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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katiechops, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Katiechops Guild Master

    It's one thing to think of this idea its anohter to convince 1000 women its a good idea.. wtf.

    PS God bless all Russian girls in the guild when we visit Russia I am bringing my camcorder...

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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    The prettier they are the less worried they seem to be. Lol'd at the girl grabbing his moobs :p he got slapped by one with massive boobs. Good way to spend 20 mins tbh
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    Shantotto Guest

    If only someone had posted this before in the random video thread :D oh wait! I did!

    It's ok though it's worth posting twice :d
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    adagio Moderator

    You know its KC, he nicked the urls of all your videos. Deleted the threads and will post them all again in the next 6 months to look hip and trendy with the kids.
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    Angelo Community Member

    Girls don't understand our fascination for boobs. Still pretty funny, don't think its a good idea though since a lot of them looked underage.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    of-course they do, why do they enlarge them if they don't? Besides they say evolution-wise they are pretty much a butt on a chest, I won't argue with that logic. Ass or Boobs is both good.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    hmm need to delete you, you meddling kid...
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Trust me, we get the boobs thing. I usually don't wear huge clevage because it distracts me D:
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    Saul Community Member

    I often thought this myself, that if I was a woman with great Boobs, I'd never get anything done, just sit around soaping them up and stroking them.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    I'm a bit odd, in order of preference on a woman for me
    Then ass
    Boobs and legs.

    By hips I mean, my ideal womens body is very similar to

    Not this horrible skinny woman crap you see in the media. Like Cheryl cole.... She's alright In the face but her body is eweeeeww skinny.

    I don't like fat either before you start trolling :p
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    Saul Community Member

    When you say Teeth, do you mean, "has she got any", or like a farrier, you check them like a horse??:)
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    Tigros Veteran BOON

    First of all, I would have grabbed harder.

    Second of all, lot of them seemed underage. :)

    Third of all, he must have spend quite some time convincing all of them... right? :)

    ... and a lot of them seemed very desperate to get some more than just tit grabbing?
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Lol! Yes!
    No, just I hate girls with wonky or yellow or stupid big or small teeth. Or some people have ugly big gums...
    Just need a sexy smile with nice teeth and nice eyes (can't explain this one at all) and my interest is perked.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

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    Lyantha Community Member

    or a granny with fake teeth who takes em out and puts them in a glass right before...
    going to bed... (really what else? bunch of pervs!)
    and by going to bed I mean SLEEP Fizzee!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    First thing I read this morning was this. Wtflol.

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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Unlike Fizzee, I'd probably put Face in there somewhere. As it is quite important ;)

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    Saul Community Member

    Right so this approaches you - [IMG]

    And your reply is.. "Wait a sec Megan, can I see your teeth and see if you have ugly big gums, cause if you do, you can Foxtrot Oscar Sweetheart".?? :rolleyes:
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    If she was so grumpy as sin she never smiled then yeah.
    Besides, there's always exceptions to the rules for everyone.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    @Saul - You know she is a nymphomaniac in real life yea ?

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