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    By David Campbell August 22nd, 2010

    Gamescom 2010 is over! The doors have closed on Europe’s largest game expo and the first playable demo of Guild Wars 2. We had a fantastic time showing our game to fans in Cologne this year, and we were excited about all the positive reactions to the demo.

    It’s been a busy week. We presented 17 on-stage demos in English and German, held dozens of press interviews, conducted 11 Q&A sessions with Guild Wars 2 developers, won the gamescom Best Online Game award, gave away over 8,000 T-shirts, and (most importantly) met countless players both in-person on the show floor and online in the demo.

    While most of us weren’t physically present at gamescom, we got to take part in the excitement by staying up late all week to play alongside show attendees in the hands-on demo. We had an absolute blast, as you can see in our farewell screenshot below.


    We came away from gamescom with tons of great memories and stories, and we thought we’d share some of them with you.

    Community Manager Martin Kerstein

    Since day one, we were absolutely slammed at the NCsoft booth – people were literally running to the demo stations in the mornings when they opened the doors! We had massive lines full of very patient and friendly people waiting to play on our demo stations, and the air was vibrating with the positive energy of our fans. They loved our demo, and were more than willing to engage us in conversations about their experience and ask us questions. Neither sore feet nor lost voices stopped us – for the entire week we were carried on a wave of love and positive energy from our fans. It was an incredible experience.

    Environment Artist Vicki Ebberts

    My favorite moment was watching two demo players take turns throwing buckets of water on each other. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Hilarious.

    Writer Scott McGough

    A group of us teamed up with an adventurous level three demo player named Kanoagain for a truly epic run. It all started when he/she first approached us by asking in chat, “Where are the bandits?” We took it to the next level and formed a posse of ArenaNet staffers that escorted Kanoagain through the Ettin Pass into a high level area. Upon exiting the pass, we took on the cave troll, a really nasty level 11 boss. Kanoagain was a real team player every step of the way, rezzing us whenever he/she could and sticking with the fight until the bitter end. Things were looking grim until the cavalry showed up – another group of ArenaNet employees joined forces with us and we gained the upper hand. We conquered the cave troll just before Kanoagain’s session timer ran out. I hope he/she had a great time, because we sure did!

    Game Designer Daniel Achterman

    I really enjoyed watching Crylos, a demo player who played a charr warrior in The Brand and just mercilessly tore his way through several events while trying every weapon in his arsenal. It seemed that every other monster he fought Crylos had a different combination in his hands. It was just fun to see someone so intent on exploring everything the game had to offer.

    Designer Curtis Johnson

    A demo player named Dutch Sunshine made a run from the newbie area at level two with a group of higher level ArenaNet staff and survived all the way into the level 15 area. In the end, Dutch Sunshine took on this huge swamp behemoth with us in a massive battle full of carnage and pyrotechnics. Awesome stuff.

    Content Programmer Braeden Shosa

    I particularly remember a demo player named Belkin who was in The Brand with us. Belkin rezzed [ArenaNet staffers] Jon Peters and Stanlo Slasinksi back-to-back for like ten minutes after they repeatedly died in front of him/her. After Belkin saved their butts a number of time, he/she then disappeared to employ his bravery in the epic battle against The Shatterer. His mama charr would have been proud!

    We’ll let Toby M. Farren from Glimpse Dog get the final word. Toby played in The Brand, the mid-level charr area where demo players take on The Shatterer, a very big, very hostile dragon:


    Thanks to everybody at gamescom who made this year so special for us. Be sure to check out our Flickr page for more pictures from the expo.

    Next up, the Guild Wars 2 demo is headed back to the States, where we’re making our North American demo debut at PAX in Seattle, Sept 3-5. We’ll see you there!

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