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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Mizou, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Mizou Community Member

    Hello all, its been some time now since CiV (Civilization 5) got released with shit loads of bugs and unbalancings. March first they patched it and since then i enjoyed three games so far. Its been a quite nice balance patch in terms of Hammers/Gold and Research (beakers). The AI below Emperor didnt suprise me so far, was easy to hold off and so im stepping up now.
    I got asked by a few guys if i could write a Storyline and so here we go! The game will be random leader, pangaea on the 6th difficulty of 8 in total.



    these will be the settings, i know i will hate them, usually i play with Sea Level on High to get more Rivers :) but this turned out to be way too easy so im going back to standart.

    Random turned out to be Alexander. Quite nice to not play against him, he is always warmongering the whole world, how evil ! I do like his special the Hellenic League. Basically when ever a City-State gives a Quest u can get double the amount of Influence. Also u do lose half of the points to them u normaly do, since i love to have 1-2 maritim + 1 military and all available cultural city states this is amazing :)
    The units Alexander gets are quite strong and im less dependend on Iron for the start.


    and here is one of the worst start locs ive ever seen so far, well why ? NO RIVER :)
    on the second sight its not as bad as i thought, i hope i can build a watermill because of the lake, i doubed it tough. 2x Silk is nice for selling (200-300gold every 30turns from the AI) and marble to increase Wonderbuild speeed. all right gonna settle here and investigate the land a bit further.

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    Mizou Community Member

    my basic build order is scout -> worker ... no matter what. if the scout is not build within 5 rounds i stagnate city growth and force it to be 5 in cost of growth. for this u at least get a better chance against the AI to get a few goody huts. The AI on emperor starts with like 2-3 warriors a worker and 1 city, also the first 4 researchs are given them free which makes early wonders kinda shit. i prefer to settle my land anyways...
    since i have cows close i should get animal husbandry quick, but with the amount of forrests arround and marble close my priority goes for mining tough.

    it looks like im with no rivers arround but alot coastals, its not bad but i dont like to work sea tiles. the first ruins turned out to be 30 culture, i got em west of my main city. 30 culture that early is kinda good and bad at the same time. i prefer to get a free citizen or a early tech :)


    oh i choose tradition, it gives now 3 culture to the Capital and all city boardes expand faster. this way u can claim alot of land with only 5-8 cities which is my basic plan. i dont warmonger alot unless other civs ask for it :)

    the second ruins gave me a map, im impressed. at least with that i know where the next ruin is and also a barb camp to not get too close with my scout :)

    i meet Askia of Songhai on Turn 10, he turned out in my earlier games as a real friendly civ, u can build close to him but as long as u keep signing research agreements and or trade your resources with him for a bit less then maximum + 1-2 defense units per city at the border. Mining also finished on turn 10 and since the land so far has no rivers im going now for a National College -> Writing plz !
    OH Askia came from the South


    Also i found Sidon first for 30 Gold on the SouthWest (Purple city state on future screens). Sidon is a Militaristic City State type, i would prefer a cultural tough. At least they got Incense (5 Happyness)

    arround turn 11-13 i found a river to the south of my capital and also one far away in the northeast, not sure if i should change from NC first tough. a few more turns will tell, the worker still needs 10 turns to finish :/

    Meet Washington on turn 14 on the east side, i dont like him at all in CiV since he seems to break piece to claim land once he found out u are not going for a strong military... gonna have to see what to do with the northeast now, the area towards the river is shit but might have to settle it so i block him kinda.


    As u can see there is the start of a river next to some Cotton, more Silk to sell as well. i might actually change my strat to what im used to, settle 3 cities and crab land -> NC after.

    Actually im gonna make a save here, i continue with the NC first on this one. At some point or when this game is finished i go back and try to claim land, on Turn 50 / 100 and 150 i will see what differences are there and if the NC is realy so strong some Civfanatics claim it to be.
    (note for myself, the save is alexander_0014 BC-3440)

    Turn 16 - Pottery finished and i can addopt a new policy -> Aristocracy it will be to speed up the NC (20% bonus production for Wonders)

    turn 18 - i was first to find Cape Town for a extra 30 Gold, they got cotton and are maritime type but i might actually lose my scout.

    turn 19 - my scout got killed ^^ and i found the first mountain in range, close to the south river.... next turn it turns out to be a bad mountain, not next to a river tile. still close enouph to get the wonder Machu Pichu to be build but 420 Hammers to get 1 Culture, a shitty Great Merchant Point and +20% gold from Trade Routes isnt worth it unless its realy build fast (8-15 rounds max)

    turn 22 - border of askia found realy close to the south river. i start to dislike this :)


    Turn 23 - worker finished, capitol is now 4 and i switched to production. writing still takes 3 rounds so i build another scout to get more insight of the map. my warrior has to come back, some barb camp will spawn soon close to me
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    Mizou Community Member

    turn 25 - the game actually tells me im not feeding my people well enouph... no wonder i let them work in the mines ! actually thats a lie. my workers first job was to build a Farm :)


    Meet Consul Napoleon of France, what a dick but see yourself ! im about to press declare war for this trash talk of him but since my warrior cant protect my worker and he was friendly i give him a chance actually. Its btw turn 26 and i finished also writing, i wish to have a gem luxury like silver or gold to sell to the AI and buy the damn libary so i can start to settle the important area to the south and north... but oh well cant.

