Dreamhack Winter Dota 2 Tournament

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Nerien, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Nerien "Bad Boy"

    So now that the byoc over there has finished and the real thing is starting tomorrow at 10am CET

    Thought I should list up stream links, schedule and brackets for anyone that might be interested.

    Main stream with Tobi Wan casting the things. http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackdota
    Secondary stream casted by a guy called Luminoushttp://www.twitch.tv/dotacommentaries

    A good schedule can be found at http://www.joindota.com under dreamhack winter 2011 tab

    Lastly the brackets can be seen at http://binarybeast.com/xDOTA21111241

    As for my comment about the byoc no wonder Wild honey Badgers managed to get trough it without much trouble at all considering how little experience most of the people they played seemed to have with the game.

    Or am I the only one following this thing? :eek:
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    Gurtholfin Veteran BOON

    Don't really follow any of this sort of stuff - nice to see the odd pro game once in a while. Hon just added Hon-TV in the last 2 days which follows nominated players and the main live tournaments all from in-game. Pretty nice, but I've little interest in most of these sessions... just prefer to play mostly.
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Tobi is a bro.

    The tournament will be nice.
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    Nerien "Bad Boy"

    Semi finals is starting right now. First a best of 3 with Teamshakira vs FnaticMSI.

    Followed by a second best of 3 at 21:00 with WHB vs SK.gaming

    On the remark about Tobi, ye he is quite entertaining :)
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    Nerien "Bad Boy"

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    Firoz Veteran BOON

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