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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Aspira, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I have looked through the souls and have put down a few ideas as to possible soul setups for the Cleric for different situations. Bearing in mind that I have only tried a couple of these builds, the other ones are pure speculation as to whether they will work, so any feedback/suggestions are welcomed.

    I have also made the decision that the PvP sould will only really be needed in battlegrounds as when we roll in PvP, I don't see it being of use unless you spec really high into it, and I haven't looked at a high PvP sould build yet.

    Open PvP
    Healing Build - Its all about the AoE heals. I have been using this a lot even for PvE stuff and it is a pretty nice build if you are focusing on pure healing and don't give a crap about not doing any damage.

    This build allows you to get the maximum amount of AoE heals to passive heal increasing abilities ratio. The passive gains for this build are.....

    Wisdom+5%, Healing Crit Chance+2%, Mana Reduction All Spells 10%, Mana Pool Increase 10%, All Bonus Healing +20%, All AoE heals +5%, All AoE Heal Ranges +3meters, Instant Cast Heals +15%, HoTs +10% and ALL HEALS +5%.

    Not sure if these all stack, but if they do, for example....

    Healing Showers, an Instant Cast AoE HoT. In theory it would have its base healing increased by 35% and if any of the ticks of the HoT crit, they heal for 20% more. I don't know about you, but this sounds overpowered.

    As for healing abilities, there are tons in this build, both direct and HoT and more unique like Orbs Of The Stream. You also get raidwide endurance buffs, underwater breathing buffs, ressurection ability, but sadly no combat ressurect.

    DPS Build - I'm not sure if the BOON raids will have space for a DPS Cleric or not, only time will tell, but this build is less about being a DPSer, and more about trying to replicate the Warhammer Engineer or Aion Templar.

    Open world raid warfare will get zergy, as it always does, and AoE is going to be king. From what I can see of the "DPS Cleric", there is not much in the way of high DPS AoE, but I will run through the available abilities....

    Cabalist - Shadow's Touch(AoE 3 target), Bound Fate(AoE 3 target), Tyranny(AoE 7 target instant cast), Engulfing Shadows(AoE unlimited target pulsed from Cleric)

    Inquisitor - Soul Drain(AoE 3 target), Circle Of Oblivion(AoE 7 target)

    Noteable abilities - Excommunicate(Knockback, Inquisitor), Trepidation(AoE Fear, unlimited targets, Inquisitor), Maelstrom(AoE pull 3 targets, can be specced to hit 5 targets and snare them all by 30% run speed)

    Not sure how effective this will be as a DPSer as alot of the spells are 2sec cast or channeled, and I imagine the open world stuff will play fast, but using this build purely as a puller and fearer for AoE CC in zerg battles might be doable.

    Battleground Healing - Firstly, this link isn't saving properly so it only shows as using 64points, the final two points should be in "Rolling With The Punches" in the Templar tree.

    So this build.......

    Start with Templar. Chose to not go max 21 points in as the 21point ability isn't that great in all honesty. It's good, but its not as good as other gains with the points spent elsewhere. It's also key to note that all of the abilities that proc of healing in this tree that are higher than row three, only proc of Direct Single target. No HoTs, no AoE, so they are useless.

    The points I have spent in this tree allow for reduced chance to be critted, increased resistance, reducing target allies damage taken from enemies, increasing allies damage dealt to enemies and ability to shield proc anyone who is CCed. Like I said, the 21 point ability is a little shit, but the others are very nice as can be seen, especially the 15 point AoE heal.

    Sentinel tree is specced for increased heal effectiveness. Also it is specced to turn the Healing Breath heal into an AoE. The tree is also taken far enough to get Quietus (a silence) and Healer's Covenant (40% damage reduction on target for 10seconds). This spec also gives 5% less damage for 6seconds on all allies hit with an AoE heal.

    Warden tree is specced to get all the usual good stuff like Orbs Of The Stream, Ripple, Overflow, Tidal Resonance, Cascade (for any long fights) but also in this spec, I have taken Dissolution for some mobility CC immunity. You also get a knockback from like 8 points in or something which is nice to get a high DPS melee off you for a few vital seconds.

    Solo Leveling Build (DPS with Heals) - I tried this out in beta (obviously not spec'd as high as this) and it seemed really good for solo leveling as a cleric.

    The points in Druid basically buff your attack power and crit. It gives other benifits but this was my main reason to put points here.

    The choice to use sentinel instead of Justicar is due to justicar being terrible to be honest. Going sentinel gives you some GOOD self heals whilst also increasing your healing output, crit damage and spellpower. Increasing the spellpower is a good one to note as the Druid points butt attack power based on spellpower, so the points in sentinel here, help boost your melee damage further.

