Daniel Dociu’s Incredible Concept Art Slideshow

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    By Regina Buenaobra August 6th, 2010

    Wanna see something really cool? How about a slideshow packed with amazing Guild Wars 2 concept art accompanied by ambient sound effects and composer Jeremy Soule’s haunting score?

    ArenaNet Creative Director Daniel Dociu recently returned from a trip to Shanghai, where he presented a multimedia lecture at the China Games Developers Conference. Daniel’s multi-media presentation examined how concept art, when properly integrated into game design can impact and influence the success of a game.

    As you might imagine, Daniel’s presentation was loaded with jaw-dropping Guild Wars 2 concept art, designs, and sketches. It was so cool that we had to share it with you; below you’ll find the background art presentation that was playing during his GDC presentation.

    Kick back, pop your headphones on, and enjoy this look into the visual development of the next great MMO. For the full experience, make sure you view the video in HD!

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