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    Gib Community Member

    I think we all look at the MMO's on offer with a fairly critical eye and there is no shortage of comment, criticism and suggestion for improvement across the board.

    So I was wondering...

    If we could create an MMO?

    Now I am sure there is a lot to consider and I have not the first clue about what to do, but I imagine some basic questions would be.

    1. What genre?
    2. What story?
    3. Class and race mechanics and professions?
    4. Crafting Vs. Looting?
    5. PvE content and PvP style?
    6. Who can do what to make it happen?
    7. Where does the money come from to develop and at what stage?

    Probably loads of other things to think about but just a few basic categories there. I am pretty sure we could come up with something good.

    Feel free to comment, suggest and add new questions and lets see for curiosities sake what we pull together.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

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    Saul Community Member


    I was going to do a list, but since ArcheAge pretty much covers everything on it, I will copy my esteemed colleague Aspira..
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    DMO :<
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    Gib Community Member

    To get the ball rolling here are a few thoughts of my own

    1. Sci FI Fantasy Horror

    2. Lore based on the works of H.P Lovecraft

    3. I have never been convinced of the need for an abundance of races, but they do offer some variety in basic styles so perhaps human then broken down into European/American, Asiatic islander, swarthy eastern europeans or something. All of whom play a part in Cthulhu lore. Classes based around Investigator, Scientist, Soldier, Priest, and racial variants of.

    4. I prefer a style of play that focuses on crafting what you use rather than looting it. Gathering materials and seeking out rare reagents and so on can be a fun and useful part of play if the mechanics are kept away from being a grind.

    5. Fairly typical small group and raid PvE with a heavy focus on random open world events too, rare spawns and occurrences. Not sure how PvP would work or how to split the factions but I am sure something could be arranged.

    6. I can storywrite and come up with innovative encounters and ideas for pve.

    7. No idea, maybe KC can bankroll it.

    Not the most comprehensive set of ideas I admit but a starting point which I shall update and more to spark a debate and further ideas.

    What you guys got?
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    1. What genre?
      Western Fantasy, NON GRITTY. Girls should be pretty, guys should have muscles, skirts should be plate armour. No ass-clevage, though. /glare TERA
    2. What story?
      Anything, as long as you start out as a badass with all sorts of contacts and you're already somewhat famous. I'm not buying the whole "level 10 noob saving the world", levels are arbitrary - you don't see any NPCs casually tossing fireballs to light up their fires. You're a badass. Make capitals too cool for normal citizens to get to, but have lots of little scrub poor families living in the general open area stuff.
    3. Class and race mechanics and professions?
      Open class system, choose as you go along (preferably reward you for sticking with something and actually using it) or at least leave it open. Strong cross-class synergies.
    4. Crafting Vs. Looting?
      Both. Crafting should be similar to wowclones (but more customizable), bosses should drop augments, crafting resources and some epic items of similar quality to the ones crafted with the epic drops. Let us have a CHANCE to loot players if they haven't been keeping up with their "glue tax" IE an arbitrary cost similar to repairs that would allow you to pour buckets of glue between you and your plate miniskirt that you love so much, meaning that it will stick to you even in death. Fuck true full loot and grindy crafting.
    5. PvE content and PvP style?
      GROUP PvE CONTENT along the lines of "HAHA FUCK YOU if you try to enter this zone without three-four competent friends". Large scale PERSISTENT TERRITORY fights in PvP. We play MMOs with our friends and to make new ones, not to jog around endlessly for hours gathering resources (well, except Allstar).
    6. Who can do what to make it happen?
      I'm going to sleep with Jake Song until he makes it this way.
    7. Where does the money come from to develop and at what stage?
      My money from becoming a Starcraft 2 Pro-gamer and model.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Nothing... I'm a cynical git and no matter what i'm given I'll bitch and moan about something.
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    adagio Moderator

    Four races dropped on a hostile world by being unknown. Each race unknown to the other and seemingly hostile. Humans, dwarfs, machines and a devilish race start on the world with nothing and simply fight to survive.

    They must either work together or fight this new world. The worlds beasts will only drop materials that can be use for anything. There will be no lvling just simply crafted gear that would enhance your stats. You will have four attacking abilities you can choose from hundreds. Four passive abilities and four defensive. You decide whether you become a tank, healer, buffer or dps with the abilities you choose. Better gear can be attained by killing the worlds monsters for materials.