    The points in Shaman itself are just put them in as and when you get them. Its relatively straight forward as to what abilities are good for leveling and which are aimed more at group play, so just pick the solo DPs ones as and when you have the points to spend.

    I tried this build upto level 29 and it was very nice for solo leveling. However, with all the chain gear in this game being itemised for Wis/Int/End, I don't know how viable Shaman is. I am not sure if its attacks take damage from Str/Dex or not. If not then this will be a good build, if they do, then I don't see any use for a melee cleric. As of yet I have seen nothing to prove how Shaman damage is calculated.

    Instance Healing (Assuming Chloro/bard Offheal/DPS) - I have not yet tried this spec yet, but I am assuming that if you have a Bard or Chloromancer to throw the odd group heal around when needed, this build would be perfect for a tank healer.

    The warden tree is specced far enough in to give you a boost to instant cast heals and HoTs. You are far enough in to have the AoE HoT, you have Ripple (turns the next non AoE water based heal into an AoE) and you still have Orbs Of The Stream. Orbs Of The Stream, imho, a must have in PvE due to it cancelling out the initial burst damage of a boss.

    The Sentinel tree is purely used to get rid of the last few points by enhancing your build slightly. This spec uses it to give +5% to all heals and -6% on mana cost of heals.

    The points spent in the Purifier tree are done so that it capitalises on the Purifiers shields as much as possible. The way I see it is that the Purifier will play a lot like a Disc Priest from WoW, so you want to prevent damage by using the shields as much as possible. As well as trying to maximise on shielding, there is also quite a nice ability "Latent Blaze" which is basically a wipe stopper as if you put it on the tank, when the tank drops below 30% HP, then get a huge heal. 2min wait between application on the tank, but still a very nice ability.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Have a few more ideas to post up for battlegrounds and such, some I have tried, some I am speculating, but its far to late to do it tonight. Any feedback from other clerics or anyone in general who has some ideas is welcomed.
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    Mizou Community Member

    chloromancer and also bards do aoe heals while a cleric in my opinion needs to be able to heal the spike damage aka instant 1k+ heals

    didnt read all just my 2cents atm im too tired ^^
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    For PvE I have a more spike heal orientated build I will through up, but for open wolrd PvP healing (the one that sup there) AoE HoTs and heals are the way to go imho. Remember that warden heals stack upto 4 wardens per raid now making them quite powerful.

    In open world PvP I think a nice mix of AoE Heal Cleric+bard+chloro is going to make you invincible.
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    Kammie Community Member


    i think cabalist has more aoe than you stated, not sure, but i think it has the sigils and marks that explode on targets.

    Anyway, as healing cleric, what are people doing for leveling, as pure healer is annoying to bash mobs with, so do we pure heal grind instances or go a mix such as inquistor/purifier/warden (i tried this a little, seems quite fast and safe solo'ing)? or maybe just spec cabalist/inquis for leveling and switch back to heals for pvp/groups?

    any thoughts on the levelling side?
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    Fokkie Veteran BOON

    I leveled to 35 nice and quick as Shaman, paired with Druid and Sentinel. You can take on basically anything since you have just enough selfheals and very good aoe attacks(Cleave). You also have 0 downtime, as you have an active ability that regens mana on melee hits when used. I also tried Druid as main in beta 6 and the satyr pet is really good, but it cant take much beating, so shaman will still be better imo, for leveling that is.
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    Akhalur Community Member

    Combining melee and caster souls for cleric is giving good results also , offheal gives you top contribution . I didnt do any single quest till i hit to 20 just rifted and got 20 less than a day if you dont count afk times its even faster. I combined Justicar with Inquisitor , just passed Bolt abilities and got Vex and other channel/instant abilities . When you use your stat convert buffs , your Spellpower and Meleepower goes up together this helps you use "range" and "instant spells" very efficiently.

    PvP:For battlegrounds im just dotting everyone with "Vex" and getting self heals/damage with that spell and focusing a target on melee .

    With this build :

    I managed to survive in every 1 on 1 fights, managed to get top contribution on every rift. Also some skills i got definately ruining people in pvp :

    Purge , Impede , Perseverance , Bliss Doc and awesome mana battery ( actually beter than others imo ) Aggresive Renewal .

    WARDEN :

    For Warden builds : As same as Runepriest hot build in war , you can manage top heal you can see yourself on top of charts just for epeen , but hot spells are just "easily mitigateable" by bursting out , or " purging" if enemy has a soul like that. HoTs will be better in late level brackets when you have "enough" healpower to buff heal coefficients .


