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    Boon Control recently had the pleasure of playing guides to the lads of Yogscast in the recent closed beta test of ArcheAge. Our very own Acina and Aspira joined Simon (Honeydew[ugu]) and Lewis (Xephos) with some non speaking guides from Boon and other press sites, to show the world this extremely interesting MMO.

    Archeage is a Korean made MMO from XLGames which uses CryEngine 3 for the graphics, animations and physics to produce the finest looking MMO to date.
    The main focus of AA is the open nature of the game, you create and destroy the world you live in.

    As you will see in the coming weeks as Yogscast pump out this footage, and from other videos found online, ArcheAge boasts a variety of features you do not see in most MMOs to come to the west including but not limited to: Dynamic environments within a persistent world, Player and guild housing, Mass PvP with seiges of castles, Naval warfare with your own boats and warships... the list goes on.

    If you would like a chance to see this all with your own eyes then you must spread the information of AA far and wide, show games publishers in the western world that there is an interest in bringing ArcheAge over to us, as it is the only thing holding it back!

    Thanks again to Simon and Lewis, the Boon Control members (Aspira, Acina, Katiechops, Blackspearr & Fizzee) and of course a huge thanks to (Ikea), (Entaro) & (Baggs), and of course Amaterasu without whom the later and very awesome footage would not have been possible!

    If you have come from the Yogs videos and would like to know more about AA or any other games we here at Boon Control play and support, please join the forum, but be aware that we do operate an 18+ rule for all in game guild members.

    Now, On to the videos!
    And this one is their top 5 which has Acina burning down the house at #4
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fizzee, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. MedlarGW
    So, if I want to play the game, how would I join Boon Control's Guild...
    Would they be willing to help me get started, I don't know any Korean. :(
  2. Fizzee
    I'll be trying to get a Q&A up over the easter weekend, however I'll answer this.

    Whilst we would love to welcome you to BC, The archeage beta is now finished and has been for a few weeks now. We are unsure if we will get to play again, but chances are very slim, and that is boon members who have been playing together for a long while.

    Your best bet to get to play this game legally is to help get AA published in the west. That means spread the word, hype it up on facebook, reddit, twitter etc, make AA become a name all gamers know and a publisher WILL grab the title.

    I'm so hopeful AA will come to the west, but it takes people like you to make it happen!
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  3. Aspira
    Well, the game is not released yet, and the last closed beta is now over.

    When the game is released in Korea (which should be this year) you can only play it in Korea if your a Korean resident due to the Korean laws requiring you to link MMO accounts with social security numbers. This was not a problem in the beta because we were invited in as press, but once the game is released, you will only be able to play if you are a South Korean resident.

    There are ways to get round this, but they are not strictly legal and I don't really want to discuss it on public forums.

    So... if you want to play ArcheAge, I think the best thing you can do is show an interest in the game and let the devs know you want a Western release. There are many Western fansites for the game (we teamed up with many of them for these videos with the Yogs and the links are in the OP) so you can register on those sites and show your interest. You can also tweet the devs telling them you think the game is awesome and you want to play it in the West.

    The developers twitter is:!/xlgames

    They have people who understand English, so although most of the tweets are in Korean, if you tweet them in English they will understand it.

    I know its not the answer you were looking for, I too want to get playing this game as soon as possible, but there is no released information about a Western release and playing the Korean version is strictly for South Korean residents only.
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  4. MedlarGW
    No, this is fine. Thank you for replying, I was just worried I'd missed something.
    After I posted, I'd realised that it was a Beta test and had finished. I'll do anything I can to try and increase demand for AA in the West, because from what I've seen it's a truly beautiful game. Strange concept to need a SSN linked to your account, but I suppose it's just something they do.

    Thank you again. :)
  5. Acina
    There are very strict laws that govern online gaming in South Korea, they want to stop minors from wasting their lives away playing computer games rather than study etc. I think its a very good idea to lock online activities to a way of tracking the age of the applicant and I do think we'll start to see similar here in the west over the next 10 years.
  6. Feidan
    I personally think these kind of laws are retarded and children should be controlled by the parents and not enforced not to do stuff by the government.
  7. Katiechops
    Parents in the west lost contol of thier kds due to lack of parenting about 20 years ago though dude... if the "Nanny State" doesn't do anything no one does.
  8. Fizzee
    Not all parents, just the retarded ones (most seem to be yanks as well according to steam forums)
    Any parent who buys their children games like MW2/3/4/5/6/7 etc. or L4D because their child is super special and so R/18+ rules don't apply, should be slapped repeatedly.
    Newsflash, your children are not special nor so much more mature than the rest!
  9. Katiechops
    Buying the games is nonfactor it how the parents parent them that counts
  10. Saul
    I have to agree with Katie, Censorship of certain media is pointless, it's down to the parents to censor their Children, not some government agency that can and will be circumvented by most kids with half a brain.

    The problem for adults now is so much is linked to the internet that allowing free access to the most important information store the world has ever seen, has a lot of dangers attached most of which are pretty difficult to monitor without major restrictions on what and when your children can access.

    My boss has access to his daughters Facebook account, and can remotely monitor her every move on their pc. To me thats too much and instils an environment of paranoia. However it is seriously difficult to find a happy medium.

    My ex wife allowing my 7 year old daughter to watch Emmerdale and Eastenders, I find both irresponsible and a prime case of bad parenting, however monitoring her every move on the internet I feel is too much, plus I have software that can monitor sites and keywords, but it's still not 100% fool proof, but then again I would not let my 7 year old have a Facebook/twitter account or have a mobile phone at the age of 7, you would be suprised at the amount of 7 year olds that do have access to these things though.
  11. Feidan
    Also how do you judge what a kid can watch and what he can't? It depends on case by case basis, some kids are smarter than others, some have more addictive tendencies than others, some are calmer, some are more impressionable, etc. While violence and sex on television can have negative effect on some children, if you completely cut of that from them when they are small it will only be more damaging when they actually get exposed to it. Also many kids do some stuff only because they are not allowed to. I.E. my parents never prohibited me from smoking or drinking even when I was 15 yet I never did while almost my classmates smoked every day. You can not make a good law that groups every single person under it when it comes to psychology. For some it will make sense, for some it won't. If you want to rise children properly then the ways to do that would be different for every child and the only people who can do that are the child's parents and not the government.
  12. Fizzee
    Parents are unable to be objective which is why so many are fucking fail. Those parents are proof of why these government guidelines and ratings are essential.

    That's all I'm saying on the subject because it's not really the place for it.
  13. Doodle
    fizzee, lecturing up the real parents :rolleyes:
  14. koawhkaine
    This game has every set of rules that we have been talking about missing in older games, such as Ultima Online. I really hope this is available to other countries before the graphics engines and etc are outdated and obsolete. This will be the best video game ever if marketed and circulated. I cant wait to see what happens with this game.
  15. adagio
    Depends, so far from what we have seen and played it looks magnifico. But, how many times in recent history has a mmo delivered everything it has promised? whether it be screwing up its own lore, no endgame or bad pvp options. Let's just say this game has potential and wait.
  16. Acina
    Obviously chatting about ArcheAge recently quite a lot and I ended up watching through these again, priceless!
  17. Hsulf
  18. Acina
    So necking this thread again, watched through these videos for like the umpteenth time, so sad that AA is going the way of the dodo :(
  19. Blackspear
    3 years after original post and 2 years after last comment. You da real necromancer Acina!
  20. adagio
    You had your 15 mins of fame Acina and you literally set the house on fire.

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