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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Katiechops, Dec 20, 2010.

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    A lot of people have asked me when they can join BOON for Guild Wars 2, the site has been up for a while and there certainly a lot of interest in joining the guild for Guild Wars 2.

    So I thought I would do a recruitment post to give everyone an idea of where we are with recruitment for Guild Wars 2 and what are our plans.

    Well the first point to make is quite significant, with regards to the "Guild Mechanics" for GW2 we quite simply HAVE NO IDEA what they are going to be, unlimited Guild Slots, or limited to a set number etc are Guild allowed to develop and expand etc?

    This being the case makes it impossible for us to recruit against at the moment, hence we have not opened recruitment.

    BOON Control as existed in several games over the years now and has had well over 1000 members in various games and is well known to tens of thousands of players so when recruitment opens as the game gets closer to release we could end up with quite a demand for guild spots.

    Whats the plan then? Well currently there are actually ~10 "members" in BOON Control - GW2 at the moment, all of whom were in BOON prior to GW2 and all of whom have played GW2 via BOON - Aion.

    There is currently no active private section of the forum for "Members Only" discussion etc are all done in the open sections for everyone to see, The only active private section are the Officer and Website sections at the moment.

    We will be looking to start recruiting when the Beta Testing arrives, a recruitment post will be made and EVERYONE including myself and the 10 current members will have to apply to the Guild as new.

    As per every time we make a new BOON Control for a new game, just being in BOON in the past will not simply be enough to enter the Guild, you will have to show you really want to play the game and going to perform and play as you had to in prior BOON Control games.

    I have been here before several times and been in the very awkward position of having to decline some very good players and friends from BOON in past games simply due to lack of space or their lack of commitment to the current game we are playing and I have no doubt we will have to do the same again for GW2 :( (worst part of the job)

    So yeah, wait for the recruitment post and section opening up when we have clear info on beta testing starting and more info on how Guild will work, for now just keep dropping by and checking up what's happening with GW2 and seeing what games we are all playing to pass the time atm.


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