    Same as Magus , Engineer aoe pull in WAR. Maelstorn > Underflow > Surge combo can be game breaking for aoe Bomb fights , Which never happened yet but will happen on 30+ levels for sure. So we may definately need a Cabalist/Justicar Tank build to pull people in one spot , slow/root and dump aoe spells on them on time will wipe alot of enemey for sure.


    After Reperation , Justicar build just goes for tanking you cant do anything but spending points on tank talents if youre going for dps/offheal. Combining a Pure healer soul with pure tanking Justicar could be a good pvp healer . Also Docturines are counting as healing spells they are getting buffed by other healing talents.


    Lethargy and Impede is just too good to catch running people which is very important for kiters. Aggresive renewal is very good battery since it slows/drains mana / does damage / and offheals with justicar buffs. Sanction heretic is bursting out at initial apply and keeps dotting . Harsh Discipline is another slower,damage, offheal and channel healing ability .
    Finally , what i tested with beta6 is melee,caster combinations for cleric. Every melee cleric soul has a way to buff spellpower stats to meleepower stats. You can still use your spells efficiently as you go melee as dots or hots, instant cast spells or as ranged when you chase people or situatons where charging melee is very dangerous. Also me and Anaron tested , (took our 1 day :D )

    Justicar: Cavalier , Shaman : Courages , Druid : Pets converting your Spellpower to melee power also gets bonus from
    Cabalist : Stroke of genius , Sentinel : Watchful Gaze and Wisdom/Intelligence buffs which gives you extra spell stats.

    Thank you for reading my post :D i will edit more if i remeber something more , we just tested too many combinations this weekend cant remember all of them atm.

    Imo: Hots , whatever aoe or singletarget are just made for highend gear when you can survive and mitigate high amount of damage and for mobility / los when people get more coordinated at later levels. Its just pug groups bashing eachother on scenarios atm. Will be fixed at 50 when we have good premades etc.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Shaman/Druid/Warden or Shaman/Druid/Sentinel make for a nice solo leveling build.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Updated the OP to contain some additional Specs.

    Nice wall of text for anyone who can be bothered to read and comment.
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    Kneels Community Member

    This is a spec I used in PvP at 35 and seemed to work very well, 100k+ healed several battlegrounds. At 50 it would probably end up something like this.
    The Ripple works a little different than you described, it makes your cast hit 5 people for 6 seconds, not just 1 spell. So it gives very powerful AoE possibilities. You can stack 3 x Soothing Stream + 1 x Healing Spray in that time. Not sure if this is the most optimal combo but I used it like that most of the time.
    Also HoT tick won't crit individually, the crit or no crit is determined on cast, so if 1 tick crits, all remaining ticks will also crit. Can play around a bit with that if you know that 3 stack crit heals way more than 4 stack hit for Soothing Streams.

    For PvE I would probabaly pick something along the lines of this spec. Possibly swapping something for +3 meters range on aoe heals. I like Deluge, it's a very strong heal, was getting 1.5k crits at level 35. (adding the Rising Waters talent) I had no problems at all keeping people up in dungeons, given people don't do stupid things and let me HoT up before certain bosses. And it will only get better once people start learning the range on AoE heals. Bit of a waste to use Healing Showers and only heal yourself :(
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Ah, it was as I described in Beta5 I am sure. Hmm, this makes Ripple even more overpowered, I like it.

    Not too bad. Atleast its all crits or no crits. I was noticing my weapon proc was working off crit HoT's so assumed it was as I described above. This way of all crits or no crits makes alot more sense.

    Orbs Of The Tide is pretty awesome, can't believe I overlooked it. Definitely need to rework a couple of my builds to include this. As you said, Warden is good for PvE "If people let you pre HoT".

    My only issue with healing as warden in dungeons so far, was that although the healing is really high once all your heals are stacked, when they are not stacked, it is really weak. Some of the encounters I tried in beta, the bosses were able to out DPS the HoTs at certain points in the fight and direct healing was required (I had some sentinel heals), and if for some reason someone took lots of damage, adds for example, and you move from tank healing to top them up, your soothing stream might drop off (noob mistake, but can happen), or the boss throws out a large spike and your Deluge is on cooldown.... all these things are situational, and with correct control over your character, shouldn't happen, but if they do, it just makes Warden a bit dodgy for PvE in my mind.

    Maybe its because I played Holy Paladin for so many years, but I am just a little wary of so much HoTs when doing PvE which is why I am leaning more towards either a Sentinel/Warden with some Purifer in it, or the one I linked which is Purifer/Warden with a little Sentinel.

