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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Nariko, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Nariko Community Member

    Lets get some wvw builds up - This way we have an over view whos playing what and also gives people a chance to test and try out some different builds. Try to include as much detail as possible in it such as runes and gear stats if possible.
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    Nariko Community Member

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    Nariko Community Member

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    Djai - Ine Veteran BOON

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    Nariko Community Member

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    Jame Community Member

    Lets try this again...

    Got Seraxx's blessing to post this. This is not exactly what Seraxx runs, but very close to it. I'm loving this build currently. Allows me to survive and do insane damage.

    Edit. changed the site where I made it, since gw2codex is outdated (wrong traits).
    Edit. updated build. couple changes.
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    Nariko Community Member

    Shatter pvp build Sword/pistal

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    Ave Community Member

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    Jame Community Member

    So, been playing with the thought about a more supporty mesmer. I kinda wanted to go with the torch, but since it sucks, I took the focus on this.

    I'd love your opinions on the build:

    About the runes, I'm thinking either Dwayna or Water. Anyone know how much the "small amount" of healing on the water runes is? Does the Dwayna runes do more healing on allies?

    Edit. Was testing this last night and the water runes actually does quite nice healing! Over 1K each ally. Now, with since it has a 10 sec inner cooldown, you can pretty much use it always with your self heal. I changed feedback to the signet of inspiration, since in a fight situation it would be more beneficial, but you need to be very aware what buffs you got and locate yourself correctly. I tried it with cleric armor, but going to go for the karma gear probably for toughness + vitality. The bad news is, I'll need Balthazar temple open for it... I used most of my badges already for different weapons, so can't get the invaders set yet (and would prefer to save them for ascended gear anyway). Also didn't change my accessories yet, and not sure what to get...
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    Axle Community Member

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    Nariko Community Member

    uh nice another GS/Staff build - I am a Staff/GS addict - will gives this build a try- Enjoy testing builds.

    Currently looking for a x/focus build - if anyone is running with x/focus feel free to share your feedback/builds (I would like to start having more pullers in wvw)
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    Elralith Community Member

    Something I scrippled to Heresy forums a while back, thought I could repost it here.

    First one, the one I've played most with:

    Some sort of tanky glamour phantasms mix up thingy...
    Pair with gear build around Toughness and Vitality and I can follow the crazy people into the enemy blob and most of the time come back out of it.
    Did quick add up, and with Knight armor and jewels would throw around 2000 toughness, but don't know how much that hurts damage with drop of power, but other hand your crit rate goes up... suppose it's called experimenting for a reason

    On to the build itself:

    Domination (10)
    Minor traits on the sideline here, not too concerned about interrupts. Empowered Illusion for phantasm damage. That is actually only reason I went for ten points in power, if you think you have enough damage and prefer something else, those points could as well be allocated to somewhere else.

    Dueling (10)
    Critical Infusion is actually awesome trait, if you have crit rate to keep vigor proccing
    Blade Training, Blurred Frenzy and Riposte are such a livesafers, -20% cooldown on them seems like a right thing to do.
    This can be swapped out for Far-Reaching Manipulations if need arises (Boulders in CoF anyone? ). Or to Desperate Decoy or Phantasmal Fury if swords are not your thing

    Chaos (20)
    From here, the minor traits are what makes things work. Metaphysical Rejuvenation and Illusionary Membrance means -30% less incoming damage whenever you hit 75% health or whenever you running with a class that can grant regeneration. Only thing to remember here is, You're not a guardian, you're still wearing cloth, once that protection runs out, you better get out of there.
    Major traits I don't really know what to have, first tier I switch between Master of Manipulation or Illusionary Defence depending on situation at hand, or slap in Descend into Madness to lead lemmings off the cliff.
    Chaotic Dampening for Chaos Storm cooldown. What can I say.. <3 Chaos storm

    Inspiration (25)
    Minor traits here are aimed to boost your phantasms, so I took them all.
    +15% more damage to them, they give 4 seconds regeration every 6 seconds, and they have retaliation incase someone wants to go hit them.
    But major traits are bit of a mixed bag here depending what you up to.
    Glamour Mastery and Temporal Enchanter meant to boost your glamour fields. Ones I have are usually Null Field and Feedback, but also benefit Portal. But if you need to pick one of the two, take Mastery, -20% cooldowns certainly beats +20% duration on this one.
    Alternatively you could have Mender's Purity for self cleanse or Medic's Feedback so you look like less of a pincushion when you rush to rally someone under fire.
    Another option here is Persistant Images, paired with Signet of Illusions you phantasms will have bigger health pool than you do, and your clones will be a bit more convincing when they can take a hit or two before exploding into pink butterflies again.

    Illusions (5)
    Illusionist Celerity, cooldown reduction to all summoning skills, that is all

    Slot skill choices:
    I really like Blink, free getaway and stun breaker in one skill. I almost always have that in.
    As mentioned above, glamour fields for WvW, Null Field + Feedback
    But on instances or smaller groups, I usually replace null field with Phantasmal Disenchanter. ( Well, used to anyway, latest game build has a bug that 900 range is actually 90... ) One of these can keep your group dispelled most of the time, and you can always slap 2 out if you feel like you need it.
    Another one I like, Phantasmal Defender. Transfers 50% of damage from anyone who happened to stick close to it when it attacked to itself. I'm not too sure if that is really intented to be an groupwide effect, but it seems to be just that... But you better have the health boosters for it or it wont stay around for long. That being the Signet of Illusions

    And how do you run this then?
    For starters, it's not the most amazing solo build. You preferrably want friends with you to either stop them from running away or to burst them down. Your damage is decent enough, and you can take a beating. But if your opponents figure out to deny your phantasms, you could be in trouble. I can most of the time take down one or two opponents as long as they are stubborn enough to stick around. But trying to catch someone who just doesn't want to fight you wont go too well. Also had few cases where I fought a healer guardian for extended period of time untill a friendly group of either side came by and ran over the opponent.

