BOON Wages War In TERA (EU)

Discussion in 'TERA' started by Acina, Apr 25, 2012.

  • by Acina, Apr 25, 2012 at 8:07 PM
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    So its been a long time coming, so much so that the game fell off near enough everyone's radar, that is until the OBT weekend where we dabbled a little but ultimately decided we would join the ranks of the Valkyon Federation
    in their battle against the invading Argon... No really we are!! Nah we'll be hitting up the PvP and making "Friends" in TERA :)

    We will be rolling on Essenia (EN PVP)

    Starting at 11pm (London Time) today (25th April 2012) Pre-selection Character Creation takes place on the EU game servers. You will be able to create and name one character (but not actually play) up until 11pm (London Time on Thursday 26th April.

    Following on from that head start starts on Friday 27th April at 2pm (London Time) and will end on Tuesday 1st May at 11pm (London Time), the Level cap for the head start will be the same as it is on the NA servers at 38.

    The game officially launches on Thursday 3rd May at 11am (London Time)!

    Official head start and pre-select announcement.

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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Acina, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Fozia
    only 1 pvp server really good to have pre made toons then as i experienced in the beta if the server is full u cant make a toon lol
  2. Acina
    There would have been more people in the beta than those that pre-ordered, so don't panic too much about server population :)
  3. Specter
    Login server is up!
  4. Acina
    According to twitter the server should be available to log and create in 10 mins from now.
  5. Specter
    Yep i'v already created my char :) Hurry up guys!

    BTW, i started the ball rolling on the tera recruitment sect ;)
  6. Angelo

    This might help people decide on what Class/Race to play just posting it on here, they've added the up to date armours.
  7. Doodle
    made my toon :p took me 2 min i'm not the greatest fan of character creations and i usually do it very fast. Just got my name and im set
  8. Acina
    Same here :)
  9. Acina
    Cheers dude, knew something else was missing :p
  10. Kephir
    ive bin creating my character for 45 mins now, still dont have it right
  11. Sheebaa
    will be playing, as kc likes tu put it, mickey-mouse chars, or do we try and have balanced chars for team fights ?
  12. Astarael
    is the game up and playable and stuff? I thought it was tomorrow :eek:

    just read original post. fail me, thought i had read this thread already.
  13. Sheebaa
    u can only create ur char and name it asta...until late today...
  14. Killa

    ITs only character creations
  15. Astarael
    i know, i noticed! I read the OP after commenting because I thought I had been through this thread already :p early morning fail from me :(

    will you be around for server up time on friday killa?
  16. Sheebaa
    where will we find eachother, our teamspeak, as usual?
  17. Killa
    Think its gonna be close. Myabe like 1-2 hrs after.

    Btw what does ur tera-europe account type say? Mine says Standard Edition, but nothing about pre-launch or so
  18. Astarael
    account type: collectors edition
    account status: active

    I don't think it says anything about prelaunch, you just have it.

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