[BF3] How to kill someone. Or: I suck at BF3

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Xom, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Xom Veteran BOON

    Heya guys,

    Been enjoying BF3 mightily the last few days.

    However, there is this one thing. I suck at it. Badly. Like nothing that has ever sucked before.

    And it frustrates me.To be honest, I think most of it relates to me not having played a single shooter game since Doom came out.

    So I need a few pointers. Symptoms:
    1. Emptying barrels at an exposed opponent without hitting him. Both at range and up close. I am sure I spot the opponent first and fire first, yet I die and he lives.

    So I would appreciate it if you guys could give me some basic pointers about what to do, what sequence of keys to use and what to be wary of. Also, what might be good newbie-friendly weapons.

    For now, I've settled in a supportive role (assault/medic or support) which is paying off point-wise. Yet is quite unfilfilling having 200% death-kills ratio. At the very least.

    So here goes: How to kill someone?


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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    3simple rules in war mate.

    1. You are not Superman
    2. When in doubt, empty your magazine
    3. When the enemy is in range, so are you

    newbie hint: DONT try to aim the head.

    ps. never played a singe BF yet.
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    Saul Community Member

    Not really my place to comment as I am mid level at best in BF3, but as in all things I look at myself as a team player and thats the best way to play imo. There will always be better shooters, more accurate, quicker response, etc, so always look at what you do and do it well.

    The thing with BF is you will get better, more accurate, etc as you progress and unlock better weapons, gear, etc.

    Main tips I can think of.

    Don't Panic, stay calm and react to what's going on around you in a calm and sensible manner, don't run across open ground in the middle of a fire fight, etc.

    Learn the maps. If your getting your arse kicked taking a certain route to an objective look for a way to flank them, instead of being stubborn and keep using the same route. Also know where the choke holds are, snipping points, etc and places you can hold up, replenish and defend before moving on.

    Keep moving, never stay still for too long, unless your defending & regrouping.

    If your in a squad of Guildies, always stick together, but keep a decent distance between each other when moving, then if one of your squad in front gets taken out you have a decent chance of seeing the assailant and taking him out as you come up behind your squad member, (If Assault you can also rez your fallen team member and carry on).

    If your solo in a squad of random's, then I tend to stick to vehicles and try and learn them, as an ex Tank driver in RL, I always laugh at people who think they are indestructible and rush in with their tanks, tanks are awesome sniping platforms, find some cover and snipe at objectives or rush in on a flag capture with infantry with you, no point doing it alone your tank will be taken out pretty quickly, and always use the left shift tank booster to cross open ground in a tank, and zig zag if your getting zeroed by choppers/planes.

    Try out all the classes, then stick to one that suits your play style and focus on getting all the unlocks asap for that class.
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    TOMMCAT Veteran BOON

    1. At long ranges shoot in small burst ( 3-5 bullets ) your accuracy will improve and always shoot above the point u wanna hit because in BF 3 u have the bullet drop ( gravity is a bitch ). Always u have to know that in BF 3 when u are using a sound suppresor the bullet drop will increase because that weapon is using subsonic ammunition which means that the speed of the bullet is lower and the bullet drop is bigger. ( hint from the loading screen of the game )

    2. Close range empty the clip in in target but never looking by your sight, holo , acog etc.

    3 Be aware of the recoil of the weapon. Firing in long burst will make you have a lot of recoil which means that will end up shooting above the target.

    4. Like Reli said never try to shoot at the head u'll miss most of the times and u'll end up dead and the target alive.

    5. Use a foregrip from accuracy .

    6. Use a aiming device ( Acog , Holographic , RDS , etc ) for long ranges.

    7. Be very careful how u customise your weapons. Each attachment will modify the weapon behaivor. ( Using long barell u'll have a bigger accuracy at long range but u'll have a bigger recoil , Using a flas suppresor u'll not get detected when firing but will decrease your accuracy in automatic firing etc ). When u customize your weapon read the details of each item . I'm a big fan of M16A3 ( my weapon of choise in all the maps atm 733 kill with her ) which i use with foregrip , Holo and sound suppresor. I'm not good at long ranges with it but on closed and medium range the weapon does it work.

