Designing the Demo: Kim Chase and Leah Rivera

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    By David Campbell August 19th, 2010

    The world premiere of the Guild Wars 2 hands-on demo at gamescom is here! Over a hundred developers and artists have been working hard to create this first playable foray into the world of Tyria, a place that is as beautiful as it is deadly.

    You may have already seen GW2 demo gameplay videos that take place in one of the two playable settings: The Brand, a massive swath of territory corrupted by an Elder Dragon, and Divinity’s Reach, the soaring capital of the noble, beleaguered human race. Earlier in the week I grabbed two key creators behind these areas —Content Designers Kim Chase and Leah Rivera—for a quick chat before gamescom began.

    Leah Rivera

    I was one of the designers responsible for events and spawns in The Brand, the mid-level charr section that players will experience at gamescom. I can’t wait to see people get in there and play my events! I hope they find all the GW1 lore I snuck in there. In the Brand area alone we have all these great callbacks to the original game, like the Serenity Temple, the Great Wall, and some interesting NPC dialogue… I had a lot of fun geeking out over that stuff, because I love the lore of Guild Wars and our story is built on the shoulders of the first game.

    Kim Chase

    We’ve put together a ton of experiences into the game that may or may not be combat related – Divinity’s Reach is a great example. The thing I kept in mind while creating this content was that players should never feel like they’re making the wrong choice. There’s no wrong way to play Guild Wars 2. We don’t want people to feel like, “Oh, I want to go fight the centaurs, but do I have to talk to somebody first? And when I finish, do I need to find a soldier or a farmer to get credit for killing these centaurs?” Our game isn’t like that.

    When you go on vacation you might have an itinerary, but as long as you’re doing something that’s fun, you’re not doing anything wrong. Straying from your itinerary isn’t bad. We’ve created all these fun goals and each player will have these great personal storylines, but you can take that or leave it and play the way you want to.

    Leah Rivera

    I’m particularly excited because I’ll be out on the floor at gamescom helping people play and showing them the ropes. I love meeting fellow gamers and getting their feedback so we can make the game even more awesome.

    Kim Chase

    We’ve talked about this world that we’ve made online, and the MMO Manifesto Video really resonated with people, but the thing I’m really looking forward to the most about Cologne is watching people actually experience that world and get an idea of what gameplay can really be. We’re giving you all these toys to play with in the game, and I just can’t wait to see people start playing with them.

    Thanks, Kim and Leah!

    Hey, if you can’t make it to Cologne, Germany, don’t worry! The North American premiere of the Guild Wars 2 live demo is going to hit PAX in Seattle on September 3rd. Keep watching this blog for more details!

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