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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Aspira, Sep 10, 2011.

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    The second closed beta of NCsoft's up and coming martial arts themed MMORPG Blade and Soul has been running for just over a week, finishing today, and I was lucky enough to again be able to play.

    During the first closed beta I played all of the races and all of the classes and generally just played through to the first newbie town. This was to get a feel of all the classes, but also to get some nice YouTube footage to let everyone see what the game is all about.


    In case you missed the CBT1 videos, they are in the below spoiler tag which is available after the jump.

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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Aspira, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Maskerad
    Amazing review, very well written and spoken -- boring content cannot make up for amazing gameplay, no matter how hard it tries.

    Any news on PvP testing?
  2. Aspira
    It was in the beta at higher levels but I just couldn't get to it. The gameplay is just far too tedious and boring. It's ashame as The combat is unbelievably good.
  3. Doodle
    This often is the reason most eastern mmo's fail. A pretty skin with amazing graphics but the content they forgot about :p
  4. Aspira
    Well when Aion released over here, it had enough content to be great. Sure the questing was "kill ten rats" style, but you felt like you were a part of something, so it was fun. With TERA, it had a similar quest system but you felt involved in the game so it was still fun to play. Sure it lacked content heavily and nose dived, but it has had a ton of big content patches and is doing well in Korea now after a shakey start.

    With Blade & Soul though, I just don't know what it is. It has a similar quest system to Aion and TERA, but it somehow just feels poor. I don't feel like my character makes a difference in the world. It just feels like hack and slash to get to the next level and everything you do to get there is meaningless. I would honestly love for you guys to get to play Blade & Soul to see if you felt the same, but for me the combat system and the graphics can't make up for the fact that the gameplay experience on the whole, is very very dull.
  5. Doodle
    dont you think it all being in korean has something to do with it though?
  6. Aspira
    I played Aion in Chinese and played TERA and ArcheAge in Korean, and in those isntances, I felt involved in the game. Although I didn't understand exactly what is going on because I can't read those languages, I still was able to get into the game and get lost in the world. With Blade & Soul, that just isn't the case, I just feel detached completely.

    I always think that if you can play a game in a language you can't understand and have fun, enjoy it and more importantly, feel connected to the story without knowing a word of what is going on, then it must be pretty epic and when you finally get a copy in your language, it will be even better. This was true with Aion, I loved that game. Maybe it is to do with the language barrier in this one though Doodle, but from previous games I have tested, language barrier has never been an issue.

    I mean the general gameplay of Blade & Soul is easy to pick up, it is a very intuitive game and is well designed. It just seems to have very poorly designed quests, uses copy/paste caves filled with mobs for grindy quests and just overall has a very boring leveling experience.

    It's been 6months since the last beta and I would have thought the content would be more exciting this time round. Maybe the exciting content is at a higher level, but without having exciting content to keep me gripped and ingame, I will never get to it. Just seems like very little had changed in the last 6months between CBT1 and CBT2 other than the level cap being raised.
  7. Mizou
    I have to agree with aspira that language barriers cant be the problem. Treiber, got me into aion korea and china 3 years ago or when this all started. Within 7 days i lvled to 30+ and spend money for something i knew i wont play for long because it was in china. The game was so much fun and when it came out i forgot i had a rl for almost 3 month (yeah i had no job in that time else it would have been less of an impact :) )

    But well prolly you cant say that for every game, maybe it was just aion but the language barrier was realy no problem!
  8. Firoz
    Is it aim to hit, like tera?
  9. Aspira

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  10. Angelo
    Really nicely written review, like someone said above a lot of Eastern MMOs tend to have a pretty cover but then you read the book and it just doesn't live up to it. I can completely see why TERA have decided to postpone release to a later date, Western audience need things to do and keep them entertained after the first few weeks of rushing to max level :p

    Over all really nice review :)
  11. Agga
    Do you think due a lot of players in korea play internet cafe style that they concentrate more on instant gratification? ie beautiful graphics great combat systems rather than long winded story line quests,its not like their culture lacks interest in story telling quite the opposite i imagine but it all comes down to the mighty $$ I suppose like everything does,the setting is perfect story telling material as well love all that kung-fu shizzle game looks stunning as well,interesting read m8
  12. Alarisia
    I could have played this game but I decided to pass because I had a few friends playing it... honestly I'm glad I did, I don't feel like I missed anything. A lot of western people are looking forward to this one for obvious reasons, I still think Tera is a lot better though... Plus I feel like if they were going to do the fps style combat I think they should have gone all the way instead of with the lock-on thing that makes it feel almost pointless, it feels like they took a shortcut to me on that I guess.

    Great and honest review though Aspira :)

    Oh and very well said.
  13. Eskobar
    thanks for great portion of info, officer)
    regardless of controversal feelings about project ill try it out for sure, ve been waitin for it for damn to long
  14. Aspira
    No problem dude, I was lucky enough to play so thought I would give an honest opinion of the game.

    I too was very very excited about this title and it was probably my most anticipated game, but after playing it again for a longer duration, I really am concerned. The game is great graphically, the animations are top notch and the combat mechanics are on par with TERA, but.... the general gameplay is terrible. There is no real feeling of connection with the story and the questing is beyond boring.

    There are things which can be easily fixed however, and for a Western release (in my opinion) you would need to fix them or else the game would only attract the fanboys as your average MMO player will more than likely not stick with this game.
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