    I love Warden for PvP, but for PvE I might use it as a secondary soul. Still not decided yet, but I love the builds you put up, and loving Orbs Of The Tide.
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    Mizou Community Member

    since im more into raiding it self and dont care much about single group stuff i want to add, that in eq2 we had 3 types of healer classes

    shielding (protection in gw)

    so u had the guys who reduced incoming damage with pure shields, the reactives reduced the damage as well but also healed for the same amount of damage while the hots filled up the damage that still got in, all the classes had still direct heals but some where more powerfull then others.

    now why do i write this, i want u to think about the endgame raids (i know pve wtf but still) that out of 4 or 5 healers or maybe 6 one wants to be warden, 1 or 2 purifier and what ever else is out there

    well i dont realy know anything about endgame in rift or even the raids yet, i might be totaly wrong but since the dev team is from eq2 as well u might consider this a bit. think about it but not too much :) since it might be completly different.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Oh its no doubt that we everyone will use different builds. The class system here is so unrestricted that I doubt we will all end up the same, and people play differently so you will have people using HoT's people with direct and people with shields, then you got bards and chloros ontop of that and then it gets so confusing my brain hurts.

    I'm not posting my builds as a "you guys should use them" post, it's more of a "what do you think" or "can you see any noob mistakes" or "anything you would change" type of posts.

    I think the fact that we have a good few clerics all of which are really skilled players and all of which play very differently, we are going to get some really creative builds coming through as the game progresses towards endgame.
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    Mizou Community Member

    i did the post to bring in some feedback (yes ok out of rift but still) and thoughts to get a discussion going on rather then throwing arround builds (since i dont know any good ones, i decided to be rogue ;)
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    Kneels Community Member

    Yeah I agree raid builds will be different from 5 man dungeon builds. Some will be assigned to tank healing, others won't. We'll spec accordingly no doubt.
    I must say I did have some problems when other people were taking spike damage and I didn't see it coming. Cause it's hard to burstheal as Warden, you only really have the Healing Breath, once you used that one you'll need to start building HoT's.
    In PvE there never really was a time where I felt like I wasn't able to heal enough to keep the tank or group alive. Ofcourse this requires a descent group, and a tank that knows a little bit how my heals work, don't pull bosses with 0 hots up etc.. as it takes like 6 seconds to get all rolling. And as I mentioned before, it also depends alot on your group, they must realize when it's safe to hug up and when they need to spread out. With a 7 meter range (upto 10 with Sentinel talent) your group really needs to be aware during huge aoe damage spikes and all will be fine.

    And Aspira for Deluge on cooldown, this will never happen with full talents in reduced CD, you can cast Deluge and when the cast finishes you do 1 insta usually Healing Breath (wich is way overpowered for a basic tree heal but don't tell Trion) when it's off CD and Deluge is ready again, after the next Deluge you refresh a HoT, etc, etc, .. I've played Resto Druid for a long time and I find Warden incredibly overpowered [IMG] I fear for big nerf but let's hope not.
    Also my 'dream' setup for 5 mans would be me as Warden and Chloromancer as offhealer for really intense healing fights, like last boss in King's Breach for the first couple times. Maybe we missed some mechanic tho, but the whole group was taking insane amounts of damage, I had to start off with 4 stacks of hots on the whole group before pulling. Chloromancer can probably keep the tank up by theirselves. While I can keep full hots rolling on the entire party, 4 stacks of Soothing Stream, Healing Spray and the aoe HoT. It requires alot of target switching and spamming but it's doable.
    And for the times you fuck up and the 4 stacks run off you can use Ripple [IMG]

    I see Bard being much more effective if you combine it with one of the other 2 talent tree healers. Unless I'm wrong thinking Bard has alot more aoe healing than Chloro.

    As for the orbs... you can place them on multiple targets, just need a patient group and you can have them on all 5 of your group members before the pull. If it's the case for the AoE heal orbs then yeah.. good game, you put them up and go afk for most fights, orbs heals all!
    Then again I see all of this getting nerf in the near future.

    Sorry for wall of text >_<
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    Kammie Community Member

    you guys rock :)

    aspira i think you've hit the nail on the head with some of those builds <3
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    Mizou Community Member

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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Gona make some changes on the forum so this stuff can be displayed a little easier and so people can show off their builds easier as we all play a little different and although there will be at some point a "cookie-cutter" build, for now we have the chance to brainstorm and have some fun with builds.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

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    Aspira Admin Officer


    After trying the Cabalist's AoE pull..... its shit and not worth it at all.

    It pulls 3 enemies (5 if you spec it) within 30meters of your target, to the location of your target..... not to the caster. So compared to Warhammer and Aion's version of this skill, its terrible.

    Inquisitors 31 point Channeled AoE did very nice damage, the Cabalist itself did okay damage with its AoE attacks, but this AoE pull made me rofl it was sooo bad.

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