    For bigger blobs bashing each other, you can either hang back with staff, support with warlock damage and glamour fields.
    Or alternatively, pick someone out, charge in few your suicidal friends and down few, Feedback to protect yourself when you finish. Then run back out. Null field to clear cripples etc. Blink if you have to.

    Then something bit more offensive looking

    Basic Shatterbuild methinks

    Domination (20)
    Still don't care about interrups enough to note the trait there.
    And since it's a shatter build, more damage to mindwrack with Mental Torment seemed like good idea.
    Put extra 10 points to tree and took Shattered Concentration for extra dispells. If you prefer greatswords, you could swap that for Greatsword training. Alternatively, you could put those 10 points to another tree altogether.

    Dueling (20)
    Vigor from Critical Infusion is still nice, and bleeds from Sharper Images actually does decent amout of damage
    Major ones, Deceptive Evasion for more clones for you to shatter, and since swords are my weapon of choice, Blade Training. That one you could as well change to any first tier major trait, Phantasmal Fury or Far-Reaching Manipulations are good examples

    Illusions (30)
    Illusionist Celerity is even more important here since you need to keep pumping those clones out.
    I was actually supprised how good Illusionary Retribution and Shattered Strength are. Paired with Illusionary Persona, 12 stacks of Confusion comes easy with right skills, and you can pull out 6 stacks of Might on yourself while doing that.
    Other 2 major traits I see personal preference. Illusionary Elasticity pairs up nicely with a staff, and I found liking in both Master of Misdirection and Compounding Power which I seem to alternate quite much.
    Precise Wrack or Illusionary Invigoration would fit here too quite nicely.

    Skill choices:
    I stil refuse to give up blink, it's just too awesome as either getaway tool, gap closer or just generic stun breaker.
    Other two, Decoy and Mirror Images. More clones out there the better.

    Gearwise I think Berserker's is bit glass cannon for this, and since I prefer melee, it's not my first choice. Berserker jewelry good enough for that, mixed with Invaders armor and weapons.

    For WvW I have bit mixed experiences with this. First, the good thing, shatters are AoE's and they hurt. On the flipside your clones are made of paper, and mostly so are you.
    In smaller groups 5-10 people, it's much easier to stay alive and to keep your clones alive untill you shatter them yourself.

    Hope someone finds that usefull :p
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    Puffer Community Member

    My Mesmer set-up is mostly a ranged DD build as i like in all my classes, strictly for wvw as i feel to enjoy it the best.

    My weapons are GS and Sword/Focus. Some momments as 3rd option, i use Stuff.

    My traits are:
    20 Dom Clones cripple when died - GS skills 20% less cooldown
    25 Duel Phantasm has fury - On dodge a clone spawns
    0 Chaos
    25 Insp Phantasms 20% more health - Remove a condition on heal
    0 Illusions

    My gear is:
    Armour Power - Toughness - Vitality. (Centaur rune)
    Accesories 2 Valkyrie, 2 Emerald, 1 Berserker.
    Weapons: GS power - precision - cond dmg, Sword power - tough - vit, Focus prec - tugh - cond. And Stuff: Prec - touch - cond.

    My skills are:
    Decoy - Feedback - Blink and the elite Mass Invisibility.

    Power 3200
    Crit 38%, Crit dmg 39%
    Tough 1400
    Vit 20500
    Cond 200

    This build after some other builds i try suits me cause its offerinf me great dmg in fights, hi survival and mobility, as also plenty of escape routs or also agressive depending on use.

    I try set-op with pistol, 2 swords and scepter, which exist on my inventory but it does not fit my playstyle. On random occasions i use Null field, arcane thievery, Portal, Phantasmal defender, mirror images and Veil.

    The set-up with 2 swords is very promising. Elralith teach me a lot about it, but in the end i like one sword plus focus as my second options of weaponry.

    I think its enought, for any questions i am here :)
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    Nariko Community Member

    Do to the recent changes to the Gs I was roaming some forums for new build. I came across one. Vice and I have been testing and tweaking it for over an week. Absoulty loving the outcome of it!!

    GS/Staff -- Sweet Dmg - Staff lots of Defense and because of the dodge Clones the build is viable to shatter aswell! Max range on Blink, shorter cd and lots more. Its just fun.

    I play at max range, when I have 3 clones, Cry of Frustration - after that if I shatter I use Mind wreck.
    2 sometimes even 3 vs 1 are no problem with the build currently.
    I was running full Beserker gear - now running this build with 4 Power/tough/Vit gear - the dmg is still there.
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    Axle Community Member

    I must admit Deceptive Evasion is a must have trait, in my recent build i removed it and i felt completely naked and had to slot Mirror Images in place sacrificing a vital slot.

    I roll with 4 Berserker and two knight armor pieces and 3 Berserker and 2 Knight jewelry in yellow rares i have over 21K health i would like to claim it higher but we transferee's are imune from WvW bonus buffs currently hehe
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    Axle Community Member

    Not to mention Anet is on to the berserker damage bug and also looking into allegations the phantasm delay is excessively higher than the 0.5 they state so they are going to test it and expect some tweaks to one or both on the 14th Dec

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