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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Shantotto, Mar 25, 2011.

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    Shantotto Guest

    I thought it would be cool if those of us playing K-Tera posted some reviews so people don't just get OMFG COME PLAY/etc.

    Should include, time played so far, level so far, class thoughts, instances, etc etc.

    I guess I'll start off:

    Classes and levels:

    Have archer at 32, lancer at 24, mystic 15, and a bunch of others ~10 or so.

    The combat system is pretty great. My lance has a long narrow conal effect on most of it's attacks, so I have to try and line things up to max damage.

    Ranger plays quite a bit like aions ranger for solo play ( at least if you ever fought elites ), with the obvious exception that you have to aim your arrows and abilities. Once you get to 25+ you can glyph your skills to remove the movement speed reduction on charge abilities, allowing you to kite far more easily and put out more damage while doing it.

    Lancer is a lot of fun, with a great low level charge skill that aids pre-mount travel as well :p
    It has shield bash which stuns, a % chance to knockdown on shield spin, the first taunt is AOE, etc.


    the game is great. The main reason isn't a sick polygon count, or effects but the overall game aesthetic. It's just extremely well done and looks great. I'm getting 2-3x the framerate I was in rift with all settings maxxed out.

    Nice zone music, good battle music and special boss music when fighting bosses/world elites, it's really well done.


    Well constructed with actual stylised interiors. The secret base feels like a secret base, the vampire mansion feels like a vampire mansion ( blood trail, and quirky decor included ).

    The bosses in the first instance are really fun fights and show a great level of polish.
    Most of the bosses in the instances so far could easily be raid bosses in other games ( scaled difficulty wise obv ).

    The world is bloody huge, it's at least 5x the size of rifts. maybe more and more areas are being added continually.

    No instant teleports so there is actual some weight to your travel decisions :p
    Lots of variations in world aesthetics as well, from greenery to ice to desert.

    Group play:

    YAY GROUP PLAY IS BACK. Cba solo grinding? bored of the level appropriate instance?

    You can make an oldschool group elite party with proper elites ( bloody huge, special moves, etc - not just 6x the health and damage of regular mobs ), lots of fun to kill as a group.


    Not sure yet, there are 2 level 50 instances, the political system that allows guilds to control regions, world bosses, should be plenty of stuff to do hopefully. Obviously we'll all have more to post about this once we get there.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Im looking forward to trying this game out when the EU beta starts up soonish (i hope) the game sounds promising. 2 things concern me, the world pvp and the endgame raid content. The second concern being that there is no end game raid content? everything is 5 man is that true?
    as much as i want to play this game RIGHT NOW, there is nothing that's going to make me roll it in korean mode =P that is just a hassle

    This and SWTOR are the games on my horizon (and tbh its going to take alot to get me off the SWTOR bandwagon im psyched about that game)
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Nice review but I'll make one once I reach lvl 40 which shouldn't take more then a week anyway.
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    Fallanx Tactical Veteran

    The first thing you'll notice when you enter the game are similarities with NCsoft products, especially Lineage 2 for the graphic chart but also with Aion. They share the same gfx engine in different versions but also most of the dev team consist of ex-NCsofters. Menus are also pretty much similars.

    Despite this, the game looks pretty hot; offering some good particule lightning effects. I would describe the graphic chart as an asian-fantasy graphic novel/gothic environment. The game as indeed a nice ambiance but its pretty much a ripoff of L2 on steroids.

    The UI is poor compared to the latest MMO; offering less than the regular basic options with only 2 sizeable action bars. You dont have much skills to use indeed but i'm used to more choices and don't like to have to switch bars using alt etc; even rift was better on this.

    The gameplay is very arcadish, it can be played with an x-box controller and you can feel this very quicly with the basic commands. If you do so, wash your hand afterward.

    The strong feature of the game is combat; quite different from the regular mmos as you have to dodge and evade alot using a skill every class get at low level. The manual targeting system is also unusual and give the game a personnality. The heavy scripted AI provide also some epic fights in dungeon or vs outdoor elites mobs. However, fighting against regular mobs/packs in solo gets quickly repetitive despite varations in the mob types.

    Dungeons are also pretty boring after the first run; despite the size of the encounters and cool graphics.
    Groups are at the center of the game, you will have to group at level 10 in order to keep going and group quest are offered in all zones 20+ so far.

