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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Shantotto, Mar 25, 2011.

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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    I disagree, simply because it'd screw up PvP.
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    F U R I E Veteran BOON

    That's why smart developers make 2 different skill balances for pvp and pve (gw1 anyone?)
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Yep, I think TERA would have a great setting for such a system, but I both like and dislike the way they did it in GW1. I like going through gear progression and having just 1 character to do it on, seeing someone buy all the skills and just making a lvl 20 char out of the blue kinda ruins the feeling of it having any point but its the only Balanced PvP in an MMO you will ever have.

    I certainly don't want every MMO to have the same system as GW, just happy it is its own unique game. I already hate the lack of RPG elements in all of the current MMO's, if they take out gear progression aswell I think I'll just go back to Quake 3 -_-.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Well, you dont need to do split skills for pve/p, ever since diablo 2 that pve had a different behaviour (on that case it was damage wise and regarding stuns, slow duration, max resists, etc) on pve than pvp... And although diablo 2 pvp was not balanced, you could have some nice duels and the pve was really fun (the mobs died in big numbers and fast)

    Like a wise person said today on TS: "i'd rather kill 40 mobs in 10 seconds each than kill 10 mobs in 40 seconds each"

    IMO, to make the pve harder you dont give mobs a gazzilion HP, you give them more damage :S look at the adds from the lvl 27 instance final boss for example: they are HARD to deal with, yet in my opinion its fun! id rather deal with the adds on that instance, than those turtles and pirate ninjas on that other spot!
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Aight well its why its a hack 'n slash game :/. Torchlight, NoX and only a couple of other games work like that. Changing something so fundamentally would mean a totally different game and other things would have to be changed in order.

    yes some mobs may take a while to kill in TERA especially elites..that's why you kill 10-15 normal mobs for a quest or 1-5 elites for another. Just gonna say it again, its those turtles and them piratey mobs (about 1/20th of the zone size where those mobs reside) that take so long to kill.

    Unless you play 100% defensively and stand there blocking half the time not every mob is going to take 3 minutes each like you said.

    And to be honest, yes the elites may take a while to kill but compared to other games and even upcoming games the rest of the mobs don't take that ridiculously long to kill. Besides take gear into play and you can shorten the time to kill ridiculously much aswell, not even mentioning enchanting it has a HUGE impact.

    If you get tired quick of having to use active skills to kill mobs over and over I think I can agree with you, grinding in a game where you need to keep a clear mind and focus to Farm mobs is probably a bit boring. However they've been rebalancing monster HP alot in the last patch, im sure they'll do it again especially once the game hits the Western market.

    Aside from that I think they mostly balanced and designed Classes around group play rather then Solo play.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Well, you call diablo 2 hack and slash, i call it Action RPG => friday (fun fun fun fun)

    Tera is being sold as the future of Action MMO RPG (notice the action) BUT its not friday... it feels like tuesday (means you already forgot about sunday and its still to far to get to friday) when it comes to the leveling process...

    I like hard boss fights, we all do, but i dont like feeling pain when leveling the character!
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    Shantotto Guest

    Gotta remember it will be a different ballgame outside of the korean servers where groups for elites/instances will be a billion times easier to find.
    I'm in the same position atm, almost 41 on ranger and like 0 available non-group quests.

    Need people to stop rerolling and get to 40 ish to continue grouping :p Missions will probably get me to 42 where the next instance is available I think.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    The game was originally designed around group play, BHS have said they intend to adjust this a little by adding more solo play quests and adjusting group hunting grounds to better suit solo play (or half groups 2/3 man parties rather than 5).

    There was uproar from a sizable chunk of the Korean playerbase that they always had to group when the got past level 22, and it just won't cut it in the west as is. There are far too many players in the west that will log on for a couple of hours in an evening and expect to achieve something.

    I like group play - I like soloing as well don't get me wrong (although I like to gather and craft mostly when I want to be alone).

    The need to group in TERA is nigh on the same as it was in Aion, you had a choice, solo grind easy mobs (and a lot of them) or group up and grind group quests or elites, in this regard TERA is no different to Aion pre-1.9 (technically pre-1.5).

    Pretty much all MMO's that originate from the East are like this, they actually like to group, chat, have fun etc when they grind, whereas it seems that most Western players are are totally against a fundamental part of an MMO (the multiplayer part).

    My 2cents!!

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    Shantotto Guest

    The patch about 2 weeks ago actually adjusted a lot of the group content to solo, and they are doing more ( on korean servers - ie tuning for KR not just "westenisation" ).
    A lot of the 5 man elites/group quests were adjusted to 3 man, and a lot of the 3 man to solo, and a lot of HP adjustments.

    Previously you couldn't solo past about 30, now you should be able to get to the cap solo.
    Our problem on Kr right now is just lack of grouping/people to play with for stuff like instances ( you wouldn't skip instances in rift then whine about solo - so why the unreasonable expectation ? ).

    These are the things you have to deal with being on the korean servers, it obviously isn't the same experience you would get on a full english speaking server.