    You can only have one gathering and one crafting profession. Buildings will have to be built by players and can be built anywhere. Massive resource areas will be controlled by large guilds who will have to build cities on the resource. These guilds will then be able to open auction houses for people to sell and trade for what they need. Guilds will also hire guards at a cost. Cities will fall if money is not earned for upkeep.
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    I stopped reading Adagio's posting after he mentioned dwarves. Essential for any succesful MMO!
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    Kephir Veteran BOON

    • Sci Fi Fantasy in the warhammer 40k universe
    • based on 40k story
    • all races for themselves and all races/classes included
    • new Gear is crafted with Resources found over various continents/planets for better gear a rare components must be added wich comes from eather gathering(realy realy realy rare) or bosses(not limited to rare spawns) depending on wich item you are crafting, if you kill a player you have a chance of getting a random item the player has equiped (without the player loosing this item, players can drop one item per week to discourage "wintrading"), rare bosses, warbosses and any tough npc drops an item he has equiped and these rare mobs have a 1 week respawn.
    • Pve content will be leaders of opposing factions wich are defendable by the opposing faction players there will be no respawns for eather races so whoever wins wins, if your faction boss gets defeated your faction will get a demoralized debuff wich reduces honor and money gain by 25%, you can however resurect your faction leader wich requires your faction to gather a certain item from the opposing races to complete a ritual, the aproximate killcount for this is your current faction population that was active during the death of your faction leader x10. -as a reward for the faction that defeated a faction leader they will get a boost of 25M money and honor gained for the duration the opposing faction leader is dead this buff stacks with ohter faction leader deaths but wont stack over 50%(2 kills).
    • all races are able to ally there guild with another guild of an opposing race wich makes them unable to kill the leaders of the faction they are alligned with but this allows people that are the underdog to team up with another weaker faction to fight back these factions cannot be broken for one week and is guild based.
    • there will be a main focus on sieging (WAR style) but with each faction having one keep in a shared zone wich will be insanely hard to take, when this keep is taken there will be a 2 hour window for people to take over another race keep and after that 2 hour window each fortress of the in that time conquered keeps will become attackable. these fortresses will be vulnerable for 1 hour if a fortress falls the faction leader of that fortress will be available in the main city of the race for another hour and only attackable by the race that managed to claim the fortress, the battle to defeat the leader last as long as it takes for one of the factions to whipe out in this deathmatch. if the attacking team fails the zones will be put back to the shared area and will be unable to get attacked for 2 hours
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    Saul Community Member

    Lol 'M'. Apart from loving nearly all your requirements, I think that is both genius and hilarious at the same time, I would sooo love WoD to do something like that dependent on your progression and position within the Camarila.

    P.s Love your ideas as well Adagio...
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Yep, WOD absolutely needs restricted areas that you literally cannot progress to (even in the open world) unless you're of high enough rank/standing with the camarilla. Could be awesome if you could play unaffiliated and as such sneak in or fuck those locations up instead of getting legit access. It should fit their idea of a "social-based" mmo.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Yea but then the casuals would QQ that you broke their base. :(
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    adagio Moderator

    I had other ideas. One was to make a generic quest mmo based on a ten year old game. Set it in a place far far away with two sides, one dark the other not. Weapons would be based on a light source and be called light swords.

    Skill based trees would be used but would be unbalanced as the game would only really be tested when released. Bugs will be available throughout launch.

    The game will be called war of the stars and will be overpriced at launch. Subs will be expensive and just before subs we will launch a patch that promises to fix all the problems.
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    Rev Veteran BOON

    dark age of camelot with a new engine, all mmo problems solved
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    dark millenium, i know rite
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    Rev Veteran BOON

    tvar, yes, if any company but thq makes it ;)
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    An old friend of mine once showed me Tibia.
    I did not like it. I did not like how it was played, how "lvl up" would progress, how enemy corpses could be looted (you should keep the GEAR you wokred for, couldnt care less about money/mats on the character) how everyone simply spammed to sell ultimate healing packs, the crafting process etc.
    I did not like those things. And the 2d mechanics were simply horrible.

    He told me of one simple thing that was godlike in my eyes.
    He told me of a guild that had set up camp at a specific passage on the world map, and they would not let anyone pass towars the farming area beyond it, unless they payed tribute.
    Said guild also took upon performing kill contracts for everyone with enough to hire them.

    A guild that had it's own purpose in game. Not bound by game mechanics!!!
    For me it was like... wow... why isnt every online game like that???

    On a side note Full Open World map >>>>> Instanced areas.
    You want instance? Go play single player.
    You want to kill an epic boss and get epic loot? FIGHT FOR IT!
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    adagio Moderator

    Problem is most of us have the programming knowledge of a donkey (make your own bioware joke).
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Damn you for putting that disclaimer in!!! Was going to say I'm doing that code year thing and can now make a popup which says a message when I type in the right code.... So I'm already ahead of the bioware team.... But you HAD to ruin it.



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