DotA 2 First Wave of Invites!!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Breno Ferreira, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Breno Ferreira Community Member

    Guys, thats the day you just waited for! No its not open beta time, but Valve started yesterday sending out some keys to the guys who signup since The International. And even better you get two more copies for some friends, you can just trade them to your mates and your ready to go!

    Along side this great news, we got the first 3 pieces of the Comic.
    So if your interested in the comic then go to:


    I would also like to ask for a favor from you guys: i am a DotA clan leader, and need like 5 more keys to invite the members... Current beta testers didn't received extra two keys YET(will in "few weeks valve time sigh) so if anyone here received the keys and don't have use for them, if you would be so kind to give it to me x) Thanks in advance, Cheers to everyone.
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    belladonna Veteran BOON

    Bet I don't get invited :(

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