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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Merketh, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Rev Veteran BOON

    me and killa are testing abit on the russian server now if you want to come and try tvar. pretty easy to set up with english patch. its basically download game, run this english patch and go. ping is pretty good to.

    during my first hour of play i think i said "my gawd this game is pretty" atleast 30 times...

    i dont know how they did it, but its actually insane how a game can be this pretty and hardly have any fps drops nomatter where you are and what you are doing. did asian devs finally learn how to code and not just make a good looking game that stutters Acina? :D
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    I have some old guildies nagging me to come and try the game in the russian servers as well, but i got so burnt with AA that i dont look into any MMORPG with the same eyes....
    what are the pvp modes in the game?
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    I could prolly let myself be Hsulfed into this game for a few hours, it's been on the radar too long not to touch it.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    All the latest Korean MMO's have used heavily modified FPS engines (for example: Aion - Cry1, Tera - UE3, AA - Cry2/3, B&S - UE3), Black Desert actually uses a custom build engine.

    There are serious limitations of the prebuilt engines, in regards to database read/write and netcode, hopefully going back to the more custom approach will see better performance overall.
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    Rinel Veteran BOON

    im playing on the RUserver atm, discovering the game and waiting for EU. found it really interesting, enjoing little quests and craft system (never liked it in other mmo btw). yday they had sieges (the little sieges for trade nodes). didnt join it im too low, so dunno how it is =(

    have u been in big towns near warehouse/auction?
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    Rev Veteran BOON

    yes, no problems at all, but then again im not playing on a potato, not sure how older comps handle it :).
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    Rinel Veteran BOON

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Is Black Poo p2w? Should i keep playing Blade and Poo?
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    Rinel Veteran BOON

    • You will not receive Mileage with pearl purchases, the only way to get mileage is as a daily login reward.
    • Cash Shop & Mileage items cannot be traded or put on the Auction House

    • Family and Character Name reservations early February
    Cash Shop
    • Cash Shop details announced. See post for details.
    • Possible pay2win items moved to mileage shop
    • Mileage system will be improved
    CBT Feedback
    • Leveling Curve
      • Experience from monsters will be adjusted
    • Group Play
      • Party Loot Bag will be re-implemented
    • Energy System
      • Energy exchange rate into potion might be adjusted for CBT2
    • Karma and PK
      • Possibly looking into ‘bounty hunter’ features (see details in post)
      • Join the PK discussion >>here<<
    • Player to Player Trade
      • Trading might be disabled for CBT2; discussion ongoing
    • Server Setup
      • No update
    • Learning Curve
      • Missing profession quest bug in CBT1 will be fixed for CBT2
      • Guides or channels towards guides will be offered

    New Stuff!?
    • Localization
      • All regions will receive their English accentuation to emphasize their role and contribute to the environment and atmosphere of the game
    • Cinematic Intro
      • New cinematic intro in development; maybe available at launch!?
    • Castle Siege and Node Wars
      • Will be updated after ~4 weeks after launch
      • First test runs will be done on live service to fine-tune server settings

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