sPvP BOONs Rules for Structured PvP Teams and Skirmishers

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Katiechops, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Katiechops Guild Master

    The main drive of BOON Control and its officer team for GW2 is World Vs World, however Hsulf will be looking after you Skirmishers. What we expect the team to do:
    • Make an actual Team, give it a Name
    • Make you own team rules
    • Recruit players to your team. You can do this by yourselves or ask Hsulf to help.
    • Remove players from your team as you please. Update Hsulf with any of this info.
    • Organise your own timetable and activity
    The guild will provide you with your Team on thread on forums and own TS Channel and help promote you sucess to da masses! If you need some sort of resources to sponser a tournament etc (dunno if you can) then we will look to help.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Oh and good luck!
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    Djai - Ine Veteran BOON

    Quick question regarding this (to KC or any other officer): I'm not a skirmisher at the moment but is it possible to create a guild to form a sPvP team nonetheless?
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    Karasu Community Member

    If you want to use BOON's name for sPvP however you'd first ask permission.

    We have an sPvP guild ready for random boons to use while sPvPing, called NOOB Control. Everyone who is a member has full rights and can invite anyone. Feel free to ask around for one.
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Let me answer that as

    You are NOT allowed to be apart of 2 guilds if you are in BOON Control. However, if you feel you and your team need to improve before wearing the BOON tag you can be apart of NOOB Control.

    If you want to form a team, grab 4 people and tell me their names and I'll create a section on forum/ts for you.
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    Djai - Ine Veteran BOON

    All right that answers my questions thanks guys :) I'll update you Hsulf regarding the team (my question was related to your last answer "If you want to form a team, grab 4 people and tell me their names and I'll create a section on forum/ts for you.")
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    Bluff Community Member

    i will be glad to join any sPVP team that lacks members, my main is thief but can play other classes if the team needs.
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    Warprophet Community Member

    Ok, I am reaching the stage where i have a fully geared WvW character, and want to spread my wings into sPvP obviously am behind the curve but will level a character to dedicate to sPvP, which class is the FOTM, which class meaning would be a good addition to existing teams (in the coming weeks/months), im fairly versatile player but when push comes to shove i like tough kiting classes over melee, however the teleport skill and pull skill of greatsword guardian is very promising, will ask for a noob control invite tonight so i can start experimenting but any constructive advice would be great :)
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    Djai - Ine Veteran BOON

    Uber Mesmer lf team :)

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