    Regarding the classes, it seems to be a bit unbalanced but nothing major compared to other games using the same static class system. Patches adjust them on a regular basis; i personnaly prefer a skill point system, less discriminative toward new players and more open. I found my priest doing alot of DPS for a primary"support class" and sometime too few healing but I like his abilities & the general feeling.

    I found the character customisation pretty interresting; consisting in glyphs to enhance abilities, enchants and crystals to improve gears stats but i hoped for deeper specialisation.

    The quests are pretty bad, the craft system is not innovative at all, the instanced zones give you the feeling to play alone most of the time, there's no housin either. The main story is also linear, with average quality cut scenes.

    Overall, i had alot fun in PvE' mostly because the combat system is fresh and the game has a cool graphic enviroment but it quickly gets old; and after a while i got the feeling to play a console game on PC with cool gfx.

    Hopefully the PvP and the so called "political system" will worth it but i have serious doubts at this point tbh :eek: I'm currently 39 so we should find out soon.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    i was afraid of this, that the game is no more than a pretty skin =P
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    To be fair that's a rather harsh review.

    I can agree that if you remove the combat system, then the game would lose most of its charm, but the combat system and the AI are both infinitely better than any other MMO I have played in the last few years.

    I can't agree with the instances becoming boring, but I can agree with questing getting a bit boring. I usually just grind mobs rather than quest as the combat system is so much fun.

    I am not playing much atm due to uni work, but I am very interested to see what the oppinions are of those who get to level 40 and start PvPing. Bottom line is, for me as a PvPer, a game could have the greatest mechanics in the world, best graphics, best combat, but if the PvP is poor, then its not the game for me.

    Hope you guys get a PvP review up soon as it will be a while before I get to that stage myself.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Meh I wait for a review from a source I trust.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    you removed the link to the pvp review? =P
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    Fallanx Tactical Veteran

    its not boon made so i removed it but generally speaking they are bad.
    We'll check it out ourselves anyway but it smells like.. shit unbalanced pvp:eek:
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    It wasn't a useless Review though, and if you're comfortable with the FOTMs out there (if you cant beat 'em, join 'em), there was some nice info (roll ranged dps or gtfo). Granted it was from the Korean OBT, doubt much has changed or will change for the EU version, they're all busy covering up them Elins,elin.html (cos in the KR version they never cover their legs amirite?). QQ pedos :(
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Was pretty much a certainty that the EU/NA version was going to be gimped like this.

    The game is a certificate 18 in Korea due to the skimpy clothes an all characters, Elin are actually quite covered up compared to Castanic, and the blood and gore effects. They want a teen rating in Europe, not an 18 rating, so I had a feeling that all the cool quirky Eastern stuff would start getting removed.

    Korean servers looking more and more tempting for long term play.
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    We can have trh
    Let's have that discussion when we get there.
    For now let's get back on track for more impressions from those who's been playing this game for a while. :)
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Harsh but pretty much sums it up, got to lvl 22, can't play solo now, and too much hassle to play in Korea, and the pve is terrible, just kill mob quests one after the other, the game is nice and when it comes out in EU I will likely give it a go if I have nothing else to play, but don't expect much from it.
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    Shantotto Guest

    Quite a bit of the stuff fallanx says is true - but I feel like that's a really negative review and that a lot of the criticism applies to most MMOs - will go over other points and then combat.

    instances are really cool the first time through - but on repeat they are less fun because well, you're doing the same thing. I don't know about anyone else but I never enjoyed _any_ of the rift instances, and maybe 2-3 of the wow instances ( dead mines/black morass ) - although DCU had a few cool instances :p
    The main reason is that they are usually 1 hour or so long, so you quite commonly will want to do the instances multiple times as the exp is good. When the boss fights take 10 mins it's great the first time you kill them, but a little wearing once you've on your 3rd run through in a row :p I'm not really sure how you can be overly negative as it's pretty common in MMOs.

    UI isn't super customizable - but it's pretty good to start off with. It's pretty close to what I like - check screenshot thread to see a little. It would be nice if you could resize individual components but it's not that big a deal.

    Class balance - it's been out 2 months in korea and we've already seen quite significant changes to classes -
    lancers early on could easily tank PVE by doing nothing but block and taunt and hold agro doing nothing else, their agro was nerfed but they were given a damage buff ( straight 10% ) - now they have to really work to hold agro.
    Priest was a bit UP so they got some new abilities and made quite a few changes to the class.

    By the time the game comes out in europe I'm sure the class balance will have been tweaked more so.