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    Mizou Community Member

    Actually Napoleon is the first on Turn 27 to ask for Open Borders, since i dont know yet where he is im gonna ask money from him. He gave me the full credit of 50 Gold for 30 Turns of Open Borders.
    Also Washington comes now on the same turn, since i allready know where he is and i want my libary bought maybe im asking for 50g as well. he signed as well. but im still missing 90g for a libary, i only know askia which would be another 50 but thats not enouph.
    Actually when looking at Askia it said he demands land i owe... i prolly wont get the full credit for open borders anyways. I tried it and he wants my border open + 2g per round from me, man this guy doesnt like me i guess.

    So no option to buy libary, gonna build it and buy me into the maritime city state of CAPE TOWN for 250g and work more hammers. actually my farm turns out to be shit now, aaaaaahhhhrghhhhh

    chopping down the forrest on the 2 silks and going for the marble next when research is finished (turn 29)

    turn 35 - got 1 forrest down and going for the marble now. there is another city state border in the north and it looks like there is a big big lake on the east of my capital.

    turn 36 - Budapest for aditional 15g (militaristic), meh give me some cultural!!! on the other hand the libary finsihed and NC is going to be build, wait 15 turns ? need to speed it up somehow...

    turn 37 - thank god, i found FLORENCE for 15g just northeast of Budapest, finaly a cultured CS

    Washington wants to declare Frienship with me, since he is close im not doing this yet, i dont know enouph of the world stage to befriend him and end up against all prolly.


    Turn 38 i get another SP and a barb shows up from the north, oh noes it starts...
    I choose Liberty for 1 aditional Culture in each city, reason to go this way is to get with the next one a free settler basically and then also a free worker at some point. very helpfull since the Hammers can be used for either military units or a more usefull building.

    in turn 39 another barb shows up from the south and i have to move my warrior back ontop of my worker, i bet i soon lose either the farm or the worker ^^ nah wont be so bad

    turn 44, finaly the marble is connected, 6 more rounds to go for the NC. i start to wonder if researching calendery -> writing would have been better since i could buy the libary from selling the Silk. the NC will be finished arround turn 50 which is like 10 rounds later then i liked it, i always screw up on this :) claiming land is way more fun anyways.

    turn 45, animal husbandry just finished and im going now for philosophy to have access to temples and research agreements

    turn 48, with chopping down the forrest on the silk my NC finished 2 turns earlier. also Askia came with the same text as Washington. u start to wonder whats in the AIs mind. first they want your land, now they want piece and good relations... i declined anways, its way too early to do this kind of stuff
    before i go for my first settler i decided to go for a monument, i kinda failed to get the Collective Rule SP (gives 1 free settler and boosts settler production in the capitol by 50%) in time, 19 Turns to go till i get another one, we will see. the monument is 5 rounds and a regular settler without the SP is 12 turns, hey this actually could work but i lose the 50% bonus on my first one.

    turn 49, Askia asks for open border finaly, i sold it to him for 50gold

    on turn 51 Philosophy finished and now lets see who wants to research with me some stuff :) my next research goal is Ironworking to see where the Iron is. Bronze Working takes 3 and Iron another 8 so it will be available before my settlers finish, good good.
    Washington bought my Silk for 300g and also had enouph money to sign my first Research Agreement (RA) followed by Napoleon so 2 instant techs, lets hope they slingshot somewhere ^^

    on turn 56 Lord Gandhi of India found me somehow, sweet another AI to get money from and RAs signed :)


    just a round later he allready asks for Open Borders, since i dont know where the heck he is i want money ofc :) 50g thaaank u, too.

    in turn 57 the OB with Washington and Napoleon ends, i still dont have any idea where Napoleon is but i want to get past Washingtons lands... lets see if he lets me through :) OB for OB worked and it looks like the whole world still likes each other, i wonder for how many more turns this is going to be.

    somehow, without units arround me, Napoleon asks again for OB and gives me 50g for free.

    i found south of "America" the CS of Helsinki, a maritime one and 15g for free. sweet:)

    ok it starts, turn 61 where Iron Working just finished... Florence wants Budapest down. If u remember, those where the CS to the north east of my capital, i might consider doing this actually cause Florence is cultural and more of a use then a second militaristic. but not now, i need to settle the land fast else i lose on ground

    turn 63 my settler finished, just in this moment i also can pick another SP -> free settler, ok this might sound strange and turn out realy realy bad now with 2 settlers walking arround and only 1 warrior half destroyed from barb archers^^ i do it anyways and then rage quit the shit if it fails :p

    turn 66 the first settler arrieved without any barb in sight, Sparta is found!

    turn 67 i found a horse !!! from Consul Genghis Kahn of Mongolia, at least far far away for now i dont realy like him since he is warmongering as Alex does but has better Generals and Units


    Turn 68, i moved my second settler in place to found the city next turn and then... a barb camp just 1 tile away shows up but see for your self, i knew it was bad to have only 1 warrior, the early NC is shit

    if the barb camp does not take my settler, the code is realy realy shit....

