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Discussion in 'Classic WoW' started by Acina, May 31, 2019.

  • by Acina, May 31, 2019 at 8:28 PM
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    Yes, that's right! BOON Control is going full retard into WoW Classic.
    • Key things to know,
    • We are rolling Alliance
    • We will complete all raid content
    • Gehennas PvP Server
    • Recruiting Raider and Social members (Social = you need to KNOW ME! and have a history with the guild)
    I am not going to ramble on and sell a whole load of guild shit if you are here the chances are you already know us and what the guild is about, if not it's this simple, HAVE FUN! Below is an idea for you to know if BOON is right for you.
    • "I don't raid for friends"
    • "DPS meter worship"
    • "WoWLogs when we are not wiping or failing"
    • "Doing PVP or instances with your other non-guild mates when you are the tank or whatever and guildies are pugging it"
    • "OMG, why are we not the server first my epeen is shrinking!"
    Blah Blah Blah if these are things you care about move on!
    • I want to complete ALL content inc Raids while I also...
    • want to enjoy friendships
    • want a community, make new friends, work together and build some guild pride
    • want to hang out on Comms, spend an evening chilling in instances with mates talking shit and shooting the breeze
    • taking a timeout from power levelling to move zone and "waste" an hour pvping to help guildies
    • going back to an instance or content to help a guildie out, go farm a drop so they get that gear upgrade etc to help your raid
    • playing with other players who know how to play, max their characters, do all the content and when it comes to raids get their game faces on without epeen or drama
    Sounds good when you are home, get in touch.

    Recruitment is now open see the Recruitment Section of the forum, it has the history of the guild if you are still not sure and an applications template, please use this.
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Discussion in 'Classic WoW' started by Acina, May 31, 2019.

  1. Juggernaught
    Damn, now I actually have a reason to go back to wow :)
    I really need to raid with you guys again, are everyone coming along? Chops etc.?
  2. Katiechops
    A good mix are yes, the lazy asses will start applying over the weekend and then word will spread I guess \o/
  3. Juggernaught
    That's great to hear, I for one miss the old days with raiding, and would love to join you guys. Warrior tank or melee dps, whatever is needed
  4. Bluestar
    Chops, do i have to apply? Cuz i love spending time making good applications.
  5. Katiechops

    yes! 2 mins we are worth it!
  6. Doodle
    the old application template has TS listed maybe should change that to discord :p
  7. Katiechops
    I did?
  8. Erastmus
    Hey guys! I haven't heard from you for so very long (since Guild Wars 2)! Missed you! I've be delighted if I'd get a chance to play together with you in WoW Classic as well!

    Prissie, Tandaress, et al
  9. Katiechops
    Pick a race/class and get applying then! :D
  10. Anub1s
    btw I posted in the fb Group a link to this post.

    The emails you sent were all in my spam folder and I didn't know about the fb Page :(
  11. Lurch
    Blimey, this is a blast from the past! I was shite all those years ago, I would be truly bloody awful nowadays! I'm in!
  12. Fizzee
    Why Alliance? :(
    I may be up for this I'll just have to roleplay as an undead wearing a dorfs skin I guess....
  13. Katiechops
    Because we got fed up debating it all,,, and just decided!
  14. Anub1s
    Considering we were originally Alliance I guess it's fair to roll it again :)
  15. Gallilea
    Did you guys decide on a server yet? =)
  16. Anub1s
    They haven't announced the available list of servers yet, no?
  17. Gallilea
    Hmm no idea.. I suppose the ones up now are just for testing then..
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  18. Tvar
    Server list is announced :dance:
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  19. Gallileon
    Just want to know if The Hide is coming back before subitting my application...

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