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    After our success(s) in Classic WoW, from deep within the shadows BOON Control are returning to Retail WoW in Shadowlands! Our goal is set on Mythic Raiding.

    Recruitment for WoW will be slightly different from the past so make sure you take 15 mins out and read the "Important" posts in the recruitment forum:

    Who Are BOON Control?

    The Guild Rules and Recruitment

    We are rolling Alliance on Silvermoon

    Currently there is a 100% bonus XP event running until the Shadowlands pre-patch as well as the new levelling system (available in pre-patch and 1-50, max level, takes less than 10 hours played), so if you haven't got a character on Silvermoon, or you can't/don't want to transfer then this is the perfect time to jump back in.

    Once you have read through those posts please follow the link to create an application, remember to answer all the questions (especially the post something funny bit. Old BOONs please take the time to actually answer the questions (no copy pasting your old apps), you'll see that this time round we have reduced the number of questions :)

    If you are new to BOON Control we are only recruiting very active players with a strong background and significant experience in other MMO's.
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Discussion in 'Blizzard Games' started by Acina, Aug 13, 2020.

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