    Not sure I agree at all about quests - with the exception of comparing it to DCU, it's pretty generic questing. Kill shit, collect shit, escort shit. Standard questing.
    The exception are the mini-instances you get which are wave defence ( think mini black morass ) which are nice.
    It's like saying wow/rift questing is bad - the difference is the combat system makes it a lot of fun. ( assuming you like the class you're playing ).

    It's fun to play because of the combat system. I'm not sure I'd say it's arcadey but it's definitely consoleish, especially on boss fights.
    That really isn't a problem though, the boss encounters are more creative than a triple A console title like Batman Arkham Asylum.

    It feels more like what fallanx is saying is more likely due to burnout having done 50 levels in rift, then moved and levelling in TERA ( which definitely takes longer to get to the cap than rift ).
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    It is very like rifts questing in that it's kill collect quests. Nothing like wows which I'm guessing most people have not played in a year as it's actually very good now with engaging stories, cut scenes, phasing, flying etc. Basically wow ATM has questing as it should be for all mmos coming out... But most seem to do a rift and do classic wow style quests... Aka SHIT...

    Tera is probably no exception but as I cam read the quests so skip most I don't know lol.
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    Kammie Community Member

    some pretty harsh reviews on here...

    Im loving the game atm, I've never had so much fun just leveling and questing in a game before, and thats down to the combat system. it's great killing mobs and especially when you get higher up solo'ing elite harder mobs is challenging and fun, plus a great way to exp.

    The instances are pretty cool, graphically they outshine any other mmo, and the combat again makes the instances not dull as you cant just one hand spam 1 2 3.

    The graphics of this game are stunning, its a pleasure to walk into a new area and go "wow...thats is awesome", it makes you want to explore the area and see what cool shit is going on.

    The only prblem is see is engame PVE might be a bit limited as more than 10 man raiding would be crazy with the combat system i think. The PVP should be great though, actually have to move and dodge attacks instead of "haha i am targetting you and my fireball will hit you even if i dont look at you"

    The animations are great aswell, for melee and casters, i think the healers lack a little but the sorcs are cool.

    The cutscenes in the game are also pretty coo, I imagine the story is pretty nice to follow if you speak Korean too.

    All in all, I'm having fun playing this, even just levelling. Try before you shit talk it, and try past level 22. Yes its hard to get instance groups if you arnt with others your level in the guild, but I've had that the whole way and I've had 4 random korean groups and I've managed to solo most of the missions etc. People will help if you ask them aswell.

    Atm for me the game just keeps getting better and better. Hope some more people get to later levels and see. And I hope the PVP wont let it down.
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    Gekido Community Member

    It's just textures, so "uncersor" patch will come out the same day TERA goes live in EU(it will be unofficial ofc). All you have to do is overwrite some textures from Korean client with the ones in EU client.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    This will be an off topic rant but it really pisses me off the way our society cry pedo to the extent they have to cover up anime characters... I mean, my mate was on a bus last year and some young girl was on the seat in front of him bouncing about, turned around to him and started talking to him. She asked him if he liked her hair as she had just had it braided with beads. He chatted back and said he liked it and asked her who did it for her etc. The fucktard of a mother finally got off her mobile, paid attention the girl and a) scolded her for talking to strangers and b) called my mate a "pedo" before dragging the kid away to a diff seat.

    Pathetic IMO.

    Anyway on topic.
    I like the game so far, but I think ATM I'm a little mmo'd out so taking it really slowly.
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    Ketz Veteran BOON

    I don't have enough experience with Tera yet but i do have a few toons up and running and just taking my time with this game enjoying the ride.
    Graphically it is indeed the best we ve seen so far (i still think AoC was great although different from Tera) and i am really amazed by the level of detail they ve put on sound engineering.
    The combat system is indeed so refreshing that makes me wish we never bothered with Rift in the first place and we all were playing Tera even in non hardcore mode due to latency spikes and language probs.
    Only thing that worries me is the PvP obviously, and the fact whether(i killed this word, didn't i?) it exists or not when you reach max lvl.
    2 Battlgrounds and 2 Arenas are not enough to keep me, and i am pretty sure most of the people who participated in the taking over of Telemachus satisfied and happy.
    I keep my fingers crossed for GvG events or RvR or whatever gives more towards the PvP aspect of this really good looking game.
    I agree with Fallanx on many of his points and i agree with Shanto as well.
    Tbh we are not asking for that much...PvP is our game, simple.
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    Shantotto Guest

    Why do you hang around with pedos?


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