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    So yeh, meeting the Yogscast was one of the highlights of the week for us. It was a great experience to meet them in person and also one of the strangest most surreal experiences I have had.....

    We had heard that the Yogscast were at gamescom at the start of the week and we made numerous trips to the Sony Ericsson stand each day during lunch breaks to try and meet them and convince them to come and play some GW2 PvP with us up at the ESL booth. In case you don't know, some of the BOON guys were working at gamescom to showcase GW2 PvP and working the GW2 ESL booth was where we spent most of our time at gamescom. So the days came and went and we had still been unable to find Lewis and Simon and convince them that it would be funny if they came and tried out GW2 PvP. On the final day of the convention, we had still not had a chance to meet them and a couple of us decided that during one of our breaks, we would just go and camp the Sony Ericsson booth and not leave until we had spoken with them. So we set out to the Sony Ericsson booth and spent the best part of the next 2 hours sitting waiting on the Yogs to make an appearance... while eating Chinese food though, so all was good.

    Left to right: Mizou, Alaisy, Lewis, Izzy, Acina(sitting), Aspira (the other Lewis), Simon

    Picture evidence if it was ever needed that here at BOON Control, we have the balls!!!

    Finally, after a week of searching, we found them!!! YEY!!! We watched them do some interviews on the Sony Ericsson booth then went over to talk to them about coming to play some PvP with us at the GW2 ESL booth. So yea, walk over and talk to them... like that was possible. The sea of Yognaughts made it impossible and we were at the back of a huge crowd of people looking for autographs. It was mad. People were wearing Minecraft heads and wielding cardboard mine picks shouting, "I AM DAVE EXCLAMATION MARK YOGNAUGHT AND I HAVE THE BALLS!!!". We decided that we would write them a letter while waiting in the queue to speak to them.... I wish I could tell you what it said exactly, but I remember laughing when I read it and I know it ended along the lines of "So come play GW2 PvP, lots of love, BOON Control & ArenaNet, XXX". We addressed it "Dear Honeydew" and when we finally got to the front of the queue we quickly explained to them that we were huge fans and we were working at GW2 PvP and we would love them to play. We passed Simon the note and they said if they had time, they would come, but they were REALLY busy and couldn't promise anything.

    We headed back to our booth and as it got later and later we started to think they might not show up as they were too busy. BUT NO!!!! They did show up!!! It was really funny as all the Minecraft fans knew exactly who there were and there was a bit of a buzz about the stand when they arrived, but the ArenaNet guys didn't have a clue who they were, so it was really funny. As I said, meeting them was very surreal, and the reason for that was, as I sat with Lewis and Simon trying to show them how to play as they were playing in a 5v5, I almost felt like I was in an episode of the Yogscast. It was mental.

    They style and manner in which they do their podcasts is EXACTLY how they play games in person and it was probably the funniest thing I have ever watched. What I found especially funny was Simon saying to one of the developers, "You can PvE in this game right? I mean, this PvP stuff is just too hard, I just want to kill fluffy animals", or Lewis calling a dev over because he found a bug.....

    Lewis - "I found a bug"
    Dev - "Where?"
    Lewis - "Right here, I saw this mob called Cat, so I went over to see the cute cat and it was actually a dog and it started to attack me."
    Dev - "That's actually an enemy hunters pet, he renamed it Cat"
    Lewis - "oh.... why would you do that, that’s just mean!"

    At this point I was in stitches on the floor.

    That said though, they actually picked up the game pretty fast and although they lost their game, it wasn't a complete blowout. It was also funny to see that the other characters in the game were all called names like "Dave Yognaught" and "I play with Simon", so it was obvious that there were lots of fans playing with them during that game.

    Of all the people we met at gamescom, they were definitely up there as two of my favourites. I had always wondered if the Yogscast "put on a show" when they do their podcasts and YouTube videos, but after meeting them and watching them play, it is really weird to know that they are actually just that mad in real life.

    I would like to end by thanking the Yogscast for taking time out of their busy schedule at gamescom to come and play form GW2 PvP, but also for just coming over and letting us get our picture taken with them!!! Sorry we had no jaffa cakes to give out when you guys arrived!!! Was epic, thanks guys.!/YOGSCAST

    Remember to subscribe to the Yogscast YouTube channels:
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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Aspira, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Katiechops
    I am still so butthurt at having an early flight home and missing them :(

    hehe the Anet guys weren't sure who they were and why we were so excited, 350,000 views on thier interview with Eric already in just over a week, feel the power of the Yogscast.... ;)
  2. Fizzee
    Yay! been waiting for this post.
    Huge fan of the yogs and ofc minecraft. Still holding out hope I'll meet them down the Hope Tap (wetherspoons) in Reading some time soon.
  3. Feidan
    One of my favorite gaming channels on youtube alongside with TB and penguinz0.
  4. Acina
    They are exactly the same irl as they are on their video casts, I was in stitches most of the time when talking to them. Was awesome to meet them and I don't normally get gushy meeting e-celebs :p
  5. adagio
    Why do I get the feeling kc didn't have a idea who they were til a week or so ago :)
  6. Katiechops
    lies I enjoyed watching them play Rift,, wher ei learned how to play to be honest.
  7. Agga
    1st time I've seen them but i'll check out some of there stuff now good vid funny dudes
  8. Tvar
    I only learned not to play RIFT from watching it :(
  9. Aspira
    Omg, I remembered another funny from the booth when they Yogs were there.....

    We were all standing chatting waiting for some PC's to become available for Lewis and Simon to play and Lewis looks around at everyone then says, "Hmm, everyone here has beards, I feel less manly than you all", to which everyone started laughing and Simon come out with, "Only reason you shave is because Hannah has you whipped!!", LOL!!!.

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