Diablo 3 Hardcore Marathon (for Charity)

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    So a few of us have roped ourselves into playing games for 24 hours straight in aid of Child's Play. The event coined Healing Over Time is set to start this Saturday (29th March) at 10am GMT (11:00 CET) and run through until the following morning at 11am BST (12:00 CEST).


    Originally this was set for November last year, we had more than 30 people (from the guild) sign on to help out, but due to unforeseen circumstances the organisers had to postpone until this year. Unfortunately this meant that only a few of us were able to take part, it was decided (by Tvar) that we would run Diablo 3 in hardcore mode. Beautifully timed and all was the release of Reaper of Souls, not only has this brought with it a resurgence of chatter about Diablo 3 it also brings more content (and a new class) to play.

    Myself, Doodle, Allstar & Balmung face off verses Tvar, Nerien, Valero & Littletoe in a team death match, the team that has the most members alive after 24 hours will be crowned the victor. Obviously we have bets running on who will die first and plan on setting challenges throughout the day to try and trip each other up!!

    The aim for the event is to raise $5000 and there are 8 different MMO guild running marathons to reach this goal, a total of 40 different games will be played over the weekend and all streamed live on Twitch TV.

    Please join in and help us reach the above goal, laugh at your fellow guildies failing at staying alive, chatting random rubbish at 3am or just pop by to say hello. The BOON streams will be live on the front page of the forum (top right hand corner) and all the over streams can be view by clicking the team name on twitch (the the link above).

    For those of you that don't know, in hardcore mode when you die that is it, game over, perma death...

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Acina, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Fizzee
    Good luck guys!
  2. Katiechops
    getting my popcorn and preparing to troll
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  3. Ecati
    I am already watching :3 AAAAAAA :love:
  4. Ilyria
    Watching brahs ! :D you're gonna die hahahaha :p
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  5. Maskerad
    So apparently this is what Allstar is eating today...

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  6. Tumbleweed
    Does he put some of that vinegar on it too? :p
  7. Darkpride
    you still give him food after his fail?=D
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  8. adagio
    Just like to say congrats to the guys for doing a great job. Hope you have a d3 free sleep :)

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  9. Acina
    What a crazy night!

    I want to personally thank everyone that popped by to show your support, laugh at us, get abused by angry Germans and most of all donate to charity.

    While we were very tired in the end it was worth it, the event raised $6,386 (smashing our target)! I am sorting out some highlights and will post them up when done :)
  10. Nerien
  11. Acina

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