    Turn 69 (i like this number) Khan asks for OB and since i dont know his area yet i ask for money... also askia asks now for a RA, sure i need to keep up with the AI in terms of research since they get huge bonus from difficulty

    LOOOOL the Barb didnt take my settler, instead it spawned an Archer and i found Corinth in 1240BC

    Turn 73, i found Brussels for 15g just south to CapeTown and west of mongolia

    on turn 75 my GoldenAge finaly hit, im building just shit but at least the lack of river tiles on the start and with this the lack of gold is going better for the next 10 rounds

    Gandhi is asking for a friendship, i still dont sign.

    in turn 77 i found Argos my 4th city and this is how it looks atm

    Askia wasnt happy next turn and asked me to not settle anymore close to him, i wish i would have bought the incense allready. since i dont want to fight with him at least yet i said it will be fine, i wont found more cities close to him, i want to expand north anyways. And silly CapeTown asks me to build a freaking road to them, no ty i wont build a 30 tile long road so early

    now also Helsinki seeks to go to war, they want me to take out CapeTown in turn 81... jes these CityStates are mad nowadays... :)

    in Turn 83 the RAs come in, i got Compass and Theology, i was hopeing for Civil Service and rush the Chichen Itza, i guess i have to give up on one of the best WorldWonders ingame.

    turn 86, i found Vienna north of Sidon, wish i would have gone there earlier but i still get 15g for discovering them, they are hostile tough so no real use atm since hostile CS makes u lose twice the amount of influence per round. i also settled Knossos to my north as my 5th and for now last city. i first have to get new luxury resources worked on or more colloseums build cause im at -4 global happyness right now

    Consul Bismark of Germany saw me somewhere in turn 87 and just 1 turn later napoleon asks to go to war against him, funny guy. hes always like that... Khan wants to be friend with me... still a no to that as well as war.

    turn 91, vienna not only has iron and pearls, but also the Old Faithful! they are hostile and not realy any use, i might consider takeing them out to get the happniness sources

    in turn 92 i lost my second scout, what a pitty tbh i usually never lose them :)

    turn 99 and i get currency for free as a RA ended, i also saw that Askia build the Stonehenge... 8 Culture hmmm delicious!

    Lord Harun al-Rashid of Arabia has been seen somewhere, i do not trust this guy but read yourself


    i wonder if he is gay or wants to murder me!

    just as i thougth i wont have a chance to get the Chichen Itza build in this game, somebody far away built it in round 106 :(

    in like turn 109 i got a new SP, i cant decide right now. Legalism (4 free culture buildings in the first 4 cities) to open up Landed Elite (15% growth and 2 food in each city) or Citizenship (free worker and all worker build 25% faster) or open up patronage allready to go down and get free sience from allied city states... i think i go for growth first to boost my economy. right now i strugle to pay RAs cause of the lack of river tiles. also piety to get more happiness is an option... tough decisions now, i think i go for economy tough so -> legalism -> landed elite

    in turn 114 my RA with Napoleon run out and i got Steel for free while still researching Education

    turn 119 and the RA with Washington runs out -> free Engineering meh, only shit... in the same time i finished Education and im going to start on the Porcelain Tower (WorldWonder)

    turn 130, RA with Kahn finished nd i got physics, jes if u dont block some researches like the PRO kids on civfanantics do the money would prolly be better spent on city states then all the researches...
    the lack of rivers and with this gold tiles makes my empire almost broke, i have to start and build trade posts now
    i start to research gunpowder now manually since all the RAs let me down pretty much and i cant be sure to be first to build the Porcelain Tower (1 Free Great Scientist)

    turn 140, washington is more and more unfriendly with me, guess i have to build soon an army to take out the bad feeling that im undefended, the Porcelan Tower is almost done, 3 more turns go go go. i choped down the forests arround the little lake and build farms there now, honestly this country i owe is pretty much the worst i ever had so far, by now my capital with river would be at least size 12+, production without the watermill is slow as fuck... i wonder how i can still win this game without domination, at least i need to take out washington, napoleon and khan. im sure as soon as i start to get a few puppet citys its going to be good again but for now the start is realy realy bad.


    i will continue here later
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    this was nice! Is this game hard to pick up? i love these types of games. I have not played a single one of them though (the civ ones)
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    Mizou Community Member

    well civ 1-4 is realy complex because they are out for a long time, they have spies which can destroy improvements, buildings or just steal a technology of the player for examble. ciV is kinda easy to get in, there are a few things u might want to know like specialization of a city or what to improve first where but overall ciV is the easiest to get in right now since its only 6 month old and had no expansion yet.
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    Shantotto Guest

    The only civ that matters :d

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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    omg how do u manage to play on that view i always need the down on the ground view and i look around for stuff lol :p

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