    8. Read the hints from the loadind screes some are real good.

    9. Don't stay too much in open places. Try to get to the objective by flank. This will help u flanking the enemies and get u some easy kills

    Hope this will help u, and like Saul said don't stay too much in one place. If u kill someone don't hang too much in that spot because that guy will come looking for u there . Especially when u are playing recon try move your position as much as u can.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Not touched bf3 but since you said you have not played a fps since doom I will throw in some general pointers that should be valid for all fps games.

    Map awareness: it's key. You have to keep on playing so you know the map. Soon you will figure out where enemy's usually hide and where to look etc etc

    Aim, don't spray and pray: specially in s game Like this just aim at the upper torso and double tap. In time you will figure out where to aim so that the doubletapping recoil actually leads to a headshot. Learn 1 weapon to start with

    Adjust your sensitivity: set it to somewhere you are comfortable with but not to fast!

    Oh and yeah. Dont try to be a hero :p

    I am writing this from a iPhone so CBa to type more! But some of the other more bf3 experienced players can prob help you with more!
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Fire in short bursts
    Prone > crouched > standing > moving for accuracy.
    Irnv scope lights enemy's up like a Christmas tree.
    Aim for lower chest as subsequent shots hit higher.
    Use cover a lot.
    Always assume you can be seen, so cover your blind spots with cover.
    Even if you can't hit them you can suppress for allies and get points.
    Stick with allies but not on top of them, 1 grenade can take you all out.
    When moving with a squad, always have 1 person crouched and sighted. If heavy crossfire you may want 3 firing 1 moving.
    Value each life you get! Better to move slowly through cover for 1 kill than to die 3 times rushing him.
    Human eye sees movement better than stationary objects, so stay still unless certain you don't have snipers on your area.
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    Cheers, guess I need lots of practice. Just a little clarification on the wording:

    Are you saying I should look through the scope, or should not at close range? I assumed the latter.

    Any chance of you taking a look at my profile to see what might be a good newbie-prone setup for weapons?

    Also @Doodle: What's this double tapping you speak of?
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    TOMMCAT Veteran BOON

    NEVER look by your scope in closed range combat. Looking by your scope in closed range combat will minimize your view area. U'll get the guy infront of u but will not gonna see the guy coming from left or right. So in close range combats try to use the cross from your screen.

    If u are playing assault i will suggest using any weapon ( M16A3 , F2000 , M416 ) with heavy barrel , Acog , and Foregrip. And don't forget to shoot in small bursts. Using the heavy barrel will increase your recoil.
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    Korso Veteran BOON

    Saul had great tips, I'll contribute with a few more for shooting your guns.

    What I like most about BF3 is that the guns work surprisingly authentically when comparing to real ones.
    I'll list a few things that work quite similarly irl and BF3:
    1) Shooting and hitting a stationary target from 150 meters or less with an assault rifle while prone = really easy when you practice a little.
    2) Assault rifle recoil in prone position and LMG on bipod:
    General rule is (at least for assault rifles) that when you shoot an automatic gun from prone position, the 1st and 2nd shots are probably going to hit the target or really close, 3rd one is probably going to hit the sky if your target is over 50 meters away. So, always shoot bursts of 2 or 3 if your target is within 200 meters and you'll probably get a lot of kills.
    3) Assault rifle recoil while standing or crouching:
    Much harder to hit, as you have only your shoulder to press the gun against (to control your recoil). I usually prefer to just hit the ground and think about shooting after that.
    4) LMG recoil while not on bipod:
    Don't waste your time.
    5) Shooting from the hip:
    Only if you're jumped by an enemy in very close range (<10 m).

