Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by Firoz, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    Does anyone have experience solving Bluescreens?
    I have problems with an 0x00000f4 bluescreen lately.

    I don't know how to solve this.
    I have added my minidump.

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    Saul Community Member

    Do you have an SSD??
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    No,i use a HDD.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    I have an STD
    And I'm outta the thread.
    You've been a wonderful audience.

    Now back to the problem at hand.
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    adagio Moderator

    Any recent updates, like graphics driver or hardware updates?
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    Tigros Veteran BOON

    Updating nVidia graphics drivers, keep your fingers crossed :). Usually it's either faulty drivers or even faulty hardware (check memory chips, connections or hard drives, whatever else can break). Re-installing might help if it's a software issue.
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    Fallanx Tactical Veteran

    change pc, works for me
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    Firoz Veteran BOON

    No, i didn't update any driver recently. i might just reinstall windows i guess... :(
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    Goodey Veteran BOON

    f4 is vcore... :)

    its too low... or VTT
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    RaK Veteran BOON

    ntoskrnl.exe errors are usualy a irq problem regarding your graphic card slot.

    Try removing your graphic card from the pci slot and insert it back.

    Usualy solves this issue.

    Just noticed how old the thread is xD, hope u got it fixed already

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