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    Boon Control recently had the pleasure of playing guides to the lads of Yogscast in the recent closed beta test of ArcheAge. Our very own Acina and Aspira joined Simon (Honeydew[ugu]) and Lewis (Xephos) with some non speaking guides from Boon and other press sites, to show the world this extremely interesting MMO.

    Archeage is a Korean made MMO from XLGames which uses CryEngine 3 for the graphics, animations and physics to produce the finest looking MMO to date.
    The main focus of AA is the open nature of the game, you create and destroy the world you live in.

    As you will see in the coming weeks as Yogscast pump out this footage, and from other videos found online, ArcheAge boasts a variety of features you do not see in most MMOs to come to the west including but not limited to: Dynamic environments within a persistent world, Player and guild housing, Mass PvP with seiges of castles, Naval warfare with your own boats and warships... the list goes on.

    If you would like a chance to see this all with your own eyes then you must spread the information of AA far and wide, show games publishers in the western world that there is an interest in bringing ArcheAge over to us, as it is the only thing holding it back!

    Thanks again to Simon and Lewis, the Boon Control members (Aspira, Acina, Katiechops, Blackspearr & Fizzee) and of course a huge thanks to (Ikea), (Entaro) & (Baggs), and of course Amaterasu without whom the later and very awesome footage would not have been possible!

    If you have come from the Yogs videos and would like to know more about AA or any other games we here at Boon Control play and support, please join the forum, but be aware that we do operate an 18+ rule for all in game guild members.

    Now, On to the videos!
    And this one is their top 5 which has Acina burning down the house at #4
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fizzee, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Aspira
    Every day I'm shuffling..... Ferres edition!!!!
  2. Blackspear
    Epic :)

    I really hope it will help this game a lot and we can play it "soon".
  3. Katiechops
    Seriously I think me and Acina cried we laughed so much at them, was funny shit listening to them live.
  4. Omnipresent
    Epic video, loving it! Nice one lads
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  5. Aspira
  6. Karasu
    Awesome, guys! I had no idea you were setting this up! =D

    Any other plans w/ the Yogscast? ^^
  7. Acina
    Hopefully :D
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  8. Alaisy
    Oh that is incredibly awesome.
  9. Saul
    I cried laughing at the dancing combat.. awesome sauce chaps..
  10. Fizzee
    We (yognaughts may have had a hand in it) broke doubler so I'm uploading my own version
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  11. Aspira
    This..... amazing.
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  12. Xom
    This, sirs, is amazing.
  13. Killa
    Love yogscast. Simon is just awesome
  14. Alarisia
    That was entertaining. lol
  15. Actionpigeon
    So Jelly! Would love to do a video with Simon and Lewis :(
  16. Ickorus
    It was odd loading up YouTube and recognizing names in a Yogscast video, awesome stuff guys.

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