CCNA + MCITP How can I haz?

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Astarael, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    Basically it looks like I might be out of a job sometime within the next 2 years based on how the NHS is planning to change it's out of hours work.

    I'm going to struggle looking for a job, so I need to get some of this certifications under my belt, but I have very little idea how to go about it.

    From google, and from something @Yuni told me about a while ago, there are ways to do all the studying in your own time, and all the material can be found free if you know where to look. The only bit you have to pay for is the actual exams at centres located wherever.

    Has anyone got any experience in these fields, anything would be great. If anyone knows of some good sources for the learning material, even better.
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    Tal The Architect

    You can get pretty good books from Amazon which go through them quite well.

    You'd need to buy some stuff for the CCNA most likely. So the best bet there would be eBay for some cheap routers/switches. One of the problems I have with the CCNA is that all the people I know who have it are morons.

    How much experience have you got? It might be different to someone with a background in Linux, but my experience has got me good jobs (I only have an RHCE).

    Also, just put your CV on monster. Make sure all the right keywords are on there too, as the CV just gets indexed and recruiters search certain words for their requirements.
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    Tal The Architect

    Oh I thought you said in the next 2 weeks. Which makes most of that post redundant :p
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    Tent Community Member

    While you can do all of the studying on your own, during certain exams you will have some hands on experience/skill tests.
    You can emulate hands on with their shitty packet tracer, or the more advanced but unofficial GNS3.
    It's not quite like the real thing though but if you have ever been in a wiring closet and touched a switch you can probably pass with just practicing emulation.

    Or as Tal said, pickup a physical set on ebay, though this will end up being pricey and will limit you with what you can do based on the hardware.
    It is almost required if you want/need to know how to maintain these things though.
    Flashing new IOS, password recovery, inserting modules etc.

    For CCNA that is, CCNP is not quite the same. New CCNP3 has killer hands on (TSHOOT).

    Microsoft is a whole lot easier I believe, no need for skilltests afaik.
    Study the materials of an official Microsoft press book and apply for the test.
    Pass the right tests and you have your certification.

    For both Microsoft and Cisco I recommend CBT Nuggets.
    Jeremy Cioara is my (Cisco) hero ;D
    Nuggets are great when you don't feel like reading walls of text (Cisco is very good at those) but still want to do something useful.

    As for learning material, I should have some lying around and I might know where to find some more.
    Don't think it's wise to post that stuff here though :)
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    Screenager Community Member

    aye what Tent said cbt nuggets are just amazing to pick stuff up.. From the MS side of thigns they are very much just enough in my experience (haven't started the cisco stuff yet)

    but it is easy to get by the mcts/mcitp jsut time consuming and sneaky (full of trip you up questions)
    I usually just
    1) get the best of the press/sybex book (amazon reviews are usually prety straight about msitakes and press books have been getting worse and worse recently imo)
    2)read, follow up with revision questions and cbt nuggets
    3)buy boson/transcender/measureup prep test for 30 days hammer it along with cramming and then sit it (again depends on which exam but i plaed in order of preference for me)

    Ive managed to in the last 2 years do an mcsa a win 7 mcits and an excahnge mcts purely via press books and cbt nuggets (and obv giving stuff a go with a bunch of virtual machines on the home network)

    I am however taking a break until july then Ill be hitting the cisco books and probably going down the telephony route

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