Brigate General Aion Server Telemachus ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by foloroddic, Jun 13, 2012.

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    foloroddic Community Member

    good day, you can please get in touch with the person who is currently the brigade general in the game Aion telemachus the server. is really important is there to gain for everyone. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    This person is actually me and no one should be in the guild for Aion, the guild stopped playing Aion back in October 2010 anyone running around with BOON tags in Aion these days are not the actual BOONs.
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    foloroddic Community Member

    thanks for fast response to my post. I play in Aion since the boon dominated control between the Elyos I would just like to know if there is a chance to take your legion of aion to bring it back to the top of the standings and not throw the work done by you all. I currently and my other friends have created a legion named Utopia that farming has more than 70 million of the abyss in 3 months .... for you to understand our serious commitment and constant in the game. .... of course we can talk in pvt to detail are open to every solution. :D
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    foloroddic Community Member

    I do not pray god but I could start by veteran boon: D: D if you could please update me soon so as not to give in other legion abyss poin ...
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    I am afraid we are not interested in reopening up a BOON Control in Aion again. The game had its time and the BOONs of old are long gone from Aion after the server died for sieging when the server transfers were introduced and the beaten Asmos left and ez mode Elyos arrived.

    Several guilds have approached us in the past, the AP farmed is small now guilds can farm AP much easier and have twice the members we used to have with the increased size of legions these days i am sure plenty other legions with more AP could be approached.
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    foloroddic Community Member

    the legion boon control has been abandoned for your choices .... leggittime and now even in the standings no longer stands for a long time and seen the return of many players do not even know who the boon control. I thought we could get a deal on the purchase of the Legion of me so that it can reactivate and start from where "you" you have left. do not care if it's okay and I thank you all cmq especially for what you have done for the Elyos: D
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    No doubt Chops will reply, but I feel fairly confident that my response is a good primer for what his will be.

    Boon are a guild which, as you have proved, are well known, respected and feared in most modern mmos. that's come from a lot of time, effort and money invested by the leadership, and also every member who helped create the Legacy you know.

    I was not there for the rise of Boon, but I still feel, as do all members past and present, a huge pride from wearing the Boon tag, and I know that selling the right to wear those tags to people who have not earned the right is a non starter.

    Sorry, but I highly doubt KC would let you take his guilds reputation, his hard work and his dedication, and use it to further your own in game reputation. I would suggest you work your arse off, just as he did, to create your own name for yourself.

    Best of luck.
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    foloroddic Community Member

    I can guarantee that aion game to be more time than you and I keep my ass and not until 2010 cmq I thank you all for your attention and answers to all a good game
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Since WoW when the guild moves from a MMO we close the guild down so we always control the guilds reputation at all times as Fizzee said we spent alot of time working on our guild reputation and members have to sacrifice alot of their "freedom of speech" protecting its reputation so yeah I afraid we won't be passing the guild on to anyone. Sorry.
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