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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Aspira, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Max level also still playing xD
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    Rising Waters Arrives February 10

    New end game content update to be released in two weeks.

    You’ve mastered your skills, fought through terrifying encounters, and conquered Poharan herself. There’s no rest for a warrior on the pathway of vengeance, and your adventure continues in just two weeks—on February 10—with the release of Rising Waters, an update including three challenging new pieces of max-level PvE content, and new ways to increase your martial prowess.

    Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor
    Available as a 6- or 4-player Heroic (purple) dungeon, Bloodshade Harbor (and its 24-player version, Nightshade Harbor) offers max-level players new challenges against the Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss, Admiral Hae Mujin himself.

    Mushin’s Tower – Floors 1–7
    Ascend each level of Mushin’s Tower—a single player Heroic dungeon—for increasingly greater challenges, and even greater rewards. Additional floors and content will be added to Mushin’s Tower in future updates.

    Hongmoon Level 5
    Hongmoon Levels allow you to continue to gain experience beyond level 45, and unlock additional skill points to increase your character’s strength in combat. This update will unlock five Hongmoon Levels to be gained after completion of a new quest.

    PvP Preseason
    The update will also mark the start of the PvP preseason, with a new in-game UI to see how your skills stack up. You’ll also be able to earn and spend Zen Beans—the Blade & Soul PvP currency—from competing against others. As we move from the preseason to Season 1 in a future update, we’ll have more information on the high-level rewards you’ll be able to earn from dominating your opponents.
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    got to lvl 15 i think...


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