BOON Control opens recruitment for Guild Wars 2

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Katiechops, Jun 6, 2012.

  • by Katiechops, Jun 6, 2012 at 1:15 AM
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    With the Beta Weekends now up and running for Guild Wars 2 BOON has decided to open its doors and start recruiting for Guild Wars 2.

    The main goal for BOON Control in Guild Wars 2 will be to have an awesome, social and fun home for everyone that also has one of the best siege teams inside it, the guilds GM and officer core will all be focused on WvWvW.

    Recruitment for Guild Wars 2 will be different from the past so make sure you take 15 mins out and read the "Important" posts in the recruitment forum:

    Who Are BOON Control?

    What Are Our Plans for Guild Wars 2?

    The Guild Rules and Recruitment

    Once you have read through those 3 posts please create an application as either an Oldschool BOON or a New Face, remember to answer all the questions (especially the post something funny bit. Old BOONs please take the time to actually answer the questions (no copy pasting your old apps), you'll see that this time round we have reduced the number of questions :)

    If you are new to BOON Control we are only recruiting very active WvWvW siege players with a strong background and significant experience in other MMO's.
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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Katiechops, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Acina
    Seems I left this in the officer forum, oops sorry, should be able to read/comment now :)
  2. Estylon
    gl with this GW2 chapter KC! Nice to see that you are taking so seriously the open PvP in this game! It'll be fun! :"D
  3. Katiechops
    Cheers dude and MA even got a mention in our who are BOON Control post! <3
  4. Merketh
    best of luck Boons, i'm looking forward to fighting along side you guys again :3
  5. Dylan
    Best of luck Booncontrol, i know you guys are a very good community, hi from Pandion Knights. Hope we have alot of fun in GW2.
  6. Dylan
    We might be on the same server for some action since we are going for alot of WvW :)
  7. timaus
    Hey guys i'm from EDGE Gaming and wanted to welcome you guys to the Ascension alliance ^^ can't wait to play with you in game
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  8. Hsulf
    Thanks! And welcome to our forums :)
  9. Dylan
    Grats on getting makin alliances BOON :) (lol getting and making? its good my weekend just started)

    Im sure you guys will perform formidable on the WvW grounds.


    GW2 Admin
  10. Fizzee
    Best of luck to you too.
  11. Ashoura
    Boon are open for some social casuals ?

    Greetings Chris .... miss old times where we kick asmo asses @ Aion Telemachus :D
  12. Fizzee
    From the recruitment thread:

    So if you are an oldskool boon and well enough known/liked by Katiechops then yes, you can be a social casual.
  13. Smokee
    Hey KC and the rest of the gang.

    I wanted to wish you guys the best of luck in GW2.

    Regards from Smokee and Herfolge Boldklub
  14. Katiechops
    omfg Smokee hope the beer boys are doing fine o/
  15. Smokee
    We are doing awesome. After having destroyed everything in WAR, we are now ready to become world famous in GW2 :omg:Got alot of old DAoC members comming back for this game, so HB will be stronger than ever, with a really healthy memberbase. I hear you guys are joining a NA server with your alliance?
  16. Doodle
    Which server is HB joining?
  17. Smokee
    It's undecided at this point. We are in talks with a couple of alliances, but might aswel end up joining solo, if none of them fits what we want for an alliance or server.

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