    Your weapon of choice is really important. Try different weapons and find what you like, and pratice with that one gun. You'll get unlocks for that gun, which'll help you get to choose from a variety of scopes and other stuff to add into your gun, making you a real killing machine. The choice of right scope is very important aswell. I personally use the Type 88 LMG when I play the Support kit, it's my fave weapon so far. I'm using the Night vision scope for ez-mode killing, and bi-pod.

    When you defend, try to find a good spot where you have a good view of about 45 to 90 degrees of open battlefield, go prone, and kill ppl with short bursts. When you attack, try to avoid running in the open, as it's a sure way to get killed both irl and BF3.

    One thing I don't like in BF3, and it's the way pistols work. They're much harder to shoot irl imo, I wouldn't ever waste ammo or time or risk getting exposed by shooting a pistol to over 25m irl, but in BF3 you can quite easily hit targets over 50m away. Either way, it's probably your best weapon if you're moving and under 10m of your enemy. I always switch to pistol when I'm running to attack.
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    TOMMCAT Veteran BOON

    Btw u should look at the weapon specification. Every weapon is different. Sometimes try using the fire rate selector on your " V " key. For the assault riflles u have single shot , 2 bullet burts , 3 bullets burts and full auto, for SMG's u have single shot and full auto , for LMG only full auto etc. For example M16A3 have single shot and full auto , M416 have single shot , 3 bullet burst and full auto , An -94 have full auto and 2 bullets burst , M16A4 have single bullet shot and 2 bullets burst but no full auto , all LMG have only full auto. For example is u are playing quite defensive try take M16A4 , foregrip , acog or rifle scope and heavy barrel and will became an assault-sniper good for picking up the target from long range but in close range u are fucked :) . I don't know if in BF 3 they keep really care about this but a heavier bullet does more damage then a smaller bullet. For example : a 7.62mm x 51 bullet will do more damage then a 5.56mm x 45 mm bullet. From what i read on forum BF 3 most people take this in count/.
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    Thanks for the advice guys, keep it coming!

    So for shooting: At short distance, aim low torso without scope, long distance, aim high with scope?
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Yeah, learn a gun as well, they all have diff muzzle velocities (which affects travel before drop matters) and spreads (how far away before scope) so learn to love 1 gun instead of swapping about.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

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    Sheebaa Veteran BOON

    what ive learned from counter strike and used in all fpss...as all ppl said, choose a weapon , then what i like to do...

    go near a wall/building/whatever...imagine urself shooting at close range...position urself...and start firing, only pressing mouse button...look at the wall and observe the pattern of the bullets...let's say they follow a upwards, towards the right line...that means when u unload at close range, u should try and pull ur mouse downwards to the left...that way most of the bullets would be concentrated at ur target
    repeat all of that , but try and position urself at mid/long range...
    it might sound weird, but try it a couple of times and ull see what im talking about

    anyway, as a sidenote...without a question, IF u want the most kills with rifles ( like men), and not with SMAW's and all that inginier shit...go assault...in my opinion, inginier and support, are exactly what u need to play like a team / win like a team ; but if u want kills, go assault.

    and if let's say u encounter 2 or more enemys in front of you, at close range/mid range...u start shooting at one, onload on the focker, DONT interupt ur firing when u go for the second one...keep mouse button pressed until they both die or u die...If u take a pause between first and second enemy u loose a whole bunch of seconds, and that means ur dead...
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Do what I do, don't try kill anyone, real men rez players not kill them,, I have more rezzes than kills in my stats :p
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    I just give ammo to people and fire around a bit. Now and then I even get suppressive fire bonus!
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    I snipe with my m249 and irnv.
    Seriously, 5hrs I've used it for, next closest is the rpk for 40 mins lol.
    (4 hours in jets though)
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    You making a return to TS anytime soon Fizzington ?
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    With any luck, tonight. Still got a lot to be sorted out but may have time later.
    Learning how to climb into bed without waking the "dragon" at 12.30am has been a fun experience though!
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    Xom Veteran BOON

    I'd like to think that I'm improving but meh.

    Anyways, another question: How to control planes and choppers? There's no tutorial or anything on them, so I consistently manage to crash em, heh.

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