Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls

Discussion in 'Blizzard Games' started by Acina, Mar 4, 2014.

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    Gretded Community Member

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    Allstar Just A "Member"

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    Littletoe Veteran BOON

    The fucks going on here?
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Needs more nyancat
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    Littletoe Veteran BOON

    Needs more dex tbh
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    Gretded Community Member

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

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    SmilingBandit Veteran BOON

    Anytime! (..at the weekend... cause iam sick atm :(...gastric flu)
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Did you went to the same sushi place as Blackspear? ^_^
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    SmilingBandit Veteran BOON

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    Mantle Veteran BOON

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    Blackspear "The Random"

    OH YOU!

    It was totally worth ending up on ICU for 10 days for it tho! (not really...)
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    Tvar Classic Officer


    I'm looking at you Killa, Nerien, Doodle, among others. Stay more than one weekend please so we can get going longer than scrubby 600ish Paragons. I even farmed together all the gear I needed to stay Support and everyone's fucked off. So, you wanna play team 3-4s or no?
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Driving to Denmark tmw bru, or I would so join you!
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Atleast Acina is loyal.
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    Littletoe Veteran BOON

    Will you boost the fuck out of me if i come play scrubcore?
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmno :D
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    Killa Veteran BOON

    Yea sorry bru. People are too cashy for me :p

    Nah, i'm busy getting ready for BDO now. CBT2 soon and release right after
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    Nerien "Bad Boy"

    Got dragged into Smite so been playing that mostly.

    Also too much button mashing in diablo 3 to be playing it for long periods of time.
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Casuals. :nah:

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