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    Boon Control recently had the pleasure of playing guides to the lads of Yogscast in the recent closed beta test of ArcheAge. Our very own Acina and Aspira joined Simon (Honeydew[ugu]) and Lewis (Xephos) with some non speaking guides from Boon and other press sites, to show the world this extremely interesting MMO.

    Archeage is a Korean made MMO from XLGames which uses CryEngine 3 for the graphics, animations and physics to produce the finest looking MMO to date.
    The main focus of AA is the open nature of the game, you create and destroy the world you live in.

    As you will see in the coming weeks as Yogscast pump out this footage, and from other videos found online, ArcheAge boasts a variety of features you do not see in most MMOs to come to the west including but not limited to: Dynamic environments within a persistent world, Player and guild housing, Mass PvP with seiges of castles, Naval warfare with your own boats and warships... the list goes on.

    If you would like a chance to see this all with your own eyes then you must spread the information of AA far and wide, show games publishers in the western world that there is an interest in bringing ArcheAge over to us, as it is the only thing holding it back!

    Thanks again to Simon and Lewis, the Boon Control members (Aspira, Acina, Katiechops, Blackspearr & Fizzee) and of course a huge thanks to (Ikea), (Entaro) & (Baggs), and of course Amaterasu without whom the later and very awesome footage would not have been possible!

    If you have come from the Yogs videos and would like to know more about AA or any other games we here at Boon Control play and support, please join the forum, but be aware that we do operate an 18+ rule for all in game guild members.

    Now, On to the videos!
    And this one is their top 5 which has Acina burning down the house at #4
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fizzee, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Aspira
    It's a shame the version we played was infinitely better than the version that got released.

    They had a good opportunity to do something amazing and they took the safe option and produced "yet another MMO" and not the amazing game they could have.
  2. Omnipresent
    It's becoming more obvious we are a dying breed, we have waited around for many years for the next high.

    Games such as Lineage, WoW and Aion have given us these highs in the past, but those days are gone and they aint coming back. I don't even think the generation alive today and coming up even know what we had... so if all they have known is these poor "pop-out clone business model" MMO's, then there is no hope for us.

    The days of waiting for that next great MMO are over. What we need is kickstarter MMO developer that doesn't sellout, but god knows what age I will be when that happens.
  3. Law
    Well I have been playing it for the past two months and enjoying it. Even with the three currently playing we can do so much and take even more! :D
  4. Xelendar

  5. Aspira
    The Korean closed beta version shits all over the version that was released.

    Dunno why they made so many poor changes for the release.
  6. Paran
  7. adagio
    Yeah it did. Lewis took over the project and closed it down because the money was being thrown away. I believe people who paid vast amounts of money are still waiting some cash back.

    It's a legal nightmare though as it was a kickstarter. Plus a product was released even though very basic. Don't know where you stand with laws and kickstarter.
  8. Feidan
    I think on kickstarter if a project fails no one gets their money back.
  9. Fizzee
    It will be gone...

    The Yogs have become pretty cuntish in the last year or so. Even Total Biscuit has severed all ties with them. They have also stated that they refuse to declare videos as being paid for by devs as it could affect their profits.
    I currently only really watch Sips and Hat films from yogs now.
  10. adagio
    Not sure how the law sees that. Some people paid upwards of $750 to get the packages offered. So if treated like retail a contract has been excepted and comes under the same .laws
  11. adagio
    The trouble I have with yogs is they turn out to much scripted crap. Just let Simon thoughts wander off with Lewis trying to keep him grounded.

    If you after good gamer comedy on youtube try jesse cox or the gamegrumps. Gamegrumps in particular has that 2 guys discussing random shit while trying to play games.
  12. Feidan
  13. adagio
    . If a creator is absolutely unable to complete the project and fulfill rewards, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to a satisfying conclusion for their backers.

    So in all theory yogs should be using the money made to use another developer.
  14. Feidan
    They can just say "All pledged money is gone. Can't do anything now. Soz" and call is a day. Which is what they did anyway.
  15. Omnipresent
    Isn't it a pledge. Once its given there is no option of refund, similar to a donation.

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