    There will be 6 months of patches before the game even comes out here, and imo it's still in better shape right now than WHO/aoc/rift were at release.
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Couldn't agree more. What's the use of putting down lots of time into my character if I can't pwn noobs with it? The nutcase-crackheads that put 40h odd into gaming per week and character (like me) should get something for it, have a big edge towards people that don't both in PvE and PvP, or yeah - back to <random FPS>. Alternatively, like Blizzard did in WoW, have special arena tournament servers where everyone is equally geared. That shit doesn't appeal to me though, I wanna invest time into my toon, get OP and faceroll "casual noobs".

    All of us dicussing this will have no problem getting groups in the Westernized Tera. I have no problem with "must group" -content past a certain point. That just weeds out the hardcore/casuals anyway. Look at the bright side of it. If BOON plays this on EU servers in an organized way we'll group up easily, get max level and have an early edge towards the rest of the community that does not realize this about group play. Roll with the punches. If the game is good enough and worth it, you just do whatever you gotta do, to win. Content issues at endgame is what mostly fucks games up, not gameplay, leveling techniques or the such.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Which is why Western developers need to sack up and make an MMO the way it should be done, with player interaction and a social community, ie. Vanilla WoW. I am having more social interaction with the community on this TERA server than I have had on any Western MMO server since WoW TBC and I dont even speak the same language as them.

    Pete loves the RPG part of MMORPG's and tbh, the RP element of the RPG has been dead for years. The massively multiplayer part of the MMO is dying too as developers seem to be tailoring there games to suit what the preteen community want, not what makes an GOOD game. So we have went from the MMORPG to what we have currently, simply OG - Online Game. Devs talk about needing to redefine the genre in the next few years to keep players playing..... erm, how about the just un-fuck all the stuff they fucked up with the genre, take it back to full on MMORPG's and give people a challenging game with true character progression and a social environment to play in that demands interaction with your community.
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    Vissarion Veteran BOON

    hopefully, GW2 is closer to this....
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    Mizou Community Member

    i want soulwalk like in eq2 to be back, u rezzed but lost 10% of all your stats each time, hf dieing in an elite area muahaha soon u will be at 20% and everyone is running arround trying to get their shards back LOL so funny, i helped and got helped by so many nice people and had good chats arround^^

    since aion i barly speak with randoms and all just want to kill kill kill, i also liked the RPG in eq2 ^^ we actually had a guy called Monster, an Oger, betrayed to qeynos and doing crazy things :) MOOOOOOOOOOOOONSTEEEEEEEER HABEN HUUUUUUUUUUNGER !!!! :D epic

    i dont like the fast changeing community tough but this is because everyone these days is switching or even playing 15 different types of games per month :)
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    The introduction of cross realm crap does not help either, always been against that. Sure it cuts down queue times but it kills the community imo
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    I agree, it completely made WoW battlegrounds a grindfest. However I think that they are only cross-realming some parts of the PvP, not entirely sure though. Heard 5v5 staying serverwise, 10v10 cross-server and rifting cross-server.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    If the cross server rifting is actually true, then I fail to see how that would kill server community.

    Cross server PvP as in battlegrounds and arenas etc. etc. kills server community as you don't care whose the best on your server. Cross server PvE kills server community as the PvE achievements are no longer something a server can be proud of. Cross server rifting .....? Well this basically allows your server to group up and go fuck up someone else's server. What's better for server pride and server community that being able to say your server wtfpwns all other servers in open world PvP and be able to back that up by rolling them through a rift.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    well if you have a tight server you have faction vs faction. giving you a sense of faction pride, server pride, call it what ever. As i understand there are no factions in rift? so i guess cross server content is not a big deal here.. All i know is since they added this cross server bullshit in WoW and other games i dont even look at the name of the guy i am pvping. he is just another honor point or what ever. Before you were like "OH ASPIRA, I ROXXORED HIS FACE" now its more like.. meh i killed random dude nr 500 woopdie do.

    Cross server content just waters down every thing, you dont have time to find your nemesis and you dont even care because more than likely you will never meet the same guy more then once a day.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Yea TERA has no factions other than guilds and/or alliances. Player made factions basically.

    I agree that 99% of the time cross server is the single most terrible idea ever, but in this instance I think it might actually work. Only time will tell, and to be honest we don't even know if these notes are 100% correct yet anyway.
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    Ikigami Community Member

    I'm really worried about the "Group" thing. It means that Tera will not be playable when u have just 1-2 hours?
    I understand what Aspira is saying about multiplayer, but sometimes u just want to log and go solo questing/grinding/killing without waste time. Is that possible in Tera?
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    Divinitas Community Member

    Re-release DAoC, cross server BGs which were level based, you could make your alt uber with gear but everybody else would do same.

    Open world PvP across 3 (races) zones which had multiple areas including forts and uber forts in each area which held relics that had real purpose to take (i.e. 3% dmg for everybody PvE or PvP etc), no radar bollocks you had to find your opponents. Realm Ranks that were difficult to get and rather than rewarding gear rewarded boosting your chars stats and gave new abilities.

    PvE that while yes was a grind fest was actually a fun grind fest (and thats from me who hates leveling :p)

    Give DAoC2 :(

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