Cheap 120GB SSD

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Tal, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Tal The Architect

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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    You recommend putting OS or games on an ssd?
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    Tal The Architect

    Well, if you haven't got an SSD then stick the OS on it.

    I just assumed a lot of people have an SSD already, as this is so cheap it's good for an expansion :) I've got a 60GB one for my main OS and copy the current game I'm playing on it. With this I can put on most of the games I play and leave the 60GB for OS and other progs.
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    Dextix Community Member

    The reason why they're cheap is probably because the IOPS of the ssd is low (12,000 IOPS) compared to the newer SDD's on the market (85000 IOPS), correct? Then my question is; will you be able to feel a difference wether the IOPS are high or low, when it comes to how fast your computer boots? The same goes for games, will it go faster, slower or just as fast? I'm considering to buy a couple of those if the performance is the same. Hope you understand my question, Tal.
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    Tal The Architect

    It's the previous gen SSD.

    If you are running games from it, you will still see a significant boost in performance compared to a spindle drive.

    It's a drive that's cheap and cheerful. If you are looking for maximum performance spend more ;)
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Cheers Tal, picked one up for my OS and a couple games (GW2 being most important)

    Considering I'm currently on HDD anythings a large improvement.

    Now to find a copy of Win7 (pm's plox)
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    Mantle Veteran BOON

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    Karasu Community Member

    Yeah.. it's actually a slow SSD compared to the current gen. You would be better off buying a newer one for slightly higher price afaik.

    SSD really speeds up loading times
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I bought this yesterday:

    I paid £100 for it, but it is listed for £129 today. Not sure if it was a daily deal or just eBuyers prices changing (they fluctuate quite a bit) but even at £129, that is a pretty decent SSD for your money. I mean, its almost 2GB per pound at that price and the read/write speeds are impressive.

    This will be my first SSD purchase (I was waiting for them to become cheaper before buying) so I am quite keen to see the improvements that everyone says are so noticeable.
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    Dextix Community Member

    That's not too bad. Looked over some danish prices and their more expensive. Damn you because you can afford it :)

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