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    Hey Folks,

    Just a thread I picked out on tera.inven.co.kr, its a google translate, but I was able to get the gist so I assume you will also. Some interesting information here.

    A typical example is the attack speed increase options euron other options
    Increased critical strike chance of attacking options at the rear, medium-sized monster has options such as increased attack damage.
    There are a variety of items teraen option, but a single option grant to focus on a single item is not doeneungeon.
    Usually at most 3 items of the two options are applied to an individual in accordance with the criteria for triggering the differential effect is applied.
    Described above, unlike the regular items in dungeons battlefield attainable point for items to buy battlefield
    The options granted to the nature of the item the regular items and a little different.
    PVP battleground specific item, as items can not be obtained from instanced dungeons for special options exist
    One of them is often called dapeulyira damage reduction is the effect when hit by other players.
    In addition, more than a certain number of essentially the same property is not granted, unlike the regular items
    Items such as the effect of the property is in effect nothing more than one item, special features of the battlefield can be said.
    To the nature of this item battlefield battlefield wearing the item in terms of PVP players
    Length of course, did not wear the item has been shown to a higher efficiency than users.
    However, recently found among the items on the efficiency of this battle is taking place with the debate.
    Length of the unique items to other players shot at hyogwain damage reduction options to the user dobaehan
    Common items geuksoryangman damage to the attack does not fit into or out of a phenomenon occurs because.
    Limited level of current items available for purchase battlefield, this new update to the 58 level 60 level through the emergence of a weapon than limit
    Despite being one step below the top rating of grade items in the temple of the Lord Protector family of weapon damage, not even wearing a seat
    That even without entering the gist of it was controversial.

    ▲ If such damage does not fit at all there is
    What is the reason the damage does not fit?

    In this regard, excessive inventory of items found pupipupinimeun battlefield has written an article about efficiency.
    ▶ inventory user pupipupinimui not tell anyone the truth of the battle system - bangeogupyeon-Go
    Effective length of the item and its contents is applied to the current abnormal breakdown of this balance is to bring.
    This reporter pupipupinimui article is based on the facts that were in the experiment.
    ※ syaraseobeo beulsokilreonim experiments, gansseunim, I Prefer terrorists, Zelot nimkkeseo helped.
    ▼ attacker: +12 luxury: 4th grade polished bow of the hero / concentrated fire pulchajing

    ▼ attacker: +9 Bow of rebirth / concentrated fire pulchajing
    The experimental results that are actually applied to reduce the damage has been identified
    In particular, the peaks for 50 percent of new green health keuriseutalin 'hypocrite' s commitment 'and
    'Last will' is applied along the crystal is shot from the point that damage could see sharply.
    When such an excessive shot damage reduction options to attack other players, so that grant additional attack
    Battlefield weapons and crystals obtained from a non-instanced dungeons or more as a weapon will inflict fatal damage was the difficulty.
    ▲ battle armor, with the two crystals are applied simultaneously has been a sharp drop from the moment the damage
    Why this happened is a regular item in the same options as opposed to three or more attached
    Effective length of the item, the same item (to other players when hit by damage reduction) and a maximum of seven have been granted
    In addition, due to various crystal and dramatic has been the additional damage reduction.
    The most significant issue, the item that is the common battle armor called a hero's armor series was polished.
    ▲ battle armor called a shiny armor, three kinds of heroes
    Polished armor of the hero, the main effect damage when hit by other players have been granted and 6% reduction
    Apart from this, to strengthen the option for other players to hit 7% damage reduction from a river to the river a total of 9 5 is attached.
    9 reinforced armor, even if only for its own defense, let alone the damage reduction of 41% will be applied.

    Attainable points along length gloves and shoes, each to each of the 10% damage reduction when combined
    The minimum gain of 63% damage reduction, and the Queen of argon appeared along with the updates
    New green crystals 'of hypocrites will' equip four items, the total damage reduction of 79% is applied.
    There are potions dopingin 'spirit of the reagents' effect applied to the received at least as high as 97% damage reduction appears
    If you are down up to 104 percent passed pihaeryangin 100% damage reduction is obtained.

    ▲ to the other players the option to reduce damage when hit by armor / boots / gloves

    ▲ die spirit of the reagents, the effect does not disappear in the 50 Gold is available in Luxury Hall
    I have a problem the root cause of many of the same options that are granted to this item than
    Option to apply the method of multiplication, not by the differential effect of being a simple addition operation can only handle.
    Terra's existing percent (%) have the option of the item applies to how effective was the multiplication operation.
    In other words, 10% damage reduction effects of the ten items, even with 100% damage reduction, but rather
    Depending on the specific formula of at least 40% was designed to wear damage.
    However, since one is a Terra percent (%) option, this multiplication operation system is not a simple addition computation
    10% damage reduction effects of 10 items, 100% damage reduction if they have no brush has become appears.

    ▲ current damage reduction options are processed, simple addition
    Is 75% damage reduction options, even if only 25% of the initial damage does not damage

    ▲ the existing operations of Terra damage reduction options gopyeonsan way way more damage is at least 40% had entered

    The problem of the effect these items apply silk Terra was not a problem unique.
    The past, Terra also known as MMORPG game, WOW percent (%) have the effect was a time when there was an item.
    But WOW, the increased level cap and items listed in the top rating of the existing percentage of items that have effects on
    Efficiency so that users continue to use like there occurred a higher level than the level cap you wear the item of the user
    The manner in which the effect of the item deducted for selecting new items to preserve the value selected.
    In the case of terra quick action on that item up to 104% that this is not done
    An abnormal situation occurs, damage reduction was staged.
    Damage reduction options such as high-efficiency top-rated items no longer means you do not have to meet.
    Higher than the maximum damage, the damage percentage (%) to reduce the number of items over 100% of the options that will be applied
    Even with the armor of armor that zero does not mean that any attack is going through.
    This higher value for the item to eliminate the phenomenon while being upset system abnormal items are optional.

    ▲ now have more than 100% effective reduction of visible damage at least the top item loses its value
    Over the last developer side, developers of such a letter and the fact that the content is said.
    Argon and lead the queen of the PVP items in Part.II also announced willingness for reform.
    Is not too late, but it is also true that the saenggakyideu. Abnormal length of these items
    Shot damage reduction to shake the foundation of the Teradata system, because the item.
    12 River also damage a weapon does not come right idiotic things happening Terra PVP.
    When immediate action is required of developers.

    Read Full thread here : Source
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    This is for KTERA is it not? I thought KTERA was a different beast from what we have.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Nope, the Korean version is near exactly the same as what we have now (it was adjusted in line with Western needs/concerns etc), they do have the BG's still (these have been in since Kr release btw).
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    I know i am being extremely lazy here but i am very interested in this article but i need a short version of it understandable in English :p I tried to read this, just makes no sense to me.

    Does anyone have a short summery of this?
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Enchant specific items = Broken mechanic that gives you 104% damage reduction = gg
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    Marching forth on the road paved by NCsoft I see. :)
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    Tbh this calls for a new tshirt in the boon shop.

    I had 104% damage reduction.

    But Doodle still ganked me.
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    I'll have
    "But I still fed like Evelyn solo mid"
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    Off topic but I faced a ap tristana in mid earlier this week.
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    Don't make me Moderate this shet Adagio!
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    How does a Irish millionaire get to moderate a Tera forum? :p
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    Irish Milionaire.. with their economy thats what 2 shillings and a half eaten curly wurly...

    Is you still @ McDonalds ;) Omni??
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    Heh I've had this for more than a year maybe.

    Saul yeah mate still here, cant complain... free chips ;p

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