Bounty Hunter - Mercenary Spec's Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Katiechops, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Katiechops Guild Master

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    Xom Veteran BOON

    I was thinking along the lines of this build for a pvp(ish) healer.

    Questions that remain standing are:

    - Is BH healing based on tech? For upgraded arsenal?
    - What's alacrity worth at the moment?
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    Felby Community Member

    yeah its tech
    alacrity lowers channel time and cast time of abilities - dunno the worth of stats yet
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    Aclarity is Haste, unsure what the returns are on the ratings though, or if diminishing returns apply (which isn't really worth worrying about at this point anyway)
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    mid lvl and end game gear has more then only 2 stats on it. You will often see tech, endurance and alacrity for example on gear at around mid lvl content. That alacrity can also be other stats like defense, surge, critical etc etc.
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    Felby Community Member

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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    My Current spec:

    nice refreshing change from playing Arsenal and getting pissed off at bending over (to fire tracer missile) more times than a prostitute on a weekend.

    overall it takes some getting used to, but i'm enjoying it even in my crappy gear, its a highly mobile spec with great kiting potential and you can get some controlled burst if you know how to play it well.

    the spec i linked is one i use but its actually a pretty shoddy one, the 2 points that give alacrity are actually useless so i would probably go for the 2% endurance one instead, energy rebounder is a great talent i naively overlooked as well, because 90% of the time im getting hit on because people see me and think "herp derp theres a bounty hunter lets fuck his shit up before he get a cast off"

    not gonna bother explaining about which other talents can be chopped and changed, but if you get bored of Assault i'd say its a nice change, not so much a braindead button mashing spec, its more one where you have to think carefully about how to manage your heat levels and how to line up the skills in sequence to achieve some nice burst.

    and my favourite part is the fact it uses alot of dots, great for those vanishing bastards
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    Hrm no easy +2% crit/talent point from Hired Muscle? Think that beats the no pushback on your casting time spells, since you dont want to be there in the melee anyways.

    I actually liked Pyrotech better than Arsenal. But then again, I like healer even more!
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    yeah hired muscle over stabalizers is one of the choices you could chop and change around, at the time of making the spec i was debating that amongst others but i didn't. not too bothered about respeccing yet as i want to leave it so the cost drops down (yes im tight lol)
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    On pyro if you swap infared sensors for degauss you have my exact spec on that side of things. Being powertech i go into diff trees after ;P

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