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    Hey guys,

    This is a quick guide to understand the basics of the crafting / enchanting system in Tera. You can gather and do every craft.

    There are 5 crafting professions:

    - Melee weapons crafting, require minerals.
    - Magic/range weapons crafting; require crystals.

    - Cloth armor crafting, require fibers.
    - Leather armor crafting, require leathers.
    - Plate armor crafting, require minerals.

    It will be quite costly to work on all of them at the begining as some recipes are expensive. I suggest you choose and focus on one specific crafting first. As you can see there is no alchemy/potions crafting; so keep them for pvp later on !

    You can craft in the main capital city; in this area.


    Crafting mats:
    As for crafting, you can gather everything it will just be a little time consuming. Some other rare mats can be found while doing PvE i believe, but these mentionned below are the main ones.

    [IMG] minerals; used for both plate armor & melee weapons crafting.
    [IMG] fibers; used in cloth armors crafting.
    [IMG] crystals, used in magic/distance weapons crafting.

    You can also gather some sort of butterflies and red bowls but i'm not sure what they are for..TBC

    [IMG] leather; dropping from mobs, used in leathercrafting.
    [IMG] Enchanting stones, dropping from mobs, used in ALL crafts.

    Basic crafting mechanics:
    Just go to the relevant workshop in the crafter area and buy the first basic recipe from the NPC to start. In each crafting area one NPC sell the recipe; another sell the basic mats. Your craft skill will quicly raise just by processing raw materials. i.e making ingots with minerals.

    You can fail a craft, to increase your chances, your crafting level should be higher than the item you try to craft. For every craftable item, a superior version exist from green then blue to even gold. Every version as to be crafted independently before being used for the next version.

    warning: failing to craft a superior version of an item can destroy it. But its not as bad as in Aion :)
    You will also needs inferior & superior version of enchanting stones like this [IMG] It is very important you keep them as they only drop from mobs. Superior version of this stone drop from elites and bosses; you'll need them for advanced items.

    Disenchanting mechanics;
    If you don't need an item; you can disenchant it to get crafting mats. You can obtain 5 different type of mats while disenchanting an item.
    You just need to loot/buy from NPC the right disenchanting scroll who looks like this [IMG] and use it on the item you want to disenchant by using the crafting menu 2nd tab. There are several versions of this scroll; you'll need a scroll level equal or superior to the item in order to succed.
    I think the cheaper scrolls at the vendor are for items level 1 to 10 and so on. TBC

    Enchanting mechanics;
    To enchant an item, the first thing you have to check is if this item is enchantable or not. Basically, if the three lines underneath the main stats are grey; you can enchant it. Shanto made a nice post with detailed pics here

    You will need to destroy a similar type of item in order to enchant another item. Both items need to be the same level.

    - You can enchant a weapon with any type of other weapon of the same level. i.e using axe to enchant sword works.

    - You can enchant armor with any type of armor from the same equipment slot of the same level. i.e using leather boots to enchants plate boots works.

    To do so, simply push the T key, put the item you want to enchant first and then the one you want to destroy for it. You'll need a basic/cheap enchanting powder you can buy from comon vendor too.

    You can fail regular and not lose anything appart from the mats or fail critical and reduce the stats of your item.

    Pandora Box:
    You are a lucky fuck ? Then the pandora box is made for you. There are 3 types of pandora boxes lootable from mobs. These boxes allow you to either multiply or enhance the mats you put into or just to lose them. I've heard failing rate is about 80%.

    [IMG] Gold type:
    Raising the amount of mats you put into; if you succed, it can multiply by 2;3;4 or 5 the initial amount of mats , if fail you lose all.

    [IMG] Blue type:
    Raising the level of the mats you put into; if you succed, it can transmute the basic iron into mythril; if fail you lose all.

    [IMG] Red type:
    Transmuting the mats you put into another type of mats from the same level. i.e You put 5 leather, if succed you get 5 cystals: if fail you lose all.

    Enjoy ! If you have any question dont hesitate

    commercial add: if you need a blue level 30 range/magic weapon; contact me with your superior enchanting stones.

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