BOONs Star Wars - The Old Republic recruitment is OPEN!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Katiechops, Oct 2, 2011.


Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Katiechops, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Allstar
    Good job I'll be a female Twi'lek, I hear its pretty good money :giggle:
  2. Tvar
    How do you win in this game?
  3. Saul
    Same way as you win in Aion.. Kick the oppositions ass soo much they dont bother to turn up anymore. :)
  4. Tvar
    Yeah, I'm not gonna bite.
  5. Fizzee
    That's what she said :D

    Been a while since I've had a chance to say that!
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  6. Screenager
    nice to see you lot are finally recruiting, seems that you have the russian zergs on your side with the sith ... and they've all picked us as opponents its a conspiracy i tell you!!!
  7. Ketz
    KDS are after you as well from what i see, you guys will be very busy ;)
  8. Screenager
    lol,target here plz :D
  9. Ikigami
    W8, w8. Kets ur not going to join SWTOR? Should i hit u in ur "posti particolari" until u change ur mind? :D
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  10. Fizzee
    ?! Ketz is playing with Boon. Screenager is playing with Afterlife.
  11. Foebane
    Hey guys,hope some of you still remember me from Aion. :) Y,i still live (playing Rift currently).
    Iam looking forward to SWTOR,gonna play it for sure and looking for some HC guild!
  12. Alaisy
  13. Aspira
  14. Relinquished
    what do you mean "2061027"???
  15. Katiechops
    OMFG, thats is a major blast form the past, great to see you dude, get applying or we coming round to your house
  16. Foebane
    Ill apply... :)
    0100101101101101010101010001010101010100111001011000110... nice to see you too :p
  17. Tvar
    FOOOOOOEEEEBAEEEEEEEEEEEEJJNNNNNNNNN, best cleric that evered exizteds (sorry Furie). :juggle:
    Sweet to see you around again mate, awesome to have you with us.
  18. Foebane
    Hey Tvar
    And ill be healer again!!!But too bad i lvled in beta the light side jedi sage to lvl 40 to know the locations and stuff and nau we playin dark side. :p
  19. Tvar
    Well otherwise you'd have ruined half the game tbh. ;)
  20. Selenus
    Ohh I remember you being the opposite cleric sometimes Foe, when me/rodwen/succi/shalina/saeco were running, or with hsulf sometimes. Nice to see a healer I remember :D

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