... so we get back to the same paradoxes we ware chatting about...

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    Juggernaught Classic Guild Member

    Well u made the first question rather simple.

    I ask you this, if God was omnipotent then he would ofc be able to create a rock so heavy that no one can lift it. But if hes omnipotent then he should be able to lift it, but then he isnt omnipotent since he cant crate a rock heavy enough fo no one to lift.

    See catch 22 thingy ;)

    Ask that to a person of faith and they get Gobsmacked.
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    TOMMCAT Veteran BOON

    i like how u think Juggernaught.
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    Miha Community Member

    Juggernaut is right.. is exactly the way the story goes in Romania.. and is called " The God Paradox"... and if you want to make a priest or a religion student to kill himself.. you ask him this question.. and they just leave :))... is funny how some ppl can not see more ...
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    "No one" or "no man" ? Man referring to a mortal entity.

    Tbh this whole thread made my brain hurt, damn you Domain.
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    Domain Veteran BOON

    well, actually the concept is the same, think about 2 contraditory/ confliting ideas. if at a given time, 2 ideas are right you just need a relation between them that will last infinitesimally (?). so lets see, a rock no one can lift -> a guy who can lift everything, make the weight growth match the force/strenght growth and both are right (or wrong, its kinda up to you).

    and well lets see, this one is nice:

    if you create a rock so heavy that no one can lift wouldnt that mess up with the gravitational orbits of the planets/ the emptyness of the universe? so a rock so heavy like that would move itself, being unable to hold on something. Since god could be like everything, then god would be able to move it, but not rly being able to move it ^^. ( the church is and was created by men, so it obviously is fallible, but that itself doesnt mean god doesnt exist, and in the end its +/- how they say, you choose to believe or not, for a believer everything is god's work, for a non-believer nothing could ever be that, thats why its a funny matter, and theres no real need to get mad about it, unless some retards start nailing others into crosses or burning them for their claim ^^)
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    Shantotto Guest

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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    My favourite is the old "Ofc God is real, else where did the universe come from?"
    Self pwnage.

    watch It's quite interesting
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    Domain Veteran BOON

    most paradoxs were created by the lack of ability from the ppl to think about them or by the ability to understand and the inability of others to judge?

    i dont know, thats why i laugh.

    Miha: i rly dont know what to believe but i like to have faith, in god, in ppl. it makes me happier. why churn something that might make you happier? i go to the church not because i believe, but because i want to believe and its a good place to think. i dont buy lotery tickets for the best prize, i buy it for the possibility of getting it.

    well, honestly, educated (as in ppl who went to school/college and stuff) ppl have a trend to think more and to become more intelectual. And by that learn how to use the time of their lives better, so your life experience might be better. The result is not clear, but educated ppl do have options and take choices, non-educated ppl dont, for most of the times. When you are born and start to grow, you are a product of what you are ( a little) and of the stuff around you (alot), and so you come up as a result of those, however if you learn of what there is, of the lives of others, of what you can actually be, you can build up yourself, with the skills and character you want. imagine you are a liar/coward/useless guy, if you learn how to be more like an honest/truthfull/brave/usefull guy through the exemples of others, you might be able to choose, in the end, what you want to be. one individual ( as long as there is no brain dmg involved) can be whatever he wants, better deceiver, more smart or whatever be it good or bad, not even the sky is the limit if you are humble, persistent and imaginative enough :p.
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    gir Veteran BOON

    great vid Fizzee, tnx for the share
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Of all the theories about god and the "making" of the universe, the one i like the most is this:
    The universe as it is, is based on some physical properties that if were a tiny bit different would make it impossible to exist. The level of complexity of the universe is huge, if we think about it like this:
    - death simple matter -> complexity 1
    - molecular structure -> complexity 2
    - cell -> complexity 3
    - multicell -> complexity 4
    - intelligent life -> complexity 5
    - artificial intelligence -> complexity 6

    Therefore, based on this progression, one can think of the universe as the product of a structure with a level of complexity beyond our grasp. Lets imagine that in a previous universe, everything was the same and mankind evolved in a way that created this kind of complex entity that was able to bypass quantum physics limitations and program the universe in a way that when it collapsed (reference to the theory of infinite big-bang -> big-crush universe loop), it would be reborn in a big bang, in a way that everything is pre-programmed to evolve over time to reproduce that complex entity again and continue the cycle...

    If we assume all of this is true, then it doesn't matter what you think of your own "free will", as everything is already pre-determined since the creation of the universe... all the atom and electron interactions that will exist in the future have already been set. Of course that if this entity is called "god", we can also assume that "god" made the universe so that the self-conscious beings (humans) could have a margin of freedom to do what they want, but ultimately, their "free will" actions wouldn't affect the overall development of the "master plan"...
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    Domain Veteran BOON

    yeah that movie was rly great, very very insigthfull. however he fails to make the distinction between religion, church and faith.

    "-The only claim i claim, is the claim of not knowing everything and not even being sure if what i know is surely right."

    one thing is what ppl do and say, however that does not justifies anything. the catholic church did some of the biggest abominations in the known history in the name of something they called holy, as did many of other "churches" based on many religions, as many others who werent religious at all, but those atrocities do not explain shit. one thing is to believe on someting like god, another is to use that to deceive and use other ppl for self interest. Some ppl say that the more they look into everything in our history and our future, they see the hand of god and the distortion of mankind.

    I dont think religions are wrong, but comparisons between science and religions surely are, because theres just nothing to compare. science is supposed to be right, and to explain what something is and how it happens, religions are meant to teach you values.
    "Churches" in the name of "religion" used ppls "faith" as they saw fitting. Even if the "churches" (the entities in charge of the religious matters) failed miserably or not, that doesnt explain the fact that god might exist and the rightfull place for religion, thats just a logical error, like saying communism is a failed idea (which i believe it is, ppl should not be equal, but have equal oportunities, and what they have base on theit efforts) because USSR and Staline killed millions, or that capitalism fails (which does and hard, has more flaws then the sea has water.) because of the october 1929. in the end there is no real proof, the believers and non-believers will toss at your face undeniable proof that they are right, and it will be up to any of us to decide on what to believe.
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    Domain Veteran BOON

    yeah i like that theory to, but i dont know if its just like that and i prefer to think we have our own free will, which in fact we do. we live our lives, based on our concepts and stuff. and we will die, before anything relevant for that matter happens, and if it does, it will not mind much since we will de dead. so w/e.

    [EDIT] or ofc if theres an afterlife you will hopefully be to busy planing it to mind about what happened before.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Well, on the other hand, i like to think that my own free will could be an illusion and because of that, that we're all playing our role in the development process of the universe :) Having free will is just a state of mind, if you think you have it, then you have it... you dont actually need to have it in order to have it! xD

    i edited
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    Domain Veteran BOON

    ofc, thats why it is so awesome!
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    I know the answer to this.
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